Top 10 Most Exciting Money Heist Season 5 Fan Theories

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-13 06:00:04

Undoubtedly, "Money Heist" season 5 is among the most appreciated non-English Netflix shows. Obviously, it's the most famous Spanish TV show ever and a great way to learn the language! It went from rags to riches since it was still determined whether the show would get a new season after the second one. Luckily, Netflix bought it, and the rest is history. The show's producer Álex Pina made fans worldwide feel bittersweet when he announced the fifth season, as it will also be the final one. 

Season four brought some of the most unexpected moments, making it extremely exciting and unpredictable, so what should we expect from the grand final? You should get familiar with plenty of theories, and you can come up with your own ideas, too. So, here are our top ten theories fans expect to become a reality.

Warning: This article contains plenty of spoilers from the previous seasons.

10. Melting Gold to Get Out of the Bank of Spain Alive

The gold in Bank of Spain - "Money Heist" TV Show
Nairobi used to be the leader of the “melting gold” section

It's hard to tell how the crew will get out of the Bank of Spain alive since the Professor himself said it's impossible. This heist seems to be much more challenging than the one in the Royal Mint of Spain. There are theories about getting out of the bank with the help of 90 tons of gold. But how could gold help them?

The Professor says that the gold is the only way to get out, so if they're able to melt enough, they might offer it to the police in exchange for their freedom. Still, since they're the country's most wanted criminals, it's hard to believe gold would make it right. Chernobyl plan 2.0 (throwing the gold from the sky just like they did with the money) wouldn't work either because it would hurt. However, giving the gold to ordinary people would complete the crew's "Robin Hood" attitude. Since their main point was rescuing Rio and fighting against the system, this could be their way.

9. The Connection Between Alicia Sierra and Tatiana

Tatiana, Berlin and the Professor - "Money Heist" TV Show
Tatiana is, without any doubt, the most significant Berlin’s ex-wife

When you glimpse Tatiana, Berlin's ex-wife, and then look at Sierra, you might think you're seeing double! Their physical similarity is evident, and it would be silly if it was just a coincidence. They could be sisters or something else, as fans believe Tatiana has a more prominent role than only appearing in two episodes.

Some theories suggest that Alicia is also one of Berlin's ex-wives because they share some personality traits. Even Sierra's late husband was named German (German-Berlin, you see it now?). Some even think Tatiana and Sierra are the same people, but who knows?

8. Death of the Professor, Helsinki, and Denver

Nairobi in Toledo - "Money Heist" TV Show
Will the other members of the gang join Nairobi soon?

One of the most mysterious season four scenes came after Nairobi's death, which fans call "scenes from Heaven." It was never confirmed, but it could refer to Heaven because Nairobi meets Berlin, Moscow, and Oslo, all of her dead colleagues. 

If you remember one detail, this scene gets even creepier – the crew wears the same clothes they wear in the fifth episode's flashback from Toledo. And in that scene, we don't meet only future dead characters. We also see the Professor, Helsinki, and Denver, making fans believe they are the next to die.

7. Is Stockholm Leaving Denver and the Crew?

Stockholm, Denver and Cincinnati - "Money Heist" TV Show
Stockholm is in a way the symbol of women empowerment in the show

No one developed a theory about Stockholm leaving the Bank of Spain since she's been enthusiastic about helping her crew. Still, actress Esther Acebo gave a different hint. "She's going to stick to a more traditional route and choose to come out alive and find Cincinnati," admitted Esther at the Chelsea Film Festival.

This statement makes us believe Stockholm will choose her maternal role and leave when she notices it's impossible to escape the heist alive. After all, she's a mom and has the right to go. When it comes to her relationship with Denver, it starts to fall apart, so it wouldn't be a surprise if she decides to say goodbye.

6. Is Alicia Sierra Joining the Crew?

Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra in "Money Heist" TV Show
Najwa Nimri is famous for her intimidating roles like Zulema in “Locked Up”

Alicia Sierra would be the second inspector that joins the crew since Raquel Murillo did that for her love for the Professor. However, Sierra wouldn't do it because of her feelings. Still, since the police are after her, the only way to escape would be by joining the Professor instead of giving him to the law. The crew wouldn't be happy because she tried to kill Nairobi, but it might be her only way to escape.

