Top 10 US Mountain Cities With Gorgeous Landscapes

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-25 07:43:53

One thing you definitely don't miss in the US is a stunning mountain view in your city – or at least in your neighborhood. Nature is pure and gorgeous in most states, but some are particularly attractive for mountain wanderers. If you're one of them, let us show you the ten cities that will take your breath away!

10. Park City, Utah

From snow to wine and whiskey, this place is heaven on Earth

If you're a massive fan of snowboarding, we bet you envy those who live in Park City. Utah is one of the paradise states for mountain wanderers since it will be more than enough if you want a real snow adventure. The slopes are unlike anywhere else, and if you're coming from the West Coast, this is a top spot to see because it's in your neighborhood!

Besides skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling, this city offers various museums and cultural phenomena. It's also a place of great food and drinks, especially if you like whiskey and tasting wine types. You can also work out in many places to get physically ready for your snow adventure. Park City has it all!

9. Leavenworth, Washington

It really gives off German vibes!

This is more of a small town than a city, but it's surrounded by mountains, and its charm is undeniable. This gorgeous place is also known as the "Village of Lights" and the "German" part of the state, ideal for skiing and enjoying snow for a long time. Snowshoeing and snowmobiling are also fantastic options here!

Moreover, this is a number one recommendation if you're planning a Christmas trip. Those festive lights and museums related to Christmas will be the biggest delight for the whole family! Can you imagine a museum dedicated to nutcrackers only? And a massive Christmas market with festive songs every season? It's all a dream come true!

8. Aspen, Colorado

This city is well-known for luxurious villas that not many people can afford

You'll see Colorado on this list again since it is obviously the best state to visit if you're looking for pure nature and landscapes. The mountains here are prettier than anywhere else, too – Aspen is an excellent example of a town with its own Snowmass with four mountains!

Moreover, this town is ideal for vacation throughout the year and offers all the luxury you've ever dreamed of. High-end villas, resorts, boutiques, and restaurants are everywhere, so save this recommendation for the day when you want to treat yourself like royalty. The adventure is classy on this road!

7. Sun Valley, Idaho

Winter is the best there, but the summer days also sound like paradise

We're heading to the North again, and this time, you're about to discover a resort with the sunniest name ever. Sun Valley sounds more like a beach resort than a mountain town. Still, its skiing areas are a number one recommendation for snow enthusiasts. Mainly because you could even be an amateur and still find an ideal place there!

Moreover, this destination is so beloved that all the tourists flock there even during the summer. In fact, the hottest months sometimes make this place even more crowded! If you don't like swimming in the ocean when it's sizzling, try some mountain hills that Sun Valley offers since it's a delight that many enjoy!

6. Whitefish, Montana

This is undoubtedly the prettiest part of Montana

Hiking in the mountains sounds like the best road trip if you're heading to Montana and its Rocky Mountains. Whitefish is officially in the top ten towns and resorts in the West, and its popularity is constantly increasing. It's probably because everything in and around this town is dedicated to the purest nature and saving it in the best way possible!

Besides the mountains, you'll get to see the gorgeous Whitefish Lake, and you'll be near Glacier National Park. Hence, a trip to the enchanting neighborhood is also easy when staying in Whitefish. The place is so versatile that you can even go to a sandy beach there – is there anything that it doesn't offer?

5. Homer, Alaska

Use this recommendation when you want a trip you've never had before!

Are you looking for freezing cold places during the winter on this list? Is skiing the best when it's so cold you don't feel your bones anymore? Alaska was made for you then, and Homer is the ideal destination since it's a city that offers a lot, but nature is still present. Not only present but actually unique! 

Moreover, if you heard this city is only for fishing, that's utterly wrong because non-anglers will also have a lot to do. The great thing about visiting Alaska is that you can do the cool stuff not found in our previous recommendations. Bear viewing? Water taxis? Paddleboarding around the frozen areas? It's all about the magic of Alaska! 

4. Lake Placid, New York

Such a gorgeous place in New York

Let's go to the East, finally. For all of you that find it easier to travel to that side, you already know that the options in the East are limited if you want mountains and snow. Therefore, it's better to travel to the West Coast, without any doubt. However, Lake Placid will be more than enough to satisfy your needs, and it's in New York, the state of everyone's dreams! 

Moreover, Lake Placid is surrounded by fantastic things – from the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks to Lake George, you'll experience the mountains and feel them. This is also the place of the Winter Olympics, so it has iconic history and incredible scenery. Visit the town around January if you want the freezing cold temperatures!

3. Highlands, North Carolina

Hiking around those waterfalls… A dream come true

Luckily, we have to show you more of the eastern parts with stunning mountain views! So, why is the town called Highlands? Does it take you to the highest points of the states? Yes, because it's indeed one of the highest towns from this side of the Mississippi River! You can already imagine how pretty the mountains are from that point of view!

The dramatic peaks will give you the prettiest panorama, but what makes this place different and worth the top three position? The waterfalls, of course! You'll see them everywhere, and they'll steal your heart. There are more than ten stunning waterfalls, the larger and smaller ones, which all have their particular charm!

2. Sedona, Arizona

Arizona is a must-have on your mountain trip

It's impossible to altogether avoid Arizona when mentioning the most beautiful landscapes in the states. Hence, we won't do that! Sedona deserves a high spot on this top ten list for its endless cliffs and the rocky scenery, probably the prettiest you've ever seen. Those red rocks of a unique shape are unlike anywhere in the world!

This is where you meet the wild West and its distinctive shape, so it's perfect if you want a somewhat exotic mountain trip. Another thing you shouldn't miss in the neighborhood is Montezuma castle which will satisfy all your needs for long walks around the landscapes. Do you crave more oddly-shaped rocks? Head to the Palatki Heritage Site, its most unique part!

1. Grand Lake, Colorado

Have you ever seen a prettier sunrise?

Yes, Lake Placid is an excellent recommendation, but you'll reach perfection once you see the Grand Lake, which isn't a dangerous lake as some. We had to bring Colorado back on the list because it's a paradise for mountain enthusiasts! If you enjoyed previously mentioned Arizona's rocky roads, you'd most definitely enjoy the Rocky Mountain National Park!

The sunsets are way too beautiful there, but the sunrises might steal your heart so much that you'll never sleep. An active vacation with a lot of hiking during the summer or snowmobiling when the winter days come is all you need to satisfy your soul. Besides nature, you can even visit museums and go shopping in this city!

Visiting all these cities is a long ride and a trip that will cost a lot, but save some of the recommendations for later and make priorities. One thing is for sure – you'll be amazed by the landscapes and want that breath of fresh air forever. That's why traveling exists – the rest of the world is waiting for you!

What's your favorite mountain city? Do you prefer mountain or ocean views? Let us know in the comments section!

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