Top 10 Batman Video Games That Will Keep You Fighting Crime All Night

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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For over 80 years, Batman, one of the most recognizable fictional characters ever conceived, has kept an eye on us and our cities. He made his video game debut in 1986 with an isometric 3D adventure by Ocean Software. Since then, Caped Crusader has appeared in various genres, including interactive movies, side-scrolling beat-em-ups, fighting games, virtual reality experiences, and thrilling action titles. He has faced iconic adversaries and looked into horrific crimes, protecting Gotham. This list will show you ten of the best video games with Batman as the titular character.

10. Batman 

It's incredible that this title is arcade exclusive
Genre: Vehicular combat
Release year: 2013
Platforms: Arcade
Top features: Brilliant car selection, glorious graphics, excellent controls
Game info

While there are many Batman games, only a few let you drive a Batmobile. Furthermore, that's rarely a fun experience. Thankfully, the latest Batman arcade game puts us behind the wheel and does it spectacularly! Exciting missions let you pursue Joker, Mr. Breeze, and Bane, with the option to save the game. Yet, the best part is the car choice, which will make everyone happy!

Thus, there are ten vehicles, including Batmobiles from "The Dark Knight Rises," Arkham Asylum game, or even the 60s TV series. However, our favorite remains the one from the 1989 movie starring Michael Keaton. The game still looks gorgeous, with detailed city rivaling Arkham games. Unfortunately, the title remains an arcade exclusive. While we understand licensing issues, it's a crime that we can't have it on our home system. Well, there's at least emulation, although it can't substitute the glorious arcade cabinet!

9. Batman: The Brave And The Bold 

This game was made after a family-friendly Batman comics
Genre: Action/Beat em up
Release year: 2010
Platforms: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
Top features: Wii and DS connectivity, timeless graphics
Game info

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a fun, purposefully campy throwback to a more family-friendly period for Batman. It was based on an iconic comic series in which heroes teamed up in - frequently unusual - combinations. The Wii and DS versions of this excellent video game felt incredibly underrated.

The fact that the Wii edition can link to the DS game is the best feature and something that really elevates Batman: The Brave and the Bold. As the cunning little Bat-Mite, the portable player can now "invade" the Wii game. It's a brilliant and skillfully made extra feature!

8. The Adventures Of Batman and Robin

The best old-school Batman game has a lot of flairs
Genre: Action
Release year: 1994
Platforms: SNES
Top features: Surprisingly deep fighting mechanics, excellent graphics
Game info

Even today, the finest animated adaptation of DC's superhero remains Batman: Animated Series. This can be attributed to its captivating narratives and excellent voice acting. "The Adventures of Batman and Robin2 replaced Season 2 of "Batman: Animated Series," and the television program served as the basis for a game with the same moniker.

The Adventures of Bаtmаn and Rоbin is an excellent side-scrolling game for its time, offering gorgeous graphics and action throughout levels. The only downside is that it's a single-player experience, despite featuring Robin. Still, you must play it! However, skip versions for Sega systems. They are all different and hugely inferior.

7. Batman: The Telltale Series

Choose Your Own Adventure, Batman-style
Genre: Interactive movie
Release year: 2016
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Switch
Top features: Excellent story, a more significant focus on Bruce Wayne
Game info

Batman has a higher level of altruism than the typical man. Despite being an Earthborn person, he possesses superhuman abilities that go above and beyond what is expected of a man. Players in Batman: The Telltale Series delves deeply into the narrative of The Dark Knight while emphasizing various aspects of the character. 

Telltale stresses how these facets of Batman interact and conflict, whether as the reclusive Bruce Wayne or the creature that stalks criminals at night. This season strongly emphasizes Batman's friends and foes, with largely positive outcomes.

6. Batman: Arkham Knight

Everything except for Batmobile was perfect
Genre: Action-adventure
Release year: 2015
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Top features: Brilliant fighting mechanics, Gotham never looked better
Game info

By no means is Batman: Arkham Knight subpar - the amount of detail in its universe will astound players. However, the Batmobile is to blame for the hostility people have toward it. These passages disrupt the campaign's flow with monotonous stretches more divisive than almost any other aspect of the experience.

