Relive the best Michael Jackson music videos with us as we're revealing what made them so epic. Would your list be much different?

By Michael Wendom

Top 10 Epic Michael Jackson Music Videos That We'll Always Cherish Top-10-Epic-Michael-Jackson-Music-Videos-That-Well-Always-Cherish.jpeg

Check out our list of Top 10 best dancing songs, as we believe that some will find a place on your '80s-themed party playlist.

By Hannah White

Top 10 Dancing Songs That Will Send You Back to the '80s Top-10-Dancing-Songs-That-Will-Send-You-Back-to-the-'80s.jpeg

Eminem was never afraid to diss other celebrities, and these are ten best examples of his brutal lyrics that lead to some strong reactions.

By Julia Adams

Top 10 Eminem Celebrity Disses That Went From Bad To Ugly Top-10-Eminem-Celebrity-Disses-That-Went-From-Bad-To-Ugly.jpeg

Here's our list of top ten celebrity scandals involving stars such as Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Britney Spears or Harvey Weinstein.

By Julia Adams

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