Top 10 Saddest TV Show Deaths that Left Us Heartbroken

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Hannah White

Hannah White

Last updated:  2022-07-03 06:01:05

Have you ever caught yourself with teary eyes while watching the death of some movie or tv show character? Yes? Then you know what it means to bond with fictional badass characters, laughing out loud when they crack a joke, worrying over stressful scenes they're in, and be left heartbroken when they die, like Picard in Star Trek. The farewell sets are always so faithfully screened that we can't stand that enormous amount of sadness. Nevertheless, take a look at our top ten list, and remind yourself of some tragic tv show deaths. Also, prepare the tissues - trust us, you'll need it.

10. Wes Gibbins (How To Get Away With Murder)

Dominick Flores killed Wes, following the orders of Jorge Castillo, Wes's girlfriend Laurel, father

The death of Wes Gibbins was the one that we didn't expect to happen as he was presented as one of the main characters in the TV show "How to Get Away With Murder." However, he died in the last episode of season three and left us all shocked. Wes was a good guy, and the show plot was turning around the strong relationship between him and his law professor - Analise Keating.

From the beginning of the show, their bond was slowly revealing, and the viewers could follow how Annalise has been connected to him since he was a young boy. Anyway, the saddest part, his death, happened unexpectedly, when they found his burned body in Annalise's house. Unbelievably, we later found out that he was dead sometime before the fire occurred. 

9. Finn Collins ("The 100")

If Finn only lived longer, we could be witnesses of another great love story

We could start weeping even by looking at Finn's death scene's video, as it was so sorrowful and painful to watch. Although his TV show love, Clark, made the right choice by killing him, she presented it as hard to watch. After murdering a few innocent, unarmed villagers, Fin had to be punished and executed, but we didn't expect his executioner to be Clark herself. 

The killing scene is so difficult to watch since we knew that they had romantic feelings for each other from the beginning of the TV show The 100. Furthermore, we were feeling so involved and emotionally broke down while Clark was confessing Finn her love for him, saying the last goodbye with a kiss, while at the same time stabbing him. We need a tissue, please. 

8. Jack Pearson ("This Is Us")

The fans of the TV show "This Is Us" will agree that this show couldn't be watched with dry eyes

Pay attention before watching this video - an emotional hurricane is approaching. Every single moment of every single episode of the TV show "This Is Us" is full of sentiments. Pearsons represent the role model for family harmony, love, and care. Jack Pearson, the head of that family, was the perfect husband and loving father, who maintained unity in the house. 

His extreme care and desire to help led him straight into his death. He died of smoke inhalation when he tried to rescue his daughter's dog from their house on fire. Anyway, the moment of Rebeca's (Jack's wife) finding out about his death left us sick at heart. We could barely see the screen from the tears that welled up.

7. Ned Stark ("Game of Thrones")

Ned Stark was the most honorable man across the whole of Westeros

The most morally correct man in Westeros, Ned Stark, was a favorite character of many people. Of course, things slightly changed at the end of the "Game of Thrones" first season, when he died. Anyway, this is an extraordinary thing to happen in shows, as it's not common for one of the popular characters to die that fast.

Ned was an honorable person and a man of his words. He had respect from almost every ruler across the seven kingdoms. However, his needs for doing the right things guided him right under the executioner's blade. Watching the innocent man losing his life in such a cruel way while his daughters watched was a terrible and sad thing to see. 

6. Lagertha ("Vikings")

The famous shieldmaiden, the symbol of female power

The powerful shieldmaiden, a symbol for woman warriors - Lagertha was one of Vikings' historical saga's main characters. Even though we knew that she would die at some point in the show, her death made us very sad. According to Seer's prophecy, Lagertha knew that one of her beloved ex-husband Ragnar's sons would fulfill that vision and kill her. Anyhow, from all of Ragnar's sons, we didn't expect it to be Hvitserk, the troubled one.

Nevertheless, the act of delusional Hvitserk viciously killing vulnerable Lagertha was cruel to watch. She was too weak to resist the stabbing and her death came after she uttered, "Tonight I'll sit with my beloved Ragnar in the halls of the Gods." Another tissue, please.

