Top 10 Sad But True Facts About White Chocolate That Will Disappoint You

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:08

Believe it or not, no person can say no to some chocolate types. However, even though you can freely eat dark chocolate without feeling wrong about it, not every chocolate has those health benefits. While the white one is a guilty pleasure thanks to its ingredients, it's definitely a type to avoid. Let us give you the ten reasons to think twice before consuming too much of this sweet delight!

10. It's Way More Expensive to Produce

She knows what chocolate is more pricey than the others!

Why would you spend more money when you can get cheaper chocolate that still has great taste? Price tag can't always guarantee the quality, mainly if we discuss different chocolate types: milk, white, and dark. Among them, white chocolate is the most pricey one since it's more complicated to produce!

The truth is, white chocolate relies on cocoa butter, and you have to spend a lot of it to make an excellent white chocolate bar. Manufacturers make more effort for this one, so it's one of the most expensive versions. If you look closer, you don't get too much tasty and healthy stuff when you spend money on white chocolate, so we'd rather avoid it!

9. Its Color Is... Not Real?

Look at the color and determine if it's really white!

Is white chocolate even white? You'll find a lot of identity crises in this article since white chocolate is... Unstable, compared to its peers! We're not saying that white chocolate has artificial colors. Still, most of the bars you buy in supermarkets aren't indeed white. Instead, they're slightly yellow and not bright white like you imagine!

Of course, you'll find many bright white chocolate bars with different flavors. Bright bars taste like white chocolate has fewer calories than usual. Yet, people would say it's actually fake. White chocolate should be bright yellow if it has cocoa butter the way it should have, so the name "white" didn't age well! 

8. It's the Most Calorious Chocolate... In a Bad Way

Don't try this at home, though!

Believe it or not, when you Google it, you'll see that 100 grams of white chocolate have impressive 593 calories, which is way too much. Are you impressed and think that these calories could bring you the energy you need? Well, you'll have to be disappointed, once again!

Most white chocolate calories revolve around fat and sugar, with cocoa butter as the crucial ingredient. These three components make this chocolate taste the way it does, so there isn't enough room for antioxidants and other beneficial stuff. Too much fat and carbohydrates aren't an excellent way to boost your calories, so these calories aren't a compliment! 

7. It Has Only a Few Nutritional Ingredients

Proteins and fiber? We hope so!

Luckily, there's something good to mention about white chocolate nutrition. It has a significant amount of calcium, good for your bones, hair,  and nails. Also, a bit of magnesium, vitamin B6, six grams of protein, and some iron are in this sweet treat, which is beneficial.

However, you should understand that this amount of nutritional components isn't enough since white chocolate is packed with fat and sugar. There are a lot of articles saying that white chocolate helps you in various fields. Still, it's just a myth since it wasn't created as a superfood that protects you from diseases. Don't trust the headlines!

6. ...And Zero Cocoa

Chocolate without it is a waste of time!

What is chocolate without cocoa? If you thought it's impossible to make chocolate that has zero amount of cocoa... White chocolate actually works like that! The main ingredient making white chocolate so great is cocoa butter. Still, nutritionally, it can't replace natural cocoa, so you're losing a lot of health benefits here.

Cocoa is low in fat and sugar, and it's everything you don't have in white chocolate. It protects you from various diseases, including diabetes and heart problems, and it's even iron-rich. Hence, it's even suitable for those suffering from anemia. In conclusion, if your chocolate lacks cocoa, it's such a waste, and you should avoid it!

5. ...And Way Too Much Sugar

Sugar has massive control over your body

It feels like white chocolate is doing everything wrong on purpose. If there's zero cocoa, do you add as much sugar as possible? That's not the best way to balance things here, so we guess this is the biggest disappointment. Unfortunately, every other chocolate typically contains less sugar than white chocolate.

Luckily, you can always choose dark chocolate with 70% cocoa and enjoy it without increasing your sugar levels significantly. Dark chocolate is even suitable for diabetics, so it won't get you into trouble. However, white chocolate should be consumed as rarely as possible since you should care for your glycemic index before it's too late.

4. The Fat Content Isn't an Advantage Either

Learn more about fat, as it's a crucial ingredient in many foods

Some headlines say that white chocolate could be your best friend if you're trying to lose weight. However, do they know that white chocolate is exceptionally high in fat? Foods high in fat can only increase your weight, so we don't recommend trying this at home if you want to be fit. Fat and fit don't go hand in hand!

Of course, your body needs fat to gather enough energy for everything you're doing throughout the day. Hence, you shouldn't avoid every fat type. Nonetheless, white chocolate contains saturated fats, and that's the worst form of this fuel source. As much as 32 grams of saturated fats in white chocolate sound like trouble!

3. Is It Even Real Chocolate?

This creamy candy might not actually belong to the world of chocolate

After all the facts we mentioned, you probably question the actual name of this sweet. Is it even chocolate, or just an artificial product they make in the same shape? The only reason why white chocolate is named "chocolate" is because it comes from the cocoa bean since its main ingredient is cocoa butter.

However, there isn't natural cocoa in its original recipe, so it barely makes sense to name this sweet a genuine chocolate type. It's a debate where people rarely have the same opinion – chocolate fans don't even care if it's a different breed, anyway! Hence, it's OK to disagree, but there's a significant difference between milk, dark, and this one!

2. You Can Find the Good Ingredients of White Chocolate Elsewhere

You can find milk in so many products

White chocolate is a bar of chocolate only by its name, but not only because it doesn't contain cocoa but its whole structure. Luckily, you can find its positive sides in many other types – white chocolate indeed has a lot of milk, increasing your calcium. However, milk isn't too hard to consume in another, healthier way!

A good example that helps you consume enough milk but in a different type is milk chocolate. This one isn't as beneficial as dark chocolate, yet it's a safer choice, especially regarding fat and sugar levels. We don't even have to mention that proteins and magnesium are in many better foods and sweets! 

1. You Have Way Better Opportunities

Some of them are healthier than the others – white chocolate definitely isn't!

The main reason to skip white chocolate is that you can do better than it – in every way. Why would you eat a mix of cocoa butter and sugar when you can enjoy chocolate with milk or cocoa? Or both? Dark chocolate is the best option you can find – chocolate is supposed to be a bit bitter, after all!

Moreover, dark chocolate provides you with various health benefits that white chocolate can't even imagine. 75% cocoa (and more) guarantees many antioxidants, and a chocolate bar like that protects you from various diseases. In conclusion, we're not saying you should quit chocolate – just choose wisely which one is the best!

After all, it's OK to consume any food if you do it moderately. Hence, you don't have to ditch the white chocolate bar you already bought. Just make sure you don't spend every day enjoying them, since it won't be a healthy decision. Your body will be thankful if you try to skip it sometimes!

Do you like the sweetness of white chocolate? Is it hard for you to ditch this guilty pleasure? Let us know in the comments section!

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