Girl groups are still dominating the physical K-pop releases. We'll show you ten groups with such pretty albums that you won't resist!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups with Gorgeous Album Packaging That Will Make You Spend Money Top-10-K-Pop-Girl-Groups-with-Gorgeous-Album-Packaging-That-Will-Make-You-Spend-Money.jpg

We made a list of ten incredible performances ITZY delivered in the past, so let us know which moments you like the most!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Moments When ITZY Proved They're the Dancing Queens of K-pop Top-10-Moments-When-ITZY-Proved-Theyre-the-Dancing-Queens-of-K-pop.jpg

All the girls showcased incredible talents and skills, so check out our list of the ten best moments and let us know your favorites!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Best Group Performances of the Survival K-pop Show "Sixteen," Ranked (And the Best Member from Every Unit) Top-10-Best-Group-Performances-of-the-Survival-Show-Sixteen--Ranked-And-the-Best-Member-from-Every-Unit.jpg

Don't worry if you're spending this Valentine's Day alone. We've got you covered since these ten songs will set the perfect single mood!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Songs That Will Make You Cherish Being Single on Valentine's Day top-10-songs-that-will-make-you-cherish-being-single-on-Valentines-Day.jpg
Top 10 Best Albums Released in 2021, Ranked

Created at:  Dec 22, 2021

Let's take a walk down memory lane – check out our top ten list of the 2021 albums that you should keep on your playlists!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Best Albums Released in 2021, Ranked Top-10-Best-Albums-Released-in-2021-Ranked.jpg

The 3rd gen paved the way, but you have to know the marvelous 4th generation girl groups to stay updated on some awesome Korean music!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups of the 4th Generation That Are Already Stealing Hearts Top-10-K-Pop-Girl-Groups-of-the-4th-Generation-That-Are-Already-Stealing-Hearts.jpg

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