Top 10 Cute Y2K Hairstyles to Make in Five Minutes

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-09-15 07:26:48

Do you also notice that Y2K has been the major trend for years now? No matter how hard some people hate it and believe it’s cliché and too overwhelming, it keeps coming back to us. It seems like everyone is obsessed with a retro vibe that reminds us of the early 2000s, and this trend won’t leave us anytime soon. Join the party, and let us show you the ten gorgeous and easy Y2K hairstyles!

10. The “Millennial” Side Parting

The preferred parting depends on your face shape

We’re not here to offend you by saying you’re a millennial if you’re avoiding the middle parting and trying to cover one side of your face with your hair. It’s actually a nice thing! However, it’s indeed a millennial and Y2K thing, and Dua Lipa is the top celebrity who chose the millennial side in this endless Gen Z vs. Millennial battle!

So, why does Gen Z accept the middle parting at all? It’s probably because they feel free to accept their flaws and don’t crave the need to hide them. However, we’re sorry to say this to Gen Z, but side parting is making a comeback thanks to the Y2K trend, so it seems like they’ll have to adapt. Side parting makes literally everyone attractive!

9. Double Ponytail

This is also a double ponytail – there are a lot of interpretations

When you see “double ponytail” as the title, you can think of the popular TikTok and YouTube tutorials on how to make a ponytail with great volume. You could also think of a Y2K pigtails style or two braids. Whatever you thought, you’re right – a double ponytail is a major life hack that will look good on you!

Furthermore, K-pop idols and TikTok influencers have been bringing back the double ponytail trend since the late 2010s, and you could see BLACKPINK girls pulling two ponytails since their first music videos. This is indeed a look that will make you cute and youthful, but it’s far from cringeworthy. Dare to stand out and try this!

8. Flipped Ends

One of the best things that came from the 90s, for sure!

You can make flipped ends in less than five minutes with one typical hair flat iron, which can drastically change your look. Sometimes all you need to look different and feel entirely different is to wear your ends uniquely.

Moreover, flipped ends are a slight change, just like the side parting, and it doesn’t even take any clips or bands. However, they’re endlessly effective, and they can give you a whole other vibe – you could look like a retro movie star with them. Most of the Y2K hairstyles don’t take much effort at all, yet they make you trendy and retro!

7. Bleached Bangs

Jennie brought this back, and now it’s not going anywhere!

You’ve definitely learned from this list that the typical Y2K look requires bangs that will frame your face – and not only bangs but also braids and clips! The best way to highlight your side bangs is to bleach them while the rest of your hair stays dark. It’s a Y2K thing that has been going on since 2020, and it’s still beloved!

We have no idea if this started with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, but it’s safe to say that the day when the girls released “How You Like That” changed the world. Every girl on the planet wanted to pull blonde side bangs. It won’t take five minutes to bleach the bangs, but it will take less than two minutes to style them every day once you get them. It’s worth it!

6. Mermaid Waves

These look good on anyone!

Y2K hairstyles for short hair aren’t as easy to find as those for long-haired ladies, but some of the hairstyles can be pulled by both! For example, you can do the gorgeous and nostalgic mermaid waves even if you’re wearing a bob. They can look even more sophisticated and trendy on shorter hair, and make sure to pull a side parting as well!

Of course, your mermaid waves can look however you wish. Whether you’re a sharp waves enthusiast or you’d like them soft and loose, there is a way for both. You’ll need a special hair waver if you want the authentic waves you’re seeing all over TikTok, but it’s worth it because you’ll make many gorgeous hairstyles with it!

5. Spiky Bun(s)

It might look a bit complicated, but it’s actually quite simple

You can do one spiky bun. You can do two. You can make antenna bangs with them. The opportunities are endless, and you’ll look like a retro glam queen either way! These buns are one of the main reasons why TikTok is overflowing with Y2K hairstyles. When Bella Hadid and Olivia Rodrigo pulled them, it was an official spiky buns comeback!

The spiky top knot always has sleek, sharp ends, and it reminds us of futuristic concepts even though it’s actually retro. You’ll need much hairspray to make this work and last for hours, but it’s worth it – just make sure to pull this look when your hair doesn’t have to move too much. We don’t recommend jumping on a concert with these buns!

4. Baby Braids

This is only one version of baby braids – and there are plenty of them!

If there’s anything you can do in five minutes to look like the trendiest chick, it’s the small cute braids at the front of your head. Y2K hairstyles braids are various and give you many options, so you can experiment whenever you feel like trying something fresh. Braids were never as fresh as they are now, so don’t hesitate to try!

Moreover, you can do baby braids on the top of your head or make a bun and use two small braids as your side bangs. The funny part is that you can make them in thousand ways, and it would still take you a few minutes only. This hairstyle is also the best way to awaken your youthful side and combine it with a bright outfit!

3. Space Buns

They’re effortlessly gorgeous!

This one might sound contradictory, but the Y2K style is nostalgic and futuristic at the same time, especially when it comes to cyber hairstyles and makeup. Metallic makeup and box braids are the ultimate cyber icons, and they were especially prevalent during the late 90s. You’d need more than a few minutes for box braids, but there is one cyber hairstyle you can make quickly!

One of the biggest trends that made a grand comeback in 2022 is space buns – they’ve been all over TikTok, and celebrities pulled them on the red carpet as well! From Millie Bobby Brown to Charli D’Amelio, this hairstyle is beloved by all generations, and you can make it messy, twisted, braided, or how you wish!

2. Butterfly Clips

You can find these anywhere, and they’re affordable!

When we mentioned that these hairstyles can be made in five minutes, with highly affordable props and not too much effort, we obviously thought of those colorful clips. In a butterfly shape, of course! These are living proof of the energy that the late 90s and early 00s brought to the world – it’s all about positivity and colors in fashion!

So, what’s the right way of pulling these clips? Exactly how you wish! And where can you find inspiration? Basically, anywhere around the Internet! From celebrities to TikTok influencers, everyone is promoting their own version of this cute hairstyle, and there isn’t a wrong way. It’s also perfect for both short and long hair!

1. Any Hairstyle with Antenna Bangs!

These are not only cute but also effortlessly classy!

Yes, butterfly clips might be crucial in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and it was impossible to walk around without seeing girls with those clips. However, the original signature look every girl owned at that time is the antenna bangs look for sure! Whether those are natural bangs or only one “antenna” on each side, they all count!

Moreover, this type of bangs fits everyone, even those girls that hate bangs. There isn’t any face shape that doesn’t support antenna bangs, and they definitely belong to the Y2K hairstyles that make you look younger. It’s also a significant K-pop trend right now, and you know what youthful K-pop idols look like. Wear these to stay forever young!

Luckily, the trends that have been going on for years indeed scream “happiness,” and it seems like we’re not obsessed with black color and emo looks anymore. Now, fashion wants us to look younger, happier, and carefree. That’s what Y2K style does to you as well, so make sure to pull some of these hairstyles – it will make you happy instantly!

Is Y2K too bright and vibrant for you? Would you try any of these hairstyles? Let us know your preferences!

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