Top 10 Best Group Performances of the Survival K-pop Show "Sixteen"

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 06:00:06

The strict rules in K-pop probably never went further than organizing survival shows to create a group – "Sixteen" was indeed the best one ever made! The feedback the girls got from episode to episode is strict and cruel. Still, nine that showed the most potential managed to debut as TWICE, basically the "Nation's Girl Group" of the third generation. They all showcased incredible talents and skills, but which performances stand out the most? Check out our list of the ten best moments, and let us know your favorites!

10. “Do It Again” (Sana, Mina, Chaeyoung, Somi, Natty, Minyoung)

Best Member: Chaeyoung

This song was made for Sana and Mina – they owned the stage with Chaeyoung!

When Chaeyoung rapped "I'm a dream girl," we really felt that. "Do It Again" is the only song of the show performed twice (no pun intended), and even though the minors did better, it's still very memorable! Despite lacking vocal technique, the final episode showed why Sana and Mina joined the team – it's their undeniable charm!

Moreover, the girls hoped that the choreography with acting would make them a better team than the minors, so they put all their energy into the opening acting scene. This moment was iconic, and it showed again how great energy Somi radiates – she's a star on her own, and maybe it's good that she's a solo artist now!

9. "Swing Baby" (Chaeyoung, Jiwon, Momo)

Best Member: Chaeyoung

These girls deserve to be a trio on their own, a sub-unit that occasionally performs together!

Chaeyoung is arguably the most talented member of "Sixteen," and her performances with Jiwon and Momo are the highlights of the whole JYP project. Their "The Way You Love Me" stage went viral, and it's still a hit even after all the years. However, we can't forget the "Swing Baby" jazzy cover, which is pure satisfaction!

It's not a shock that Chaeyoung served looks, vocals, dance, and rap simultaneously. Still, Momo's insane energy took this show to another level in this whole episode. Jiwon's stable, sexy tone suited this jazzy vibe as well, so this trio was a match made in Heaven. We wish they had an opportunity to reunite and do a stage like this again!

8. "Going Crazy" (Sana, Mina, Chaeyoung, Somi, Natty, Minyoung)

Best Member: Sana or Somi

Which b-side from "The Story Begins" is your favorite? Is it "Going Crazy?"

"Going Crazy" is an original song made for TWICE, so JYP wanted to see which team works better as a genuine girl group. The six major ladies owned the stage in cute, pinkish outfits, and most of them showed full potential. Unfortunately, Minyoung didn't display half of her talents here, so it's kind of clear why she didn't make it.

Whenever girls had Chaeyoung in their team, it was hard to state that anyone could outshine her on stage. Still, Sana and Somi did so well with "Going Crazy" that they might share the title of best members here! Somi took the main vocalist title, and Sana showed how insane she can sing, too.

7. "Happy" (Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Mina, Chaeryeong)

Best Member: Mina

Mina should be confident the way she was on this stage

From creative choreography to outstanding teamwork, the "Happy" performance showed how Nayeon and Jeongyeon as a duo always manage to shine bright. Their version of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" is even cuter and more vibrant than the original, and we love Nayeon's bright vocals and energy!

Even though Nayeon and Jeongyeon are the trustworthy duo in every team, Mina and Chaeryeong proved their talents here even more! Mina's fluent English is an absolute highlight, and you can tell how much she enjoyed performing. Still, we could never forget Chaeryeong's dance break, too! It would be a shame and the worst scenario if this talented lady didn't make it as an ITZY member.

6. "Uptown Funk" (Jihyo, Somi, Natty)

Best Member: Jihyo

These girls had the best outfits of the night, too!

The SomiNatty duo didn't ever separate during "Sixteen," which might be a coincidence. Hence, they really showcased teamwork with "Uptown Funk'' together with Jihyo. Unfortunately, only Jihyo debuted with TWICE, but Somi has a successful solo career now. Thus, we guess she has no regrets.

Choosing the most outstanding member from this trio wasn't hard at all, though, since Jihyo's vocals are so stable and potent that you just can't take your eyes off her. The way she belts out, "Don't believe me, just watch," makes you lose your mind, even though Natty's dance and Somi's vibe really spice up the whole vision. Fantastic job, girls!

