Top 10 “Money Heist” Season 5 Moments That Wrecked Some Fan Theories

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-06 06:00:06

A show as phenomenal as “Money Heist” always makes fans develop theories about the possible ending. Hence, social media users didn’t hesitate to share their opinions with the world. Surprisingly, most assumptions were wrecked in the final season, released in two parts during 2021, leaving the world wanting more. Go through the whole season five plot with us again, and check out which top ten moments were so shocking that no one saw them coming! Did you figure them out?

10. Monica Losing Her Mind and Killing Arturo

Arturo in "Money Heist" TV show
Monica did what fans hoped someone would do to Arturo, the most hated character in the show

Monica, a.k.a Stockholm, is the last person in the show that would take a gun and shoot someone to death. Yet, she did exactly that to her ex-lover and the father of her child. How shocking was that moment? No one would expect a calm lady like her to go insane like this. Still, her further observations about this made her way more deranged.

Monica’s psychotic episodes went on throughout the second part of the final season, so her guilty conscience about killing Arturo tells us a lot about her compassionate personality. Whether it’s good that she killed this terrible man depends on your feelings towards this character. Still, it’s safe to say that she isn’t a murderer.

9. The Happy End for the Professor and Lisbon

Lisbon and the professor hugging in "Money Heist" TV show
After all the predictions about death and betrayal, these two made it together!

Like many rather negative theories, the expectations for “Serquel” (Raquel and Sergio) weren’t so optimistic. The fans insisted they would separate, with one of them probably dying or simply leaving after the absolute pressure. However, Alex Pina had a different idea!

Luckily, the writers decided that the fan-favorite pair will have another deep conversation while they’re handcuffed. Precisely at this moment, the Professor proposed to Lisbon. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the wedding, but the happy ending lets us know that these two lived happily ever after!

8. The Stolen Gold Affecting the Whole Country

The professor with the gold in "Money Heist" TV show
The gold was the secret main character of season five’s second part

The word “stolen” could apply to the gang stealing the gold from the vault or Tatiana stealing it from them. Anyway, the “stolen” gold indeed was the only way to leave the Bank of Spain alive – the Professor didn’t lie. The whole plot revolved around the importance of the gold, and the final season actually pointed that out.

Indeed, the gold would affect the whole of Spain, causing economic and industrial issues and crises. The only way to make the police cooperate with the gang was to offer gold to them. Now it makes sense, even though no one guessed that! Leaving the bank without this plan would mean getting out of it dead.

7. Tamayo Accepting the Professor’s Offer

Tamayo in "Money Heist" TV show
Everyone hated Tamayo until the end, but he chose the right path

The chief of operations concerning the robbery might be one of the most annoying characters (after Arturo) that the show ever had. You probably found yourself rooting for his death throughout the whole season five. However, the truth is that he saved the gang’s lives by accepting their offer in the end.

No one ever expected Tamayo to be rational since he got fooled by the gang various times. However, this time, he figured out that the only way to make himself a hero is to let the robbers go – that’s a selfish move, but the moment that saved his reputation. The country’s reputation, too. 

6. Denver Actually Feeling “Something” Towards Manila

Denver holding a gun in "Money Heist" TV show
Denver caused mixed feelings after his mistakes in the last seasons

If you expected that Denver would stay stable until the end when it comes to his love for Stockholm, the grand finale proved his immature decisions again. The gang’s fan-favorite kissed Manila, the girl he knew his whole life, knowing that she actually had feelings for him for ages. She “had” them, which means that these moments are the past now!

Luckily, Manila realizes she doesn’t like Denver anymore when he kisses her since Denver changed his mind again and returned to Monica. When Moscow, Denver’s father, complained how Denver was never enough for Monica, he was right – she didn’t deserve this treatment. Still, their love fought all the obstacles anyway!

