Top 10 Reasons Why Kim Chaewon Is the Most Biased LE SSERAFIM Member

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-09-05 05:19:45

If any group in the world has a bright future, it's LE SSERAFIM! They gathered the most immense talents of the 4th generation, and the way they work together is impressive. Even Garam's scandal didn't dethrone them, and it seems like they'll keep making smash hits for a long time. Chaewon is the member that catches the most attention of the fans, and there are special reasons for that – read these ten facts to get to know her better!

10. She's an All-Rounder

She isn't shy to show off her skills on variety shows!

Let's kick this off with something obvious everyone who loves LE SSERAFIM knows very well. Kim Chaewon is one of the finest examples of how the best ones find their way even when the way isn't too easy. Even changing the label and starting all over again, and being a trainee for the second time didn't stop this girl from slaying!

After all of the experience she gained in IZ*ONE, she's slaying in LE SSERAFIM even harder, with a captivating stage presence. She used to be named "IZ*ONE's hidden gem," and her fancams used to blow up on the Internet overnight. Thus, those same things make her now the most biased LE SSERAFIM member!

9. She Found Her Way Despite the "Scandal"

You can see in the comments section how many people adore her work and defend her in this situation

We've already mentioned Chaewon's way wasn't too smooth, even though it seems like it was. Some severe accusations that Produce 48 was a rigged show and that Chaewon didn't actually get enough points to debut in IZ*ONE would probably affect her career if she was a weak one who would give up. However, she displayed her talent instead and showed people they were wrong!

It seemed hard at first, but Chaewon never showed she would give up. Now, the tables have turned, and her new company supports her to the fullest. The days when Chaewon Kim was mocked for being in the group because someone pulled some strings are gone. She proved herself so many times that it looks funny from this perspective!

8. Her IZ*ONE Past Showcased Insane Talent

This is a beloved Chaewon fancam, and we see why

When you think of the Chaewon IZ*ONE era, you probably remember her cuteness first (or even the infamous scandal). Still, the fact is that her talent got her through everything. She tried songwriting, got confident on stage, and showed cute visuals. She's also a great dancer, and we shouldn't even mention the vocals!

Of course, Chaewon changed a lot since her IZ*ONE days and rebranded herself both physically and concept-wise, but she managed to shine through in any of her phases. Her fancams, the stage presence that she had from the start, and all those little details brought her to the top. Chaewon-biased fans indeed have a wild journey discovering her IZ*ONE days.

7. The Songwriting Talent

Chaewon co-wrote the gorgeous track "Blue Flame"

Kim Chaewon is credited for "Between you, me and the lamppost" from the album "UNFORGIVEN" and for "Blue Flame" from their debut, "FEARLESS." However, this girl tried herself in songwriting way back in her IZ*ONE past and co-wrote "With*One" from "Oneiric Diary" and even participated in composing "Slow Journey" from the group's last project!

Furthermore, Chaewon's co-writing in the "FEARLESS" era is why LE SSERAFIM's team decided to let the girls try writing for their next project. Now, Yunjin is the group's most prominent songwriter, with most of the songs penned by her, but Chaewon remained the one who was "fearless" to try it!

6. She Gets the Best Parts

Almost half of this song is purely hers!

Besides writing songs, this girl knows how to pull her lines like a pro. Kim Chaewon's song parts are addictive 99% of the time, and the success that "ANTIFRAGILE" gained is the perfect example. Chaewon is the one who sings that exciting opening line (and the second one, too) and several other parts stuck in your head!

Moreover, this is one of the most valid reasons to stan an idol – because they slay their song parts. She has one of the most beautiful voice tones in the group and can hit both low and high notes effortlessly, even though that wasn't shown too often in her IZ*ONE era. She's getting good parts for a reason! 

5. Her Leadership and Energy

Would Sakura be a better leader than Chaewon? We'll never know

When we discuss the LE SSERAFIM leader position, the interesting fact is that Sakura is the oldest member, and she should've been chosen for this weighty responsibility. K-pop groups indeed take things seriously when it comes to group positions, and leadership is usually the trait of the oldest member. However, Sakura refused, and Chaewon was chosen, despite looking like maknae!

Luckily, Chaewon was the ideal choice, and the fans know how much effort she put in. Even though Sakura is more experienced, Chaewon takes her role seriously and takes advice from Sakura whenever she needs it. Leaders are usually very beloved in the fandom because they manage all the minor details that only the fans notice!

4. She Fits LE SSERAFIM's Concept the Best

This album fits her persona so well

Since she is the leader and a charismatic person who knows what they want, she's a perfect representative of LE SSERAFIM concepts. LE SSERAFIM always releases songs that are brave and bold, even though they sometimes have a negative twist, like in "UNFORGIVEN" or "Impurities." Chaewon always acts like she feels the lyrics to the bone!

The concept that fits her the best so far is definitely "ANTIFRAGILE," and it's the group's ultimate hit. Chaewon took the song to the next level, and she got most parts. The group's debut, "FEARLESS," also feels like a Chaewon song because she's the "fearless leader" of the group. She did many things and made many decisions in life where she showed she's fearless!

3. She's Probably the Main Visual

Who fits the most? That's one of the crucial questions in K-pop

Remember when NMIXX released pre-debut videos, and Lily and Jinni were the most popular members? Then Sullyoon became the biggest sensation once the group debuted, especially for her insanely stunning visuals? Beauty is the crucial point in K-pop – it may seem shallow at first, but it's the only truth. The audience is obsessed with beauty and visuals!

Of course, Chaewon is an all-rounder, and people love her for several reasons. Still, her beauty is definitely one of the reasons. Since Chaewon released some makeup-free selfies, her popularity has risen even more than before, and people are impressed with her natural beauty. Kazuha is the one which fits most of the beauty standards, but Chaewon's beauty is undeniable!

2. She's the Most Memorable Member

Chaewon and Sakura won't leave the top spot anytime soon

K-pop is packed with gorgeous group members, but they always look for one that looks authentic and beautiful at the same time. Kim Chaewon is indeed the one who slays in both categories, so it definitely helps her boost her fame. Usually, people need help recognizing group members, but Chaewon is the easiest to notice in LE SSERAFIM!

Moreover, you can find beauties everywhere, but only some idols look so authentic that you don't mix them with other members! Her authentic hairstyle, which is also worn by superstars of K-pop such as BLACKPINK's Lisa and TWICE's Momo, is also one of the main things that make her gorgeous and memorable!

1. Her Iconic Rebrand 

She used to be a cute girl only, but she rebranded herself for the group!

Maybe you never thought you'd see a Kim Chaewon hot public image because you used to imagine her as a cute girl during her IZ*ONE days. However, this girl knows how to be sexy, sophisticated, trendy, and cute at the same time, and rebranding was never a problem for her. It's one of the biggest reasons for her colossal popularity – her ability to be a chameleon!

Moreover, the way she managed to increase her popularity after IZ*ONE even more, is an impressive move. It's all about how she managed to adapt, and if you look back on her IZ*ONE work, she definitely fits there very well, but she also fits LE SSERAFIM like a glove. Not everyone can work like that – Kim Chaewon is a legend!

Of course, Chaewon's popularity doesn't mean that the other members aren't equally talented and worth attention. Sakura and Chaewon are undoubtedly the ones that draw the most attention to themselves. Still, LE SSERAFIM is a group full of all-rounders. If you don't stan LE SSERAFIM already, go and check them out – wait no more!

Who is your LE SSERAFIM bias? Do you agree that they're in the top three best 4th gen girl groups? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover photo: Instagram/Kim Chaewon



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