Top 10 Badass Females on TV That Will Empower You

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2023-05-12 18:00:05

In recent times, we've seen more strong and engaging female characters than ever. They're all-powerful, brave, and persevered. Thus, we'll rank the best of them, not forgetting those that paved the way for today's television feminist icons. Here's our top ten list of badass female characters on TV.

10. Jessica, Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is wonderful trip into Marvel's world

Krysten Ritter plays the leading role in Marvel's superhero fiction "Jessica Jones." Jessica is a former superhero who opens a detective agency after the guilt of killing someone catches up with her. After her old nemesis, Killgrave, returns, she's forced to use her abilities to stop him.

Jessica Jones is not a typical squeaky-clean heroine. She's a damaged and fragile personality that goes through her share of past traumas and abuse. That's what we like about her, as she's relatable. In a world where we are judged for not being perfect and everything is black or white, it's liberating to have a TV personality that differs.

9. Eleven, Stranger Things

Stranger Things takes us back to the 80s, with a supernatural twist involving mysterios Eleven

"Stranger Things" is a science-fiction, supernatural Netflix drama that has won over the world. The storyline begins in a fictional town, Hawkins, Indiana, in 1983 and follows the events after the strange vanishing of a kid named Will.

Eleven, portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown, is a girl with paranormal abilities that escapes from the laboratory where experiments were done on her. Her character is defined by such contrast as she's powerless to withstand the people who stole her childhood. On the other hand, she's this super girl with psychokinetic abilities that kicks ass. Eleven is a worthy representation of a teen girl finding the inner strength to fight her demons and is super entertaining to watch. Who doesn't fantasize about having supernatural powers anyway?

8. Carol, The Walking Dead

You can always count on Carol to save the day

Carol (Melissa McBride) has been through quite a journey in the post-apocalyptic TV show "The Walking Dead." At the beginning of the show, we follow her abusive relationship with her husband and her daughter's death as she was bitten by a "walker."

As time passes, she frees herself of her violent spouse and learns how to make tough but necessary choices to survive. Starting off as a weak and unassertive personality, along the way, she builds herself up to become a decisive and confident example of female empowerment.

7. Carrie Mathison in Homeland

There's a method to Carrie Mathison's madness in the "Homeland"

We know you've heard about "Homeland," a political action drama that aired for eight seasons. Carrie Mathison (Clarie Danes) is a CIA agent who struggles to balance the stress of her day job with her health condition.

Carrie isn't perfect, and watching the show, you'll find yourself not liking her at some moment and empathizing with her in the next one. And that's normal, as she's human. Carrie struggles with bipolar disorder but never allows it to affect her life's love - her job. Yes, another thing we liked about Ms. Mathison - her world doesn't revolve around men.

6. Offred, The Handmaid's Tale

Offred is a driven character who knows what she wants

Elisabeth Moss plays Offred, the narrator and the main character in a dystopian TV drama, "The Handmaid's Tale." With fear being in the central role, Offred starts off as a passive bystander rather than a courageous hero, but don't get fooled! 

She's aware that her only role in this perverted society is to be a fertile womb but doesn't victimize herself as she manages to persevere, holding on to the thought of seeing her daughter again. We never really find out all about Offred's life before Gilead until season 3. While remaining mysterious, she still represents all women captured and imprisoned by the current political system.

5. Nikita, La Femme Nikita

Nikita is both gorgeous and deadly

This Canadian action-drama TV show is based on Luc Besson's film "Nikita," featuring Peta Wilson as the main protagonist. Nikita is sentenced to life in prison for the crime she didn't commit, the murder of a police officer. Section One, an anti-terrorist organization, kidnaps her, fakes her death, and trains her to work for them as an assassin.

Nikita is the original badass female character. She looks good, uses her brain, and knows how to kick butt. Many girls watched the TV series looking up to her, seeing her fight and win against men. What gained her more points is that she was also sympathetic, caring, and sensitive.

4. Cersei Lannister, GoT

Cersei makes the most difficult decisions

Lena Headey is magnificent as Cersei Lannister in the television fantasy drama "Game of Thrones." In the show, she portrays one of the most gripping and daring characters. Many people dislike Cersei, as she's seen as a characterization of pure evil. That's a simplification, as she's far more complicated than that. It would be a mistake to judge without looking at her motives in a male-dominated world.

Cersei is the Queen of Westeros, trapped in a marriage without love and brought up to be nothing more than an accessory in a world ruled by men. She puts herself in a position of holding all the cards and refuses to play the victim. Cersei Lannister is an antagonist and villainess, and in our opinion, one of the best ever written and played on TV.

3. Lagertha Lothbrok, Vikings

Lagertha stands toe to toe with men in the "Vikings"

Katheryn Winnick has done a fantastic job portraying Lagertha, shield-maiden, and the first Katheryn Winnick has done a fantastic job portraying Lagertha, shield-maiden and the first wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, in the hit historical drama "Vikings." What started as a standard action warrior theme dominated by male heroes ended up having the perfect example of a fully developed female protagonist. 

Lagertha is flawed like all of us are. She is also fierce, independent, and isn't afraid to fight alongside men. Her father, who taught her how to stand up for herself, would be proud of her. The most satisfying moment was when she left Ragnar and the role of a queen because he impregnated another woman. Fateful to her character, she refused to swallow her pride.

2. Annalise Keating, How to Get Away With Murder

Smart, passionate and fearless - Annalise Keating

Viola Davis brings to life Annalise Keating, a brilliant and charismatic criminal law professor, in the thriller drama "How to Get Away With Murder." She's intelligent, passionate, fearless, but also unpredictable at times. We fell in love with Annalise from the first episode.

The story revolves around Keating's professional life, childhood trauma, and marital issues intertwined with a murder that she helps cover up. What people found attractive about her are the many layers to her personality; her vulnerability versus her stern demeanor. Annalise wakes up the little voice in our heads saying - We wish we could be bold like this!

1. Dana Scully, The X-Files

Dana was always the voice of reason in the X-Files

Back in the day, we didn't have so many strong female portrayals. All we had was Dana Scully, and it was more than enough. Gillian Anderson played the role of her life, depicting agent Scully in the sci-fi, occult detective drama "The X-Files." She is a medical doctor that eventually pursues a career in the FBI and joins forces with the special agent Fox Mulder.

Scully doesn't play a stereotypical female role - she is intelligent, calm, collected, and is ruled by logic and science. It was refreshing to have a woman on TV not being depicted sexually. Dana's character was ahead of its time and inspired many women to pursue careers in science and medicine. Even when David Duchovny left the show, she could handle it.

Reminiscing about our top ten women on TV, we've been amazed at the broad spectrum of complex characters with whom we cried, laughed, and sympathized. Sadly, we didn't get to mention all of them, although they deserved it. 

Who are your favorite women in TV shows, and why? Share your opinion with us down below in the comments!

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WoggyJ Says:

Nikita remains my favorite, as she never turns into a ruthless killing machine. She gives so much soul to this show about the cold and calculated people.

July 21 at 02:10:58 PM

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