Top 10 Best Albums Released in 2021, Ranked

Created at:  Dec 22, 2021

Let's take a walk down memory lane – check out our top ten list of the 2021 albums that you should keep on your playlists!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Best Albums Released in 2021, Ranked Top-10-Best-Albums-Released-in-2021-Ranked.jpg

Every second of "Formula of Love" is worth listening to, but you'll keep these ten marvelous tracks on repeat! Do you have a favorite one?

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Astonishing Tracks from TWICE's Third Full Album "Formula of Love" That Make It Their Best Album Ever Top-10-Astonishing-Tracks-from-TWICEs-Third-Full-Album-Formula-of-Love-That-Make-It-Their-Best-Album-Ever.jpg

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