Top 10 Delicious Party Finger Foods

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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When you're at a wild party and the atmosphere is fantastic, you definitely don't want to eat a salad at the table. You probably don't want plates and knives as well! The person throwing a party also doesn't want that – that's where finger foods save the day! If you want to serve finger foods but don't know where to start, check out our top ten list of combinations everyone at your party will like!

10. Chocolate Crunch Bars

The crispy and crunchy bars that are even healthy… We want to make them every day!

Let's kick things off with something sweet – the sweetest thing we have here are chocolate crunch bars! The bars are very suitable for party food ideas, and you'll make them in a few minutes since there's nothing complicated about it. The bars will do the job if you don't want to spend much time buying too many ingredients!

Luckily, not all sweets have to be unhealthy since chocolate bars can be gluten-freedairy-free, and vegan. They're absolutely versatile and suitable for many diet types, so they'll be a popular appetizer at your party. Many people focus on savory snacks, but don't forget friends will want something as sweet as this!

9. Deviled Eggs

This is a summery appetizer, and many people like it!

A party without eggs makes no sense, especially if it's outdoors – eggs are what makes a picnic enjoyable! One of the biggest trends of fabulous finger foods is deviled eggs, and if the title doesn't say what it is, it's actually a stuffed egg! When you take out the egg yolk and mix it, you have plenty of space to put inside anything you wish, and it looks so fancy!

Of course, the opportunities vary depending on your taste, but people mostly put in ketchup, mayo, and cheese. Moreover, you can even create some interesting shapes, making eggs eye-appealing! Deviled eggs are the safest option if you know your friends like eggs and want to surprise them with something unique!

8. Shortbread

It can't get easier than shortbread, and you'll love the taste!

Mary, the Queen of Scots, invented something that endured time – shortbread is one of the best things originating from Scotland! You don't have to imagine making a perfect dessert with only four ingredients. Butter is the holy component here, but you'll also add a bit of sugar, vanilla extract, and flour!

Is your party happening sometime around Christmas? Then shortbread can't be skipped since the tradition simply connects Christmas and shortbread every time! Hence, feel free to decorate your delicious cookies with some colorful sprinkles and a bit of vanilla as a topping – make them as pretty as they're delicious!

7. Salami and Cream Rolls

The rolls are usually the thing people gladly eat at parties!

When you need some versatile pastry that can be both savory and sweet, roll-ups are ideal since you can prepare them in so many ways. If you're in the mood for cocoa cream or fruits, go for it. Yet, if you'd instead serve savory rolls, we have a perfect recommendation – the popular recipe with salami and cheese!

Believe it or not, the cream will be the main ingredient here since it'll give your rolls the proper shape. Salami and cheese are there to spice up the taste, and you won't have a hard time rolling the dough. Together with any cheese you choose, cream and salami are the most inexpensive ingredients for appetizers!

6. Pastry Pinwheels

These can be sweet, too!

Like the roll-ups we mentioned, pinwheels can also slay both savory and sweet fillings. Hence, don't hesitate to create both for one specific party and surprise people! Pinwheels look very cute as their pastry goes round in circles. Furthermore, they seem like they came straight out of the bakery! 

If you're not into experimenting, the best way is to prepare pinwheels with cheese, oil spray, and eggs. Moreover, egg yolks can moisture the pastry to make it smooth, so use them for the outer part, too! This will feel like a small pie with cheese that everyone wants to prepare at home – people will ask for tips once they try it!

5. Fried Cheese Sticks

Mozzarella must be one of the best cheese types, anyway!

The cutest small forms that you can quickly eat with your fingers are fried sticks! They can be served beautifully, have interesting shapes, and you always add a sauce to the plate near the sticks. To make it even better, sticks don't have to be thin – they're mostly stuffed with cheese or other additions!

Since their dough is well-stuffed, you definitely won't need much on your plate when you have the sticks. Mozzarella will be your new obsession, and you'll want to make these again. Luckily, fried sticks are vegetarian-friendly, so they'll be perfect for almost any guest at your party. It's an appetizer that no one will decline!

4. Ham and Cheese Balls

This video will make you hungry, so enter at your own risk!

Get some cheddar cheese, buy some ham, create the dough, and be ready to make magic on your plate. Small balls are the best finger food for parties since they're tiny and manageable yet very delicious, and you won't stay hungry. This isn't a light snack only – you don't need much to make people happy with these balls solely!

Of course, you can make balls with various fillings, so this isn't a unique recipe. However, ham and cheese are the most beloved combination, and no one will say no to them. These are crunchy, and when you take a bite, the filling is smooth and tasty. You'll want ham and cheese balls even when the party ends!

3. French Fries

The word "crispy" is the key to the delicious taste here!

Why would anyone throw a party without bringing some french fries to the table while chilling? That would be a crime for sure, so don't be that person! French fries go well with so many fancy meals, and you can still have it in your basic Mcdonald's order – it's simply the snack that never goes out of style.  

Luckily, french fries are obviously the finger food anyone can eat without forks, plates, and complications. Don't forget to add some sauce, cheese, or ketchup, to make the whole experience even more delicious. It's easy to prepare french fries, and you can even buy them since they're usually affordable!

2. Pizza Cups

It's easy to eat them all, but save some for the guests!

Let's state some facts – everyone loves pizza. Literally everyone in this world. Hence, you can't throw a party without adding ketchup and ham to the dough! Preparing pizza isn't a challenge, but some people might find it too big for a crowd, so they prefer alternatives. Pizza cups are the best option if you want a finger food type of pizza!

Of course, pizza cups let you experiment with ingredients. The topping can be vegan, vegetarian, filled with ham, ketchup, mayo, or anything you usually put on your pizza – just in a smaller portion! You know your friends want pizza, so don't disappoint them!

1. Muffins

These look gorgeous, and you can quickly grab them at a party!

If you're looking for sweet finger food ideas for party, just go for muffins. You won't need any other sweet delights once you realize they have everything you're looking for. Do you want something really delicious? Should it look pretty, too? Does it have to be quickly eaten with fingers, so you don't have to bring forks? Congrats, you've found the right choice!

Luckily, muffins can get so creative that you can decorate them with colorful sprinkles. They'll look like a birthday cake, yet muffins are way more accessible! Moreover, they're pretty quick to prepare, and everyone will be happy to see them on your plate. Take the occasion to the next level with foods everyone enjoys!

Of course, finger foods are suitable for various occasions, not only parties. However, they're always the best when the crowd is too big for a regular meal – it just makes things less complicated. This top ten list won't help if you're starving, but it will be more than enough for any occasion!

Is finger food the best choice for parties? Is food even a must when you're having a blast? Let us know your preferences! 

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