5. “Problem” (Minyoung, Tzuyu, Sana, Dahyun)

Best Member: Minyoung

We want rapper Tzuyu and a Minyoung solo project!

What's up with the minor part doing better than the majors in this show all the time? The "Problem" performance consisted of the most popular members of "Sixteen" back then, so they quickly grabbed their first place in the voting. Still, it wasn't for their fame only, since the ladies really stole the show with their energy!

Obviously, the member who carried this group was Minyoung, the only one who didn't debut in TWICE. It seems ridiculous now when you watch her pull Ariana Grande's high notes effortlessly. Minyoung didn't only slay singing since she also rapped even way better than Dahyun, the lead rapper from TWICE. We're glad she came back in 2021, at least as a YouTuber!

4. "Do It Again" (Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Chaeryeong, Tzuyu, Dahyun)

Best Member: Nayeon

The "minor" group from the final mission deserved their place in TWICE as a whole!

Isn't it funny how five out of six girls from this performance made it to TWICE, and the sixth one, Chaeryeoung, is in ITZY now? That just shows how hard they worked for this 1:1 battle with "Do It Again," the original song for TWICE's debut! This song representation was way better than the "major" contestants!

Even though we chose Nayeon as the best on this stage, it's tough to tell who shined the most. Is it Tzuyu's unbelievable confidence? Or Chaeryeong and Dahyun's exciting rap? Nayeon carried the vocals together with Jihyo, and this stage clearly looked like an introduction to what TWICE served in the future!

3. "Truth" (Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Chaeryeong, Tzuyu, Dahyun)

Best Member: Jihyo

When you get a song like "Truth," you get to show various talents, and the girls used that well!

The final mission from "Sixteen" was the most incredible chance for the minor team to outshine the major in all possible ways. Besides slaying "Do It Again," their original song "Truth" made the audience emotional, but it also put the biggest smile on everyone's face in the verses. The chorus might be one of the most powerful TWICE moments, so Jihyo owned it!

Moreover, it's incredible that this emotional mix of hip-hop and ballad made it to the TWICE debut album "The Story Begins" and that almost the same group got to perform it in the future. We couldn't imagine this song without Tzuyu's cute part and Nayeon's "Baby, I'd die for you," so we're glad almost all of them debuted together!

2. "Hush" (Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu)

Best Member: Jeongyeon

Arguably the best song choice in "Sixteen," and the best girls to perform it

The iconic group Miss A and their sexy tune "Hush" was the best choice for a trio that has Tzuyu, the charming visual, and Jeongyeon, the girl crush of TWICE! "Hush" has one of the most satisfying choreographies in K-pop ever, and the three ladies nailed it live on stage while looking gorgeous in their hot outfits!

Moreover, this is undoubtedly the stage that made Jeongyeon and Tzuyu join TWICE. Nayeon was always the trustworthy one who would debut against anyone. Still, Tzuyu got to shine in the show's last episodes, displaying her charm and capturing all the attention. Jeongyeon's vocals here left everyone shocked – she deserves way more lines in TWICE songs!

1. "The Way You Love Me" (Chaeyoung, Jiwon, Momo)

Best Member: All of Them

Hot, professional, unforgettable moment of "Sixteen!"

If we're discussing the most well-rounded trio of "Sixteen," it's arguably the iconic stage that got Momo eliminated. The public was disappointed that everyone let down the show's best performance. "The Way You Love Me" literally has the main dancer, main vocalist, and the main rapper, too!

Moreover, "The Way You Love Me" got us all pitying Momo and Chaeyoung performances in TWICE. To be honest, they never get to be as confident and sexy as they did here. Momo's voice is often underestimated, and she can't rap that often the way she did here with her iconic "pink Lamborghini." Jiwon not even debuting with them is another sad story, so we hope she's happy with fromis_9.

After all, no one in this sixteen group was behind in talents – it's hard to tell who deserved to debut and who should've waited more. Even JYP admitted it was a challenging decision, and he indeed enjoyed all the stages. All these girls deserve a bright future, and most of them got it!

What's your favorite "Sixteen" performance? Did all your favorite members manage to debut? Let us know in the comments section!

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Lily Says:

I enjoyed watching the show, but I'm not sure about the favorite performance as I haven't seen them all

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Me too well I do beside all the calling people names and crying and this major to minor but hey it is good!

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