5. Tatiana and Sierra not Having Any Connection

Tatiana and Berlin in "Money Heist" TV show
Tatiana was more than Alicia Sierra’s sister or something like that

One of the hottest theories, trending worldwide, was the hint that Alicia Sierra has something to do with Tatiana, Berlin’s fifth wife. The similarities sparked rumors that lasted until the final episodes came out. Surprisingly, these two meet once, but there’s nothing that proves that they know each other well.

Actually, most of the theories insisted that Sierra and Tatiana are the same people, so this was far from true. Their similarities will stay a mystery, but it could be a coincidence, anyway. It could also work as a red herring, so the fans wouldn’t pay attention to the actual Tatiana plot!

4. Tatiana Almost Ruining the Whole Plan 

Tatiana and Rafael in "Money Heist" TV show
She almost took the gold, and the whole gang would die

The way Tatiana played the massive role, yet she almost ruined it all, is the biggest surprise of the final season. The betrayal usually doesn’t come from your enemies, but your friends and the Berlin flashbacks about his son Rafael seducing his wife proved this point again. Rafael and Tatiana stayed a strong duo until the end, so they even stole the gold from the gang!

If it wasn’t for Alicia Sierra’s clever mind, Tatiana would get away with the gold, leaving the gang in the bank of Spain without any solution. The saddest part about this surprising outcome is that she didn’t betray Berlin once – she did that again, even after his death. Love is sometimes your greatest enemy!

3. A Deep Friendship Between Alicia Sierra and the Professor

Alicia Sierra holding a gun on Professor in "Money Heist" scene
Maybe you predicted she would join the gang, but you didn’t foretell a genuine connection!

Alicia Sierra was the gang’s primary enemy, one of the worst they had. She’s among the most intelligent characters, which endangered the robbers many times, and she even found the Professor in the fourth season. However, no one expected the Professor to become her friend, helping her give birth to Victoria!

Sierra slowly developed strong feelings towards him, so they created a genuine connection to help each other in the final outcome. When you think again, Sierra had nothing to lose since the police also chased her. However, they ended it with a real friendship, so the story became even better!

2. (Almost) Everyone Making It Out Alive

Robbers that survived in "Money Heist" TV show
The fans got the most optimistic outcome you could ever imagine!

Besides Oslo, Moscow, Berlin, and Nairobi, who were already murdered, season five brought more happiness than deaths. Tokyo is the only central character that sacrifices herself, and all the other robbers manage to make it out alive. When Tamayo declared them dead in front of the public, it only hinted that the gang would live somewhere far away!

Since no one is searching for the dead people, their decision to be pronounced dead was the best solution to run away. Basically, no one expected the whole gang to make it since the trailers and theories seemed so pessimistic. However, Alex Pina gave us a happy ending because he knew we were craving it!

1. Tokyo’s Death

Tokyo, Denver and Manila in "Money Heist" TV show
Tokyo deserved more, but her character will stay iconic forever, anyway

Not everyone had a fortunate conclusion, though – the character that helped the gang survive is Tokyo, the narrator that killed Gandia, the gang’s biggest enemy. Her death prevented many worst-case scenarios for the rest of the robbers. Moreover, this moment remains the biggest shock of the season since people thought she’d be the only one surviving!

Maybe Tokyo was the only one who would be bold enough to kill herself to save the others. Maybe she was the one who deserved to kill Gandia since he planned to hurt her specifically after eliminating Nairobi. These will remain the unanswered questions, but Tokyo’s death was a plot twist that left everyone upset.

To be honest, all these top ten list moments kind of turned out to be even better than the theories. After all, Alex Pina knew how to keep us interested yet still satisfied with the outcome in one of the best Spanish language shows ever. The overall positive reviews of the grand finale already show us that “Money Heist” got everything we all wanted. Don’t be sad it’s over because we have the Berlin spinoff on Netflix, anyway!

Which moment surprised you the most? Did you expect a happy ending? Let us know your unpopular opinions!

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