Top 10 Duties Your Tour Guide Has When You're Traveling with Them (And Why You Should Appreciate Them)

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2022-08-17 18:00:07

Some people are paid to travel the world, and those are tour guides! However, they don't get money to lay on the beach and sip cocktails. Instead, this job is way more than chilling and seeing fabulous destinations for free. They have a lot of responsibilities and must care for a hundred people traveling with them, so we hope you appreciate their work. Maybe you don't know what their position requires and sometimes don't get them, so we have the top ten fun facts to clarify this dream job!

10. They Make Sure You Arrive at the Destination 

Is it easy for you to make a plan independently?

Yes, you have drivers that get you to the destination, but they might not know the whole route, and that's why tour guides are the actual "guides!" A bus tour wouldn't function without them since double-deckers have to find a suitable route for their heights. That's where the guide jumps in and finds a way, quite literally!

Of course, navigating is more than finding any of the possible routes. Guides are there to locate a suitable path for the vehicle and one of the shortest ways to get to the place. You need some experience and tour guide knowledge about the roads to make it as good as a tour guide, and that's why we value them the most! 

9. They're the Main Person of the Tour

Leaders need to know how to be likable!

Whatever is bothering you, come to the guide and tell them. Whenever you want to ask something, the guide is the first person that can help. They're knowledgeable and available, and you should know that no one in the bus or any other vehicle is more important than them when you travel. Everything depends on their decisions!

Hence, these people are natural-born leaders, and they know how to approach anyone on tour. If you try to say no to them, that won't work since they are in charge. Some tours are really exhausting, and you'll need someone to coordinate everyone and everything. Appreciate their way of creating harmony!

8. They're the Problem Solvers

All the best tour guides can solve problems like it's nothing!

Tour guides must bring everything to the correct order and pace when there's no harmony in the group, and it lacks synchronization. When you're a guide, your day is always brand new – nothing is the same as yesterday, and you never know what's coming next. Hence, these people are chameleons!

Handling the unexpected is always a complex task since not many people are daring enough to leave their comfort zone and accept this challenge. In that way, we should appreciate tour guides for their boldness in having a job that never prepares you for what's next. In the world of safe places, they're choosing to be problem solvers!

7. Their Sense of Humor Is a Duty!

This is a skill every guide knows!

road trip should be funny and relaxing, so tour guides always try to make you happy with their jokes. Some of them are natural-born comedians, and they easily attract the attention of thousands of people. Some might struggle a bit, but they'll still try to make your day unique, and their awkward jokes might be cute!

Hence, tour guides will always happily hear your laughter and good vibes while driving to the destination. Don't hesitate to show they made you smile, at least! Moreover, you should joke with them when you have an opportunity, too, since they definitely want your sense of humor to jump out, and they won't mind it!

6. They're Here for Your Questions

Be a Better Guide says it's wrong to make up answers. Yet, are some questions unnecessary?

One of the crucial tour guide skills is to be present for all your questions, ready to answer them even if they don't know what's going on and what it is about. It's a skill that they master along the way, as they're working and gaining experience. The best guides are those giving you valuable recommendations!

Moreover, tips on getting around the place are always highly appreciated among tourists. Guides always put a lot of effort into the information regarding buses, local laws, metro stations, and exchange offices. Hence, try to write down all the things they're saying so they don't have to repeat the information all the time!

5. ...But Understand They're Real Humans

Sometimes you need this skill, whatever job you're doing

So, what happens when your guide doesn't have an answer? It's fair to say they'll have to double-check the information. Hence, don't judge them if they don't know the answer immediately without overthinking. They have already collected thousands of facts to tell you, and they can't know every detail!

Of course, some people still treat tour guides as human encyclopedias. When guides say they'd have to ask a colleague for help, people quickly conclude that these guys are doing their job the wrong way. However, maybe they're real humans just like you are, so patience would be appreciated. You'll definitely get the answer, anyway!

4. They Can Also Have a Bad Day

It happens to all of us!

Even though we imagine tour guides as sweethearts smiling 24/7, it's expected that they have a bad day, just like you all do. Hence, if you see them with a dull face here and there, they probably remember they have another duty to finish or didn't sleep enough. They never get enough sleep on tours!

If you see your tour guide isn't feeling well, yet they still go on with the work because they're professionals, just try to be patient with your questions. If you can also make their day by telling them something funny, go for it, since they won't be complaining! We've already mentioned how important a sense of humor is to them.

3. They're on Duty While You're Having Fun

Some agencies really care that you're going to the wildest partying areas!

When there's a party and your gang is drinking and enjoying the night, the tour guide has to stay sane and keep things fine. It's not like they're your moms or dads, but they're obviously paid to be there and ready to help if anything goes wrong. It probably won't, though, since you all mostly have fun – traveling is for that, anyway!

Moreover, we don't even have to mention that they have to memorize thousands of pieces of information while you are soaking up the sun! Even though they have a dream job, it can get dull. Hence, appreciating them and smiling at them when they're approaching you is the least you can do that can make their day!

2. ...But They Also Deserve a Lot of Fun

It's exciting, as it should be!

...And they want it. No one becomes a tour guide if they don't like traveling and partying themselves, since they're going everywhere their clients are! A day in the tour guide's life consists of boring and exciting stuff mixed in 24 hours, changing constantly, but it's good that they can have fun while working!

Don't be shy to approach your guide while they're in a club with their colleagues and meet them all together. Feel free to invite your guide for a drink when you're at a party, and they're bored of staying in their zone. They'll know how much they should drink to stay sane – give them a reason to take a little break! 

1. They'll Probably Want to Talk to You More

Making friends when alone is a must when traveling!

While you might have a few friends around, your guide travels so much that they can't always bring some friends with them. Luckily, these people are usually very sociable and willing to make friends on every tour. Hence, be open to them and share a few words at least!

Moreover, many tour guides wouldn't mind if your gang invited them to a coffee or something because they'll either hang out with their agency colleagues or with you! Don't think it's stupid to be close to the guide, since these guys are very knowledgeable and can help you in life. People you meet when you travel might be the treasure the universe sent to you!

Of course, it's OK if you book a tour and pay attention to your own plans only, without even following the guide, but they're obviously here to make your trip smooth and easy. And they have to do many things to make it seem like that, as our top ten list shows!

Is the tour guide essential for you when you're on a road trip? Are they wholly insignificant, and you're following your own wishes? Let us know your opinion!

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