Top 10 Six of Crows Quotes That You'll Want Tattooed On Your Soul

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

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So, you've read Six of Crows. Maybe you read it recently, or maybe a while ago. Nonetheless, you probably read it if you're looking at quotes. If you hadn't… What are you doing here? This will spoil the book for you. Regardless, these top ten quotes are, would, or will haunt you day and night. Tattoo them on your heart and soul, on your mind and body, and accept that you fell down a rabbit hole and you can't get up.

10. Land Yourself in a Pile of Shit Twice As Big

Jesper, aka the bicon

The full quote goes: "What could he do with a pile of (money) that big? Jesper could just imagine his father saying, Land yourself in a pile of shit twice as big. Saints, he missed him." Colm Fahey is an incredible man with an eternal love for his son and Jesper's friends. He basically adopts the rest of the Crows. Everyone should strive to be more like him.

Fathers and grandfathers have a way of making us laugh while reminding us of the severity of life situations. While they might tease you about your shortcomings, remember that this is their way of gently pushing you towards betterment. Pay attention to what your elders say; they often give fantastic life advice.

9. It Felt Like Something That Was Meant to be Kept Secret, a New Seed That Might Grow to Something Extraordinary if it Wasn't Forced to Bloom too Soon

Honesty, whatever Inej says, you should just live by it

While her dream for her new future was still in the making, Inej didn't feel inclined to talk about it. She had just realized she had something to fight for, a reason to continue living. It gives her strength, power, drive. But, there's no need to share it with the world just yet. She is giving the idea enough space to form. Often, that process doesn't need to be shared with the world.

In the internet age, we feel compelled to communicate every single facet of ourselves. We need to remember that we are allowed to keep some things private. No matter what it is - a new plan for our future, the recap of our day, that time we went out with our friends to a cafe. Don't share more of yourself than you have to. No one is entitled to even know your name or face, for that matter.

8. Many Boys Will Bring You Flowers

It's just... The perfect pairing

"Many boys will bring you flowers, but only one will learn your favorite. That is the boy that you should give your heart to." More wise words from Inej's father. While Kaz doesn't learn her favorite flower, he does give her something much more important: her knives and her freedom. The two of them don't have the luxury to learn sweet nothings about each other, but they do know what the other one needs. 

Don't waste your time with people who won't bother learning your favorite flower. Stick to those who will try their best to remember your favorite color, book quote, drink. They may not shout their love from the rooftops, but they do show it in small, more meaningful ways. Don't settle for a showy but uninterested partner.

7. The Trick is in Getting Back Up 

These two have been making us cry for six years now

The full quote goes: Inej had once offered to teach him how to fall. "The trick is not getting knocked down," he'd told her with a laugh. "No, Kaz," she'd said, "the trick is in getting back up." This was a crucial moment for Kaz since it's the first time he's been vulnerable, and it was around Inej. Their relationship only deepens from this point.

This is very similar to the phrase "Everything worth doing is worth doing poorly" circulating around the internet. Even if you do something wrong, you should always get back up even if you fall or fail. Something done 20% is still better than 0%, and a failed assignment is always better than no assignment at all.

6. Better Terrible Truths than Kind Lies

We are simply obsessed with them

One of the first interactions between Kaz and Inej, where he doesn't lie, promises her safety nor happiness. But he does offer her a way to protect herself. To make her dangerous. Together, they build her a fearsome reputation so that no one would think to mess with her. And they couldn't do it if they pretended for her situation to be something that it isn't.

In life, it's essential to know where we're standing. If we aren't honest with ourselves and run away from our responsibilities, it will only lead us to more misery. Make do with what you have, and make the best of it. Don't hide your face from the world, no matter how scary it is. You will push through to the other side eventually.

5. I Will Have You Without Armor, Kaz Brekker. Or I Will Not Have You at All

Just the best ship ever

It is truly a crucial moment in Kaz and Inej's relationship. She knows what she needs in a partner and knows that she won't find it with Kaz, with how he has been so far. It's the moment Kaz realizes he needs to be more forward with her, to show her more of himself. He realizes that he needs to pull himself together or lose the love of his life.

What will you settle for in a relationship? Is a distant connection enough for you? Are you satisfied with distantly knowing your partner through their armor, or will you demand them show their true selves? Never forget how important it is to know what you're looking for in a relationship, level of intimacy included.

4. The Water Hears and Understands. The Ice Does Not Forgive.

Matthias having the biggest arc, so true, king

As Nina said, The first part sounds kind enoughBut, the second part gives us insight into Fjerdan culture. More specifically, how it's defined by the country's harsh climate. Fjerdans are primarily used to surviving, as opposed to living. Their culture is rigid, patriarchal, and cruel. However, Matthias chooses a new path because of Nina.

Are you surrounded by water or by ice? Are you in a space where you can live freely, or are you just surviving? Will the ice be enough, or can you succeed only in water? By the end of the book, Matthias learns that the Fjerdan ways, their hate isn't how he wishes to live. Will you not forgive yourself, or will you hear and understand your own struggles?

3. The Heart is an Arrow, It Demands Aim to Land True

Inej Ghafa, stop being the best character challenge

Suli wisdom, indeed. If there has ever been a quote to get tattooed, it's this one. Inej's father always told her this while she was practicing walking on a tightrope. He said it whenever she faltered, teaching her to be decisive and go forward. We got to see this repeated through Inej's arc through the first book, as she learns what she wants her future to hold.

You need to know what you want from life to be truly happy. How many of us have been just walking around blindly, going through the motions required for us to survive with no real purpose? What will you choose for your life? Will you find your aim? What does your heart want? How will you get to it? Everything that will make you happy lies in answers to these questions.

2. Brick by Brick, I Will Destroy You

Hehe, crow cane go bonk

What better encapsulates Kaz Brekker than these words? His mantra, the reason he has survived this long are these words of revenge. In the dirty streets of Ketterdam, he has made himself a reputation of a ruthless criminal and a monster under other monsters' beds. All so he could get revenge on Pekka Rollins. And not just any revenge; he wants Pekka's complete undoing. He has dedicated his entire life to seeing it happen. 

While dedicating your entire life to revenge isn't advisable (quite shocking, we know), there is a lesson to be internalized here. Approach things methodically, with care. Do things on purpose. While Kaz is the furthest from the live laugh love lifestyle, he has a surprising amount of things in common. Throw yourself into something entirely, and you'll feel more fulfilled.

1. No Mourners, no Funerals

Beautiful, amazing showstopping

The most iconic of iconic quotes. There could be an essay written on this. The inherent wish for your friends to be well. The ways it comes forward even in the most inopportune situations. The Dregs are a gang, a bunch of thieves and thugs, and yet… No mourners, no funerals. I love you; I want us both to eat well. Is there truly such a difference between the two? 

Then there is the continuous threat of death hanging over these children. The mere fact that they call themselves The Dregs. Showcasing the genuine fear of feeling unwanted. Fearing that no one will mourn them once they are gone. The realization that the people around you, the ones wishing for you to stay alive, will. It's enough to make a grown man weep.

How's that existential crisis going? If you are on the floor, curled up in a ball right now, we won't blame you. So are we after this top ten list. Leigh Bardugo knew very well what she was doing. She just wrote it to inflict pain on all of us. Writers are evil.

What quote is your favorite? Are there any other quotes like these you like? Tell us in the comments!

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