Top 10 Business Casual Jeans Outfits

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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A nice pair of jeans can carry your whole look and even make you look formal without trying hard. Denim has always been a trendy fabric to pull while still looking casual – it gives you everything and doesn’t require much talent to look fabulous. That’s why many people pull jeans for work, too! If jeans seem too casual for you to be business-friendly, let us show you ten ways to make them a part of an ideal combo!

10. Wear Dark Jeans

Everything looks better when jeans are dark

Color is one of the most essential things to consider when choosing fitting jeans to wear in business casual style. The choice between darker and lighter shades obviously matters here because dark jeans are naturally mature and less eye-catching, and that’s precisely what you need if you want business casual jeans!

The problem with light jeans is that they often have washed-out parts, and you’ll have a hard time combining them with formal clothes. Luckily, dark jeans will be neutral enough that you can fuse them with anything, and you’ll still feel comfortable in them and use all the advantages that an outfit with jeans brings!

9. Avoid Decorated Jeans

They’re pretty, but not for this occasion!

We definitely agree that jeans with cute decorations are stunning, but being business casual with jeans won’t work if you try them. You can’t have too many accessories if you want to achieve business casual, and jeans should be the most modest part – you have to choose those that complement any look, not those that are the main character!

Of course, embellished jeans are gorgeous enough to pull them for a night out, but would you wear party outfits to work? Exactly, it simply won’t work! Hence, avoid jeans with pearls, odd shapes, colored decorations, butterflies, flowers, or anything similar. Less is more when it comes to business casual jeans!

8. ...And Too “Baggy” Ones

These can look amazing, of course – just not here!

Are jeans business casual? Yes, but definitely not baggy types. Oversized clothes are the hottest trend, and they hide all your imperfections perfectly, but save this for urban and street style because it’s not the best choice for business. The epitome of a business lady has nothing to do with loose pants and hoodies!

The best business casual jeans choice is to pull skinny jeans because they’re easy to style, and they’ll be tight enough to let you wear a wide top or even a formal one. You need pants that won’t steal the show, and skinny jeans obviously won’t betray you. Avoid baggy, from head to toe, and you’ll be pretty safe!

7. The Belt Matters

Learn more about how to pull a belt in the right way

If you wear belts with jeans regularly, you’ll probably want to pull a belt for your business casual look, and that’s fine. However, you have to be careful with choosing the right belt because you’ll need to apply the same rule we mentioned about decorations on jeans. Avoid all the “cheap” and “too fancy” stuff on belts!

Which belt is the safest option, then? Of course, you should choose the most sophisticated one you own, and it should have a neutral, dark color. Light hues aren’t the right choice because business casual jeans are dark as well, and pulling a contrast wouldn’t look fine in a business style. Keep it simple, and you’ll see its beauty!

6. Be Careful with the Accessories

Do you see many accessories on them? Exactly!

You’ll have to play it safe with your belt (if you’re wearing any), but this isn’t about the belt only. Too much jewelry or a scarf that doesn’t match your outfit is also a catastrophe in business casual looks, and they won’t fit your business casual jeans. The key word is “casual,” and that’s why it’s problematic to wear too many accessories!

If you’re an accessories enthusiast and can’t pull a look without them, we suggest you wear subtle rings or a thin necklace without many details. You can also have a hair accessory – either a headband or a scarf but don’t wear earrings if you decide to have something around your hair or neck. Less is more, once again!

5. A Pair of Boots Can Do a Lot

Ankle boots seem too complicated to pull sometimes

You have no idea how significant it is to choose the right shoes for an outfit – you might think no one notices them, but that’s not true. We recommended skinny jeans precisely for that – so you can pull long boots in winter! If it’s too hot for longer boots, try shorter ones or ankle-length. Boots can elevate the whole look!

Feel free to wear any jeans shape that can easily be tucked into the boots because even less formal jeans will look more sophisticated with long boots. Ankle boots are also fancy without much effort, and you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day. When you get nice boots, you get half of the job done!

4. Pull a Blazer

There are a lot of options for this style!

The piece that screams business is a blazer, and you can’t find anything more business and classy than this. If you crave to be a typical business lady, feel free to elevate your business casual jeans look with a blazer because this combo works no matter which blazer you choose. Whatever color you choose or fabric, it works!

Luckily, there’s a good blazer for everyone – from the highly formal, monochromatic ones to the decorated pieces, blazers are now made in various ways. You should choose formal versions, but you don’t even have to match them with the color of your jeans – it’s fine if the jeans are dark and you’re wearing a light blazer!

3. Play It Safe

You can play it safe this way because these are simple to pull!

The rule you’ve probably figured out during this list, but we’ll have to mention it again, is that you should play it as safe as possible with business casual jeans look. Life is too short to be afraid of experimenting and being silly with clothing. Still, in business casual, you must stay loyal to the tradition!

Of course, we’re not saying you should blindly follow the rules, but some stuff isn’t appropriate for work. And some stuff won’t work well with dark jeans and boots! Hence, avoid the things you’re not sure about and those that seem revealing and too tight. Skinny jeans and a loose top is a great options, for example!

2. Combine Them with a (More) Formal Top

It’s a look, indeed!

Since we’re discussing the safest ways, the one that combines beautiful and business casual is jeans with a nice top. Choosing the right top might be the most challenging part. Still, if you find a dressy top you can easily tuck into the jeans or find a loose top that will naturally flow, you’ll like your combo!

Of course, you’ll avoid party tops for the office since you can’t wear too revealing clothes at work, but not all beautiful and dressy tops are cropped and with cleavage. You’ll find lots of them with lovely sleeves in comfortable fabrics and beautiful colors. Go for class and sophistication, and you’ll find suitable tops for your business casual jeans!

1. A White Shirt Can Elevate the Whole Look

There are even more than five ways!

And finally, we reached the holy recipe for the best business casual jeans combo – one white shirt can solve everything. Even better than a blazer. Better than boots and any accessories! The key to business casual has always been pulling an outfit that is as simple as possible, and a white shirt is simple yet gorgeous enough!

Moreover, the most popular look with jeans and shirts is that you tuck one side of the shirt into the jeans and leave the other side the way it is. It gives you the classy feel you need and still doesn’t look informal. You can experiment with the shirt in any way you wish – it isn’t even necessary to play it safe here!

After all, the only thing that is too informal for work is something too revealing or a tracksuit. You definitely should feel confident enough to look good in jeans when you need a business outfit because jeans are comfortable, and people love them too much to avoid them for any occasion. Yes, they were made for every situation!

Do you consider jeans business casual? Are jeans too casual for you to wear at work? Let us know in the comments section!

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