5. Beth Greene ("The Walking Dead")

We're so sad that Beth's character didn't last long, as she would evolve such a strong personality

Beth Green was an ordinary girl, whose character we first met in season two of the Walking Dead TV show. She was portraying the half-sister of a more popular character Maggie Greene. Even though she wasn't mentally prepared for the post-apocalyptic period in which the TV show took place, she successfully evolved into a brave survivor. After a short period, she gained strength and courage since she became one of the vital group members. 

Anyhow, Beth started bonding with one of the famous "The Walking Dead" protagonists - Daryl Dixon. After the mysterious group kidnapped Beth, we all thought that Daryl and the rest of her people would successfully rescue her. Anyway, things went wrong, and she accidentally got shot right in the head. The scale of emotions we felt was immeasurable. "The Walking Dead" shocked us in different ways, like when its main star exited the show.

4. Hodor ("Game of Thrones")

Not all heroes wear capes, as some just hold the door

Hodor, a giant with a good soul and a warm heart, is the character in excellent fantasy fiction "Game of Thrones." Even though he didn't say any other word but "Hodor," he firmly got into our memory as a saint who risks his life to save Bran. He died in season six, in the episode "The Door." Due to his gigantic tallness, he was effortlessly carrying crippled Bran Stark after they escaped from Theon Greyjoy. 

We couldn't stay immune to the scene of Hodor's death when he was yelling, "Hold the door," while pushing them. He was trying to save Bran Stark's life, who was warging at the same time, finding out about Hodor's origin story. It was so brutal and enormously painful to watch.

3. Derek Shepherd ("Grey's Anatomy")

The scene where Meredith agree to unplug Derek from life support was devastating to watch

Doctor Derek Shepherd gained the cute nickname McDreamy, as that is how his girlfriend Meredith Grey used to call him. He was one of the central characters on the TV show "Grey's Anatomy," and his role was attractive to viewers from the very beginning of the show. Because of that, the episode where he dies has shaken-up our lives and triggered the roller coaster of emotions. 

He was a good samaritan with the purest soul who stopped to help people in need after their car crashed, only to be hit by a car shortly after. However, the car crash didn't kill him, but the incompetent doctor at the clinic. Derek's interior monologue was so painful to watch since he knew that he would die. Moreover, we were devastated when Meredith unplugged him from life support. Ok, we need a whole package of tissues. Seriously!

2. Poussey Washington ("Orange Is the New Black")

It's horrible to believe that exact same scene happened in real life, a few years after this OITNB episode

OITNB is a famous TV show with various characters, all equally and uniquely represented. One of them is Poussey Washington, as she showed us the brilliant portrait of a black lesbian prisoner. Her excellent energy vibes and self-confidence attitude slips through in every scene. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to watch her character's development while exploring her background and past relationships.

Watching her struggling for breath while the officer Bayley suffocating her to death during the peaceful protest in Litchfield's prison was agonizing. We grieved over the death of a fictional character, Poussey Washington, only to be witnesses of the same crime in real-life a few years later. The death of George Floyd, who was killed in the exact same way by the officer on the street, affected us even more.

1. Glenn Rhee (“The Walking Dead”)

The amount of shock, anger, and sadness this scene evokes is immeasurable

Attention - by watching this video above, you'll face high-level brutality as you're about to see the scene of Glenn's ruthless murder. Glenn Rhee is the type of character with whom you fall in love instantly. He charmed us with his kind personality from the beginning of the show, since he successfully rescued the main protagonist Rick Grimes in the second episode of the TV show "The Walking Dead." Anyway, he played the role of a good guy who was always the first to help but was also the tender and loving boyfriend (and then-husband) of Maggie Greene. 

Nevertheless, the show itself was enormously brutal and unpredictable, and so was Glenn's death. Glenn and his group attended the horror show after the show's main villain, Negan, captured them. Negan was viciously killing, first Abraham and then Glenn, with his bloody bat - Lucille. We've felt the little heart attack the moment Negan swung his bat right to Glenn's head. That sound, that horror scene, and those looks on Glenn's friend's faces made it one of the most tragic scenes in the whole show. Ok, we're officially out of the tissues. 

The scenes of our favorite TV show character deaths were always hard to watch. It was so difficult to see them saying goodbye or never getting the chance to do so. Yet, this top ten is our way to honor them.

Nevertheless, which TV show death was the hardest for you to bear? Please, tell us in the comments below.

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