Another clue is the end of season four. The actress Najwa Nimri sang her version of the song "Bella Ciao," the crew's anthem, which could mean Sierra is one of them now. It could be only Najwa's wish to cover the song because she's also a singer, but it might be symbolic.

5. Is Tatiana Coming to Save the Crew, or Help the Police? 

Berlin’s wedding is one of the most re-watched scenes of the whole show

In the previous season, Berlin's fifth wife, Tatiana, was introduced in one episode titled "Berlin's wedding." It could be a gift for Berlin's fans since he's an absolute fan favorite. Still, it's much more likely that this woman was introduced for a more significant reason.

Remember that Tatiana knows the whole plan about the Bank of Spain heist. It makes her one of the few who heard Berlin's original idea before his death. That makes her very relevant to the heist's future because she could decide which side to take. She could come and help the crew get out, and they will need her help, especially if Alicia Sierra captures the Professor. On the other hand, if she is still mad at Berlin because of their bitter ending (if there was ever one), she could also hand over some crucial details to the police.

4. Helsinki or Palermo's Sacrifice

Palermo apologized, but some fans of the show still don’t like him as a character

One of the warmest scenes of the show is Helsinki and Palermo's conversation after Nairobi's death. It's Palermo's apology for everything and Helsinki's most vulnerable moment, which could also leave a massive hint for the future. They make a promise as they introduce themselves to each other, telling their real names and where they are from. Palermo said he would get him out of there alive, even if he had to die doing it. This means that he would give his life if it was necessary.

Helsinki also promised that Nairobi and Oslo would be the only people he lost in the heists. This could mean sacrificing his life to save Palermo or anyone else from the crew. It would be unfair if Helsinki had to suffer another loss.

3. Is the Professor and Lisbon Relationship Coming to an End?

The Professor and Lisbon - "Money Heist" TV Show
Raquel a.k.a. Lisbon had the chance to capture the Professor, but she helped him instead

Álvaro Morte, a.k.a. the Professor himself, admitted in an interview that he would like to see his character becoming who he used to be before falling in love with Lisbon. This would require him to lose his feelings for Lisbon, isolating himself and living his life as an introvert. What fans find incredibly funny is how the Professor used to be "socially awkward" before falling in love. Tokyo even teased him and made fun of his sexuality in the first seasons, so his change is quite drastic.

This theory tells us only one thing – if it's real, something terrible will happen to Raquel. The Professor wouldn't easily drift away from her, so she won't be alive for long if he returns to his solitary life. One possible ending to this story is Raquel being shot by the police while escaping the Bank of Spain. It would be how the Professor's father ended his life, too.

2. Is Berlin Alive?

Berlin in "Money Heist" TV Show season 1
Berlin was eliminated from the show too early

The wild theory about Berlin surviving seems unrealistic, but the idea is more alive than ever. Even the show's producer Álex Pina admits he's sorry for killing off Berlin too early since he's the show's most beloved character. This means he would try to bring Berlin back, mostly because he is the one who made the whole plan about robbing the Bank of Spain. That's why he's the one who would be able to help for sure.

Suppose Berlin happened to survive the shots and wore a bulletproof vest. In that case, he's probably still captured by the police, but his escape and the big comeback would be one of the happiest moments for all the fans. Nevertheless, Berlin never really left this show since his flashback scenes happen in every episode. Don't worry; even if he's dead, Pedro Alonso is on the set of "Money Heist season 5 episodes". There will be many scenes starring him.

1. Is Tokyo the Only One Who Survives?

Tokyo and Rio Kissing - "Money Heist" TV Show
Tokyo is usually the reason why the gang gets into trouble

This theory has been developing since day one, so it's not new, but it's still one of the most exciting. Unfortunately, if you believed that some of the best characters couldn't be killed off, season four and Nairobi's tragic death showed us the exact opposite. Nairobi's death might be a warning sign that the end is coming for all the other characters, too, excluding Tokyo, who is obviously alive because she is the narrator.

Rio's death would also make the full circle, just like Lisbon's death, which would complete the Professor's story. Tokyo watched her ex's dead body on TV when the story started, so seeing Rio dead would wrap it up.

All theories seem real when you think twice, so everything on our top ten list could happen. However, Álex Pina surprised fans with unpredictable moments before, so he might have come up with the most unexpected plot for the grand final. 

Do you think our favorite robbers will survive? Which theory is your favorite?

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