Top 10 Useful Lipstick Hacks That Every Lady Needs to Know

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-30 08:11:09

Do you wear lipstick daily? Or at least every week? If you have a lot of occasions where you feel like applying it, you definitely need some routines to develop. Indeed, you don't want to look messy and create a wrong impression. Yet, wearing lipstick isn't enough – you should know some hacks to make it stay crisp and perfect, so let us show you the top ten tips that will step up your lipstick hacks game!

10. In Which Order Should I Apply the Lipstick?

She calls it the "bold" lipstick, and we agree!

Does it matter in which particular order you add lipstick? Short answer – it does! You shouldn't start from the upper lip since the lower one has a shape that's easier to pull. The central part is obviously in the middle. Start from the middle of your lower lip and apply lipstick there first, adding the shape and color to the sides after that!

Once you're done with the middle of the lower lip, you should press your lips together to get the color to the middle of the upper lip. After this move, you can quickly fill in any gaps and create a shape you wish to make. If you don't follow this order, you might be unsatisfied with the outcome, especially regarding the shape and color texture!

9. Lip Contouring

Is this a trick you needed all your life? There it is!

Girls usually want to make their lips look bigger as if they had a lip job. Lip fillers are a past now since we have various tricks to make your lips plump, 100% naturally! For one of the tricks that might be the easiest and quickest, you need only lipstick. Plus, some skill when it comes to lip contouring, too!

Actually, just one contour shade under your bottom lip might already work. Apply the same rule to the upper lip, and you'll see how plump they look. Face contouring is something many girls can't live without, so we don't see why you wouldn't do the same to your lips. Just make sure you blend the lip liner perfectly with a brush!

8. Store It in Your Fridge!

We actually should!

Maybe it looks like a joke to you, but it's a real deal – your skincare products will be thankful if you store them in the refrigerator. Many products, including most makeup, can't take high temperatures and melt quickly. Lipsticks might be one of the most sensitive makeup types since they lose all their power when softening!

Moreover, it's not only about the lipstick shape. Your lipstick could even change its shade and texture if it gets too hot in the room where you're keeping it. In conclusion, we'd do anything to keep it crisp and strong, like when we bought it first. A refrigerator will be more than enough!

7. An Ideal Lip Line Exists

Use the tips wisely!

If you belong to that type of people that claim TikTok is useless... Maybe you just didn't see all the fantastic tips some users give daily. Makeup tricks are all over the platform, and they help us a lot, so maybe you should check them out. The fresh trend on TikTok says you can make a flawless lip line with one trick that looks insane!

It might seem unrealistic, yet it definitely works. Press your lips together, then go over the edges, and do the same with the lipstick before rubbing your lips and opening them. Once you open your lips, you should have the perfect shape, and all you should do next is fill the gaps you need to fill in. Looks like magic!

6. Change the Shape of Your Lips

Re-shaping your lips can be both a blessing and a curse, so do it with patience!

It might be a challenging task, but the crucial thing about applying lipstick is creating an excellent shape. Truth be told, the way you apply your lipstick can either make your lips gorgeous or ruin the whole image and look ridiculous. Hence, you should put your lipstick on carefully, with patience and precise moves!

Moreover, you can re-shape your lips with proper lipstick – that's how powerful it is! You can make them bigger or even smaller if it's your wish. We highly recommend highlighting your Cupid's bow by drawing an X on your upper lip before you start applying the color. The results will be fantastic!

5. Here's What to Do If You Can't Take Off the Lipstick

This lipstick is the best and the worst thing to wear

Everything seems perfect when your lipstick is matte and long-lasting. Some of the lipsticks from famous brands are so superior that they last up to 16 hours, and that's a great thing! However, what hack can you apply when you want to remove it fast, and you're in a hurry? If you're wearing Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink, some problems might appear!

Nevertheless, there are some tips to take it off faster and without much effort. Believe it or not, applying oil will help rapidly, and it will even moisturize your lips! Micellar water is a must-have, though, and it helps even when you have zero tricks up your sleeve. You can even scrub off the lipstick using a clean toothbrush, which is a life hack!

4. Use Mascara Wand Before a Lipstick

Soft lips are all you need!

Are dry lips your primary issue when you want to apply lipstick? Even the most expensive, quality makeup products won't look nice if your skin and lips don't cooperate well. Hence, you should do something to prevent your lips from looking dry. Believe it or not, one mascara wand you never used could help you a lot!

The ideal way to exfoliate your lips is to brush them with a mascara wand, which might become your daily routine once you try this. And you'll be satisfied by the results since every lipstick should look fresh and crisp on soft lips. Even the color texture should be better when your lips are hydrated and exfoliated!

3. Use Powder

Who knew it could be so easy to make your lipstick long-lasting

When wearing lipstick, do you ever put powder all over your face, including your lips? Does it sound challenging? It's been a makeup hack for ages, and in case you didn't know, translucent powder exists! This powder is invented for setting makeup and not adding color or texture, so you won't need it to cover your lips, but to make the lipstick better!

So, if the powder gives no color or texture, why do you apply it after applying lipstick? Well, to make it last longer! Some lipsticks go away too fast or look worse whenever you eat something, but there's a hack. With a translucent powder over the lips, your lipstick will be crisp for hours, and you can apply it with any tissue!

2. ...And an Eyeshadow!

Many people tried, and it worked!

So, you found out that a mascara wand can make your lips look healthy, and translucent powder steps up your lipstick hack game. Now you're probably asking yourself what else you can do with the rest of your makeup. Yes, eyeshadow palettes can also become your lipstick routine, especially when you have an eyeshadow that you don't use anymore!

Actually, you could use this trick together with the other two regarding makeup pieces. First off, exfoliate your lips with a mascara wand, apply the eyeshadow, and add the translucent powder after that move. Eyeshadows allow you to add a lot of shimmers, so feel free to use the glossy ones!

1. Lipstick on Your Teeth? There's a Trick!

This is probably the most helpful trick you'll see here!

The worst thing that could happen to your makeup is to have it all over your teeth without even noticing it until someone tells you to fix it. It can be a bit shameful, so many girls tend to master some tricks to altogether avoid that situation. The tip that has been viral on the Internet requires only one clean finger that does the whole job! 

To avoid the lipstick on the inner part of your lips ending up on your teeth, you should put one clean finger into your mouth and rub off lipstick on the inside. Since the inner area could ruin the look of your teeth, and it basically doesn't make your lips prettier, feel free to get rid of that part. You don't need it!

Luckily, all these top ten list tips are supposed to be simple and make it easier for you to handle the whole lipstick mess. They shouldn't take too much time, and they definitely won't, especially in the future when you gain some experience. If you start using any of the tips, we're sure you'll love how your lips look all the time!

Do you wear lipstick so often that you get tired of it? Is lipstick something you wear so rarely you forget how good it can look? Let us know in the comments section!

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