Top 10 Best Non-English Netflix Shows

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-22 06:00:05

Yes, we already told you that you should watch foreign Netflix shows with the original audio. Just don't be one of those lazy people that need everything dubbed since you'll ruin the real magic an actor wanted to display. Words play a massive role, so you'll need subtitles for these top ten international tv shows. Yet, they are so good that you won't mind that, and we recommend them all!

10. "Call My Agent!"

You won't stop laughing – sometimes we just need a show like this!
Language: French (France)
Genre: Comedy with bits of drama
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 4/24 + TV film
Has it ended: No
Spinoffs: Elite: Short Stories

Comedies aren't a dominant genre on this list, but we always need something to cheer us up, right? "Call My Agent!" will do the job for you and put the biggest smile on your face while listening to a bit of French. It's a language that we won't mention too much among other titles, but this show will be enough!

Even the title "Call My Agent" says much about the show's vibe. It's dramatic and displays all those superstars that have to handle the business and fame and all the negative stuff that comes along the way. Watch one of the best European series on Netflix where everyone's busy and in a hurry because these are always hilarious!

9. "Elite"

The actors, their charisma, the passion, the drama… This show has it all!
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: Thriller
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 6/48
Has it ended: No
Spinoffs: Call My Agent: Bollywood, Ten Percent, Call My Agent! (South Korea)

Unlike French, you'll hear a lot of Spanish on Netflix and this list… Like, a lot! "Elite" isn't even the best Spanish show we'll recommend since it's a language with over 500 million native speakers. Hence, their shows are numerous and fantastic. If you're a fan of thrillers, you'll adore "Elite" and all its characters!

Would you expect a luxurious private high school to be a home of death, controversy, and drama? The three working-class kids didn't see that coming when they entered this glorious world plundered with lies and criminals. Without further spoilers, you won't blink during the episodes since it will get sultry and wild!

8. "3%"

It's one of the best fresh dystopian shows you'll watch – don't skip this one at all costs
Language: Portuguese (Brazil)
Genre: Science fiction with drama and thriller elements
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 4/33
Has it ended: Yes
Spinoffs: The 3% Challenge (video game)

Literature loves dystopian themes so much that this topic used to be the main point of art. People enjoy watching shows that remind them of reality but still stay far away from it. If you'd like to watch a Sci-Fi masterpiece after the comedy and thriller we recommended, your next choice should be "3%!"

Moreover, this might be the most unique show we'll recommend since it's the only one in Portuguese, coming from Brazil. It also tells about an imaginative world named Inland, where people live in poverty. Still, they get a chance to change their lives by moving to an island, symbolizing utopia. But is there such a thing as paradise?

7. "Cable Girls"

You'll root for all the characters, and this show will keep you guessing religiously
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: Drama
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 5/42
Has it ended: Yes
Spinoffs: None

Imagine a show that teaches you about friendship, love, commitment, war themes, betrayal, and feminism, all at once. You get all of that, along with the gorgeous Spanish language spoken by stunning ladies that work as "cable girls" at one company. You'll get so attached to this show that the fact you'll cry at the end of it isn't even a spoiler!

As the show continues, it becomes more exciting, and you'll enjoy the visuals, the passion, and the drama developing steadily. The LGBTQIA+ backstory, the power, and the importance of feminism and independence are the characteristics that make this show crucial for every young person to watch. You'll tell everyone about it, and that's the best part!

6. "Alice in Borderland"

Did you love "Squid Game?" We have a sequel for you!
Language: Japanese (Japan)
Genre: Science fiction thriller
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 2/16
Has it ended: No
Spinoffs: None

Did we already mention dystopian trends on this list? We're not done with that topic yet! "Alice in Borderland" is a must if you're among the billions of people that have seen "Squid Game" and rewatched it religiously. This one is Japanese, so it's slightly different from Korean, but it's a sensation that deserves its moment!

This show's setting is post-apocalyptic Tokyo, and it just adds up to the deadly games that will keep you guessing. It's a pity that this one had to wait a whole year to earn the fame it deserves, but some shows never gain recognition. After "Alice," you'll hope to find more shows like this, but there aren't many of them, since it's unique!

