These ten albums changed pop forever without even trying, so knowing them is a must. They're trendsetters, and their vibe is addictive!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Female Pop Albums That Changed the Game in the 21st Century Music Top-10-Female-Pop-Albums-That-Changed-the-Game-in-the-21st-Century-Music.jpg

Join us as we celebrate the ten greatest Rihanna collaborations that made her into one of the biggest pop stars of the millennium.

By Julia Adams

Top 10 Rihanna Collaborations That Have Made Her a Superstar Top-10-Rihanna-Collaborations-That-Have-Made-Her-a-Superstar.jpeg

Check out our top ten list of Rihanna best rap songs, and remember those moments when she showed us she's a true badass!

By Julia Adams

Top 10 Rihanna Rap Songs That Showcase She's a Gangsta Top-10-Rihanna-Rap-Songs-That-Showcase-She's-a-Gangsta.jpeg

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