Top 10 One Direction Songs That Will Make You Miss Them

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2020-11-16 09:29:10

Maybe you were a Directioner at the beginning of the 2010s. Perhaps you’re still crazy for the five boys that ruled the world for years. Nevertheless, being a fan doesn’t change the fact that their hits broke all the possible records. Claiming you never danced to “Best Song Ever” or that you never felt something inside your heart when “Story of My Life” came on the radio would be a lie.

If you miss the band together and still hope they will organize a reunion one day, check out our top list of the 10 best hits the boys made throughout their career. Don’t be afraid of getting too emotional – this is supposed to be a nostalgic journey, so let’s go!

10. “Night Changes”

The boys used to sing a lot about temporary happiness and living the moment

We might already notice your tears when we mention this one at the very beginning. However, we couldn’t skip “Night Changes” at any cost! It’s one of their most vulnerable ballads (it gets even more emotional in the acoustic version), showcasing their vocals only. However, for Zayn’s fans, it’s the most painful single ever. His beauty and charm shine throughout this video more than ever.

The whole thing gets even more sensitive when you remember that this is the last One Direction single with Zayn Malik as their band-mate. We miss you, Zayn! Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to desire a 1D comeback anytime soon.

9. “Drag Me Down”

The gravity maybe drags everyone down, but the boys explored the space in this music video

This might bring some bitter memories because it’s the first single the guys dropped without Zayn Malik. Nevertheless, it’s one of their most mature tunes, romantic but not too bubbly. It flows naturally and has that “hit” and mid-tempo vibe.

Without much promotion, this single became one of their most-watched videos on YouTube and one of their most loved bangers. The music video might also be the most professional one since it was filmed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

8. “Perfect”

Perfect” is one of the band’s last singles, so it holds a special place in Directioners’ hearts

The boys from 1D aren’t bad boys in any way, but playing that role is still very frequent in pop culture. In “Perfect,” they portrait those guys you “wouldn’t take home to mother,” and you wouldn’t consider real gentlemen. However, the music video gets sweet as Niall plays the guitar in the hotel room window where the “bad things” happen.

While Niall looks too innocent for lyrics like this, Harry is the one who leads the team. It’s almost impossible you’ve never heard anything about his relationship with Taylor Swift as the cameras flashed anywhere they would go. Moreover, this is the exact lyric Harry sings in this song. Any other guesses, or this song is 100% inspired by the girl who dedicated her hit “Style” to Harry?

7. “Little Things”

The music video has an intimate atmosphere with the boys simply singing in the studio

“You never love yourself as much as I love you, and you’ll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to.” These words are probably everything you’d ever want to hear from the person you love. It’s hard to accept yourself the way you are, and the boys remember all the little things that make us insecure. However, they want you to know that you should embrace them.

These delicate feelings displayed in the song are accompanied by the black-and-white, rather simple music video. The boys are only smiling and singing, showing their compassion and understanding, and it’s perfectly enough.

6. “Live While We’re Young”

With tents, balloons, and confetti, this video is pretty much “life of the party”

This song’s message is pretty obvious, and it lies in the title. One Direction covered many themes regarding short-term relationships and joyfulness. Nevertheless, this song is much more positive than “Night Changes,” saying that you should stand your chance while you still can.

Sometimes it’s hard to live the way you want and fulfill your wishes because you don’t have enough time for that. Nonetheless, trust the 1D boys and make some permanent memories while you’re still young, wild, and free. The world is your oyster!

5. “Kiss You”

“Kiss You” was the final single off the band’s highly acclaimed album “Take Me Home”

Many boy-bands dream of achieving what One Direction did, but not many groups can make it as big as them. However, if there’s any key to success in their genre, it’s definitely the kind of song like “Kiss You!” It’s lighthearted, romantic, bubbly, and it displays the boys’ confident side as well.

The accompanying music video is pretty much Old Hollywood and British humor. Do you prefer the boys driving, in skiing outfit, or without any outfit at all? We’re sure you enjoy the whole video nonetheless! The “Kiss You” days make the best memories of being a Directioner.

4. “Best Song Ever”

This music video is their longest, with an almost three minutes long interlude

Is this their best song ever? You decide! However, it’s definitely one of the most famous chart-toppers One Direction ever released. It’s hard to tell what makes this song “the best,” as its title says. Is it the catchy vibe that captivates and invites you to dance? Is it the story of a mysterious night when they danced to the best song ever? Which song was that?

There are so many unanswered questions! Nevertheless, maybe it’s just the way this song walked in. “Straight into our hearts and stole them.” It’s infinitely unforgettable – you might just remember this tune forever.

3. “You & I”

The critics compare this single with the most successful soft rock hits

“You & I” couldn’t be anywhere lower on this list as it deserves the recognition it received. Moreover, it’s also extremely positive and sends the right message – if you fight for your love and give your whole heart, you can succeed. The boys gave theirs for this one, for sure.

The band members morphing into each other also manifest their unity and love. The smooth vibe of this song matches the purest sky blue background. Everything is so harmonious as you just can’t stop listening to this divine track.

2. “Story of My Life”

This song says a lot about the boys’ love for their families

There are so many fascinating things about this powerful ballad. The whole immensity of its rhythm and lyrics collided so flawlessly that it remains one of the best moments of 1D’s career ever, without any doubt. The critics also praise this single as their most mature one.

The song wakes up the most sentimental side of memories, including the little things we keep, while old photographs hang on the walls. Zayn’s sister, Harry’s mother, Liam’s parents and sisters, Niall Horan’s brother, and Louis’ grandparents also participated in this video.

1. “What Makes You Beautiful”

The music video was shot on one of the stunning beaches in Malibu

A band should take it as a compliment if the general public adores its debut single as much as people cherish “What Makes You Beautiful.” It was a hit instantly, it’s still a banger, and it will obviously remain prominent forever. There aren’t many sweeter songs about a guy loving his girl the way she is, appreciating her beauty and energy.

The boys were massive hit-makers in general, with bubbly songs like “Kiss You” or all over the charts. However, love-struck moments like “What Makes You Beautiful” made the band truly beautiful, emotional, and as they really are.

The news about One Direction coming back is still heating up the fans, as they believe that the band’s time is not over. Maybe the boys themselves don’t know what will happen, but we know that we miss them when we hear these memorable tunes.

Now that you’ve read our top 10 One Direction nostalgic tunes, we hope to see your favorites in the comments section. Which song makes you miss this band the most?

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