5. "Narcos"

"Narcos" is everything good about crime shows combined!
Language: Spanish (Colombia), English
Genre: Biographical crime drama
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 3/30
Has it ended: Yes
Spinoffs: Narcos: Mexico

Would you like to watch a Netflix foreign crime series about an iconic mobster from overseas? Pablo Escobar is the name! The cocaine trade in Colombia is a crime made for an exciting show. Even though some reviews point out the lack of sympathetic characters at the beginning of "Narcos," the excitement grows as you watch it.

Basically, everything about this show makes it look and sound rich. The actor who plays Pablo Escobar looks like Pablo more than the actual criminal, and the setting is so authentic that you'll dream of being a part of this crime. This magnetic performance of all the actors and the whole team will have you hooked! Thankfully, it's also not ruined by wokeness.

4. "Dark"

"Dark" is the best German show ever, without any doubt!
Language: German (Germany)
Genre: Mystery
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 3/26
Has it ended: Yes
Spinoffs: No

The title resembles the show's setting, but that's precisely what should draw your attention to this masterpiece made in Germany. It's also the only German appearance on this list. Still, it's a diamond that might be your favorite if you're looking for a good Sci-Fi plot and a confusing storyline that will keep you guessing!

Reviews even name this show "brain-scrambling," and we couldn't agree more. You'll have no idea which characters are connected and when, so keep this show for days when you're not busy and want to keep your brain focused. It's a clever masterpiece you'll recommend to everyone, although not anyone can handle it!

3. "Locked Up"

In this trailer, you'll already find various reasons to watch this masterpiece
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: Drama
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 5/48
Has it ended: Yes
Spinoffs: Vis a vis: El Oasis

Forget "Orange Is the New Black," because Spain has a way more exciting alternative – this one will make you skip food, sleep, and going out since it won't let you leave Netflix. "Locked Up," a.k.a. "Vis a Vis," is a captivating story about a young and naive woman named Macarena. She ends up in prison for her romance with an older man who ruined her life.

Luckily, this show goes way further than this introductory sentence. It tells many stories of women in prison, their guards, lovers, enemies, and many more. The dramatic plot twists made us binge-watch it for a day, and you'll be obsessed with the fact that the characters get to shine a lot. Despite the show being focused on the plot, the protagonists have their lives profoundly developed. Both are done so well here!

2. "Squid Game"

"Squid Game" is impressive, exciting - the show you'll watch on repeat!
Language: Korean (South Korea)
Genre: Survival
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 1/9
Has it ended: No
Spinoffs: No

Did we just mention a brilliant combination of well-developed characters and a perfect plot? "Squid Game" has many reasons to gain international fame and become one of the most-watched shows worldwide. Hence, we hope you weren't surprised when your friends started to make it their number one conversation topic!

This Korean show will make you stan K-pop and watch more K-dramas (which are numerous on Netflix, luckily). We won't judge you since their actors are gorgeous and insanely talented! Something about South Korea interests the whole world, and "Squid Game" has it all. Go watch it religiously if you haven't done it yet because it's a crime to skip this! Luckily, the show won't be among those canceled after a single season.

1. "Money Heist"

The trailer doesn't even showcase this show's perfection, but get an insight before you start watching!
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: Thriller
Seasons/episodes (as of 2023): 3/41
Has it ended: Yes
Spinoffs: Berlin, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

As the narrator says, "My name's Tokyo," lying on her bed, watching her boyfriend's dead body on the TV, you'll already be so curious to see how this heist will go. Without any spoilers, you'll see the good and bad along the way and enjoy both. It's a show that'll make you love and hate some characters, so it has many different sides and profound additional plots!

One of the best foreign series on Netflix will give you tearful goodbyes, terrifying endings, dramatic shoot sessions, lovers and enemies, and many more. It's a mix that will awaken all the emotions in you. Still, you'll love it for the plot, too. These robbers will steal your heart before they steal any money!

Fortunately, all of these top ten shows are worth the hype, and it's worth paying attention to the subtitles to enjoy them to the fullest. Sometimes, a show is a way of getting to know a culture and its people, as they make you more open-minded. The more you know the world, the richer you are – some things make you wealthy better than money!

Did you watch any of these shows? Can you watch shows that aren't initially in English?

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