Top 10 Ways Your Overall Health Influences Your Beauty

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-28 06:00:07

You've heard multiple times how girls try hard to be attractive, but they don't realize it all comes from inside. Your head, heart, body, and soul already determine your beauty – it's not about makeup or surgeries. You should care for your health if you want to be gorgeous, and if you don't get what we mean, read these top ten facts about your beauty that comes from healthy habits!

10. Hormones Play a Massive Role in Your Beauty

Nothing's more important for a woman's health and beauty than estrogen!

Healthy hormones that work correctly are more than 50% of your physical appearance. It's crucial for your look more than any makeup you could wear since hormones regulate everything in your system! You'll never be 100% happy with your looks, weight, skin, or anything until you balance your hormones.

When it comes to women and their attractiveness, estrogen is the primary factor. This hormone makes you feminine, and your body's processes and systems work as they should. Hormonal issues, such as PCOS, don't only significantly change your habits but affect your confidence, skin, and body hair.

9. Health Provides You Gorgeous Hair

Your hair shows it all, so pay attention to what it shows!

What's the secret behind healthy hair? Nothing but health itself! Hair damage can be caused by many external factors. Still, only a proper diet and healthy habits can save it from further deterioration and eventual loss. If you're facing hair loss, your body is clearly trying to tell you something's wrong with your immune system.

Moreover, vitamins and nutrients your body needs are also something your hair requires to look fresh and vibrant. Hence, if you lack any of those vitamins, your hair will be the first to show you it's time to do something. The best medicine when your hair needs help is the proper diet and habits – everything else is only a bonus!

8. ...And Strong Nails Won't Need a Manicure

In just one week? It's possible!

Can you grow long nails naturally without going to a beauty salon? It's possible with some tricks, and the crucial thing is to have all the necessary vitamins in your body, so the nails don't break too easily! Good genetics also play a role here, but it's essential to eat healthy food to stimulate both hair and nail growth!

The foods that stimulate beneficial bacteria are kefir, live yogurt, kimchi, and similar products, so it's essential to have any of these in your diet. With good health, you can go on and get treatment or massage your nails with vitamin E or cuticle oil, depending on your final goal. Every girl's dream is beautiful nails that don't need treatments!

7. Healthy Teeth Give You a Beautiful Smile

You probably brush your teeth regularly, but are you doing it correctly?

Unfortunately, we all had this situation where we forgot how important it is to check on our teeth often. Losing teeth and ruining their health can happen so quickly that you don't even know something is going wrong. Teeth require care, hygiene, and regular dentist appointments – otherwise, your beauty won't be how you planned!

The truth is, most of your beauty comes from your gorgeous smile – every human is prettier when they are happy, smiling from the heart. Hence, ensure your teeth look healthy when you show them off while smiling, which will already be enough for beauty. People love to see that you care for your teeth – it's a part of attractiveness!

6. Healthy Skin Makes Your Face Glow

You can do something to make your skin clearer!

Your teeth have always been an essential part of your face, but what about the face? The natural glow that we call "beauty" comes from clear skin as well. In fact, clear skin is the number one thing every person wishes for when they ask about physical appearance. You know those memes, "girls don't want boys – they want clear skin!"

Luckily, you can do numerous things to keep your skin glowing. From maintaining a healthy diet to keeping your skin protected from the sun, there are various tricks to keep it healthy. Once your skin is healthy, your confidence will bloom, and nothing in this world will bother you. Glowing skin is 50% of your happiness!

5. It All Comes with What You Eat

She learned her lesson!

As you can already notice from our list, most of the health comes from your (un)healthy diet. Health depends on your diet since foods can be beneficial. Still, they can also affect your hormones, sugar levels, and many other parameters in your body. Healthy food will give you all the beauty you want because a healthy diet always provides a lovely appearance!

Moreover, ditching the foods that ruin your health is even more important than eating healthy food. Junk food that you regularly consume won't only ruin your overall health, but it will also heavily influence your physical appearance. Do you want clear skin, healthy white teeth, strong nails, and hair? Junk food will take it all from you!

4. Every Physical Illness Is Shown on Your Skin

Skin shows more than you think

You shouldn't forget that skin is your largest organ – it's closest to every sensation from nature and your surroundings. Hence, skin is naturally sensitive, and it's hard to make it look constantly beautiful. Pay attention to what your skin says because it speaks a language your body wants you to understand!

Whenever you don't feel like your skin looks beautiful, maybe it's time to check on your health. For example, acne on your face shows hormonal disbalances of many types, so don't ignore those signs. All physical illnesses have specific places on your skin where you'll see a slight change. If your skin is perfect... Congrats, your overall health gave you that!

3. Depression and Other Mental Issues Influence Your Confidence

It's possible if you work on it

Life with depression leaves you with few options regarding self-esteem and feeling good about yourself. Hence, it's essential to maintain both physical and mental health simultaneously if you want a genuine feeling of beauty. Even if your physical health is on point, your skin is clear, and everything is alright, nothing works until you feel pretty inside!

However, don't feel bad if your mental health ruins your confidence because it's absolutely normal. Don't force confidence if you're feeling down – try to do everything you can to reduce your depression or similar issues. The beauty is probably already there, inside you, and the outside will surely be better!

2. Your Good Mental Health Makes You Smile

Fake smile is actually evident

So, what's the whole fuss about mental health and beauty? Your gorgeous smile, of course! We hope you'll never have to show off that fake smile – we hope you smile from the heart, truly and deeply. It's only possible when your mental health is in a good state, and when you're thrilled, your beauty will be mesmerizing!

Moreover, every smile is fake until you feel like smiling and your life works out the way you wish. A beautiful person smiles naturally because their confidence is glowing. Loving yourself is sometimes all you need because a lack of self-confidence will never look beautiful. You see? All you need for beauty is that happiness coming from the inside!

1. In Conclusion, Natural Beauty Comes with Health

Nothing is prettier than a natural look

Nowadays, society tries to buy beauty by fixing all the issues with surgeries. Let's hope you don't come to a stadium where you need anything to be fixed. As long as you're healthy and everything is alright, your natural beauty finds a way to impress everyone. Don't trust anything but your natural beauty because it's truly unmatched!

You can replace any tooth you don't have with an implant and do some makeup to cover any of your skin issues. However, nothing is as gorgeous as that pure, natural glow that everyone craves. Hence, prioritize your natural look; you'll be surprised how bright you're shining when you're truly yourself!

When we sum it all up, we believe you'll care for your body and soul even more now that you see how it makes you actually gorgeous. Whenever you doubt your beauty, think twice and see if it's only your insecurity. If you're young and healthy, nothing in this world can stop you from being the prettiest human ever!

Do you also believe that nothing artificial can replace natural beauty? Do you believe you're beautiful when you're feeling well? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover photo: Alexi Romano/Unsplash



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