Top 10 Must-See Things in Enchanting Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2022-04-18 18:00:40

Of course, we all know that Amsterdam is well known for legalized marijuana and prostitution, but it has a lot more to offer! This beautiful city connected with numerous canals of the river Amstel will sweep you off your feet. Amsterdam is a very hospital, warm, and cozy city. Beautiful streets intercrossed with channels and connected with bridges offers a lot to explore. Still, there are a few things that you must visit. So here it is our top ten must-see things in enchanting Amsterdam. Hope you'll like it!

10. Museumplein

Museumplein in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Museumplein looks gorgeous from the outside

The Museumplein, or the Museum Quarter, is the cultural heart of the city. The square is surrounded by the famous Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, and The Royal Concertgebouw, a concert hall. The Rijksmuseum's most renowned painting is Night Watch by Rembrandt. 

The Van Gogh Museum, among other paintings, can be proud to host Self-Portrait as a Painter by Van Gogh. The Stedelijk has an impressive permanent collection consisting of artwork by Marc Chagall, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol. In the center of the Museumplein is a large public space used for concerts, festivals, and celebrations. 

9. The Anne Frank Haus

Open pages of Anne Frank diary
Take a look at legendary Anne Frank diary

Surely worth of visit is The Anne Frank Huis, a tragic Nazi occupation reminder during World War II and Holocaust. During the conflict a young Jewish girl, Anne Frank, was hiding in the house's secret annex with her family and four other people. She didn't survive the war, but she became famous after her diaries were discovered. 

In 1947 Anne's wartime diary was published, and the world has heard about the horrible life in fear experienced by a young girl. The museum is filled with Anne and her family's photos, and the place is furnished with similar items that they had during their hiding.

8. Gorgeous Tulips

A field of tulips in Keukenhof, The Netherlands
Keukenhof looks stunning in April thanks to thousands of tulips

It wouldn't be an article about Amsterdam without the tulips! Windmills, clogs, cheese, and tulips are the most famous icons of the Netherlands. The best place to absorb the beauty of tulips is the Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe. This is the most famous tulip garden globally, and it's located 40 kilometers from Amsterdam. 

The best time to visit Amsterdam and Keukenhof and see the tulips is in mid-April. Although, as we said, Keukenhof is the place to enjoy beautiful tulips, you can admire them in Amsterdam's gardens from March till May.

7. Heineken Museum and Brewery

Many bottles of Heineken beer
Heineken is well-know Amsterdam brand

When in Amsterdam, you can always take a boat ride to the Heineken museum and brewery. The museum visit takes you through the evolving times of brewing beer from Heineken's brewery's foundation to the present. You can also learn something about brewing beer from scratch, as you might find it interesting. 

Ensure that you try out the beer from the source while visiting the brewery since the taste is unique. Heineken has a long history, and it's one of the most highly rated beers. But tasting a beer directly from the brewery's tap is highly recommended even if you're not particularly fond of it.

6. Jordaan Neighborhood 

A window with flowers in Jordaan Neighborhood in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A small peek at the historic Jordaan Neighborhood

The Jordaan Quarter was built as a housing area for immigrants and workers in the 17th century. Leftovers of the past times are the stone tablets on the houses in this part of the town. The stone tablets have a sign that indicates the main profession of original inhabitants, for example, a pig for a butcher. 

Today this is the most beloved, cozy part of Amsterdam, with beautiful old houses, canals, and pedestrian bridges. At Jordaan, you can visit a few fascinating smaller museums, unlike those at the Museumplein. All around the neighborhood are bars, restaurants, and shops, but the main attractions are two churches, Westertoren and Noorderkerk. These houses of prayers are even hosting concerts sometimes. 

5. Canal Boat Ride

Canal boat ride in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Canal boat ride is a must in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's canals were created in the 17th century to keep the sea at bay, and today they are protected by UNESCO. Boat ride, especially in the evening, is a unique experience as all the bridges are illuminated. You can take a hop-on-hop-off boat ride and explore the city. 

Alternatively, you can find a guided canal cruise and learn more about the city and the buildings surrounding the canals. There are many options here, as you can choose a cruise with a diner, cocktail cruise, Dutch Cheese & Wine Cruise, Amsterdam Canals Pizza Cruise, and much more. The possibilities are numerous. 

4. Food - Bon Appetit!

Stroopwafel served on a plate
Try stroopwafel - you'll like it!

Amsterdam has a variety of local food, but some of them might be strange. For example, Dutch licorice is something to try on your free will, but don't be fooled as this is not sweet but salty candy. Also, you might wanna taste broodje haring – or should we say raw haring. This meal is served as a small sandwich with onions and pickles. 

However, don't be afraid that you'll stay hungry in Amsterdam if you're not willing to experiment. You can always stick to delicious stroopwafel – two waffles with a layer of sweet syrup in the middle, or just order Dutch pancakes with delicious toppings. 

3. While in Amsterdam…

Red Light District sign
Get a taste of the Red Light District

We won't tell you must try it, but while in Amsterdam, why not? Go to one of many coffee shops and buy a joint, as it's legal here. Nonetheless, don't be surprised if they won't sell it to you. Some kind of marijuana is pretty strong and thus not suitable for everyone. So, expect questions to be asked before they decide if you are eligible to smoke. 

One more thing while in Amsterdam: visit the famous Red Light District. This is the part of the city with numerous one-room cabins where prostitutes offer sexual services from behind the glass window. You can just peek, or you can pay for services since it's legal here!

2. Drink Something!

An empty bar
It's not hard to find a bar in Amsterdam that offers marijuana

While in Amsterdam, try jenever, also known as genièvre, peket, or Dutch Gin. In the past, jenever was used for medicinal purposes, and today is one of the Dutch signature drinks. It has a malty flavor similar to whiskey, and it's produced from juniper berries.

We don't wanna be annoying, but we have to say it again: Drink beer, as it's not something you'll do in Paris or Madrid! Even better, go to the De Gooyer old windmill and drink beer. This award-winning microbrewery is located in an old windmill from 1725.  

1. Dam Square and the Royal Palace

Dam Square in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dam Square is overcrowded with tourists, but you still have to see it

Dam Square, the central Amsterdam's square, is always vibrant, as it hosts most of the city's main events. On the Dam Square is the De Nieuwe Kerk or New Church, established in 1409. 

Next to it is the Royal Palace, built as a town hall. This prestigious building is the Netherlands' most valuable historical monument from the Golden Age. Today this is the main reception palace of the Royal family, and it is open to the public.  

As we said earlier, there's a lot to see and do in Amsterdam, so feel free to explore yourself. Visit the outdoor market as they are truly unique. Here you can find pretty much anything, from food to homemade gadgets. If you feel peckish, you can visit the cheese museum, try some cheese, and buy the one you like the most. If you like cycling, this could be the best way to explore Amsterdam and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What is your favorite place in this enchanting city outside of our top ten list? Please feel free to write to us in the comment section.


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