Except for that, Arkham Knight is absolutely fantastic. Rocksteady perfected the melee fighting in Arkham, and no other game in the industry has come close to matching Arkham Knight's melee action. Similar to the Gotham in the series' earlier titles, this one is a Gothic masterpiece. The city is stunning and dotted with recognizable landmarks. This game contains the most compelling version of Gotham outside the comic books. Yet, it's a shame that it's once again lifeless, as citizens left it.

5. Batman: The Enemy Within

You'll have the chance to change Joker's destiny
Genre: Interactive movie
Release year: 2018
Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbоx 360, Xbоx Оne, Switch, PC
Top features: Excellent plot, presentation
Game info

The foundation for a strong sequel was set by Batman: The Telltale Series, and The Enemy Within nearly lives up to expectations. The focus of Season 2 is Batman and the Joker, undoubtedly the best relationship in DC. 

However, The Enemy Within does a better job of telling the Joker's tale and allows players to actively shape the plot. The first few episodes of this season drag a little because they contain too many tedious riddles. Still, things really pick up after episode 3. Then, The Enemy Within changes dramatically, telling one of the best Batman tales in video games.

4. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

The best LEGO Batman game in the series
Genre: Action-adventure
Release year: 2012
Platforms: PC, PS3, Wii, X360, Vita, 3DS, DS
Top features: Massive amount of characters, diverse gameplay
Game info

Since it featured an open world, this game—possibly the best Lego Batman title to date—was a turning point for the Lego franchise. This time, you can play Batman and a riotous assortment of other characters. Players can concentrate on completing puzzles in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, which helps them fight crime.

Superman's ability to fly brings a new element to the show. By no means is Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes a game designed just for children. On the contrary, it has something for everyone, so almost anyone can appreciate it. However, it's much better if you have someone to join you.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum

The beginning of the fantastic Arkham games
Genre: Action-adventure
Release year: 2009
Platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbоx Оne, Xbоx 360, PC
Top features: Incredibly atmospheric, excellent melee system
Game info

Before the game's release, there was a lot of hype surrounding the Unreal Engine-powered Batman: Arkham Asylum, as the first of four Batman Arkham games. Still, players or critics didn't realize how excellent it would be. There weren't any high expectations put on Batman's shoulders because Rocksteady Studios only had one complete game to their name before Arkham Asylum. This was an unspectacular FPS Urban Chaos: Riot Response

However, it's pleasant to be proven incorrect on occasion. With the possible exception of Batman: The Animated Series, the game offered us a perfect representation of real-life Batman as seen in comic books. Coincidentally, the cast of the renowned 1990s TV program is featured in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

2. Batman

One of the best NES games is a timeless classic
Genre: Action
Release year: 1989
Platforms: NES
Top features: Jumping mechanics, gorgeous presentation, and music
Game info

The original Tim Burton Batman movie was a massive hit that defined the summer of 1989. Thus, of course, we got many games inspired by it. While the arcade and Mega Drive/Genesis versions are worthy of your time, NES got the best one. Furthermore, it was unique, as Batman can jump from wall to wall like a ninja! That's a very satisfying mechanic once you learn how to use it. Also, Batman has a few weapons, including a pistol! Still, as the game is challenging, you'll need to save ammo for the bosses.

This title is also a fantastic showcase for the NES. The gameplay is fast and fluid, so even Batman's cape is well-animated. While the levels are rarely inspired by the movie scenes, they are great looking. Yet, music is the best part, as it sounds glorious. Finally, we should mention the cutscenes, which are super cool and atmospheric!

1. Batman: Arkham City

A mesmerizing adventure within the walls of Arkham City
Genre: Action
Release year: 2011
Platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
Top features: Large environment, refined gameplay mechanics
Game info

With a plot device that isolated a large portion of Gotham City and filled it with criminals and supervillains, Batman: Arkham City marked the first time the Arkham titles entered the open world. Furthermore, Bruce Wayne is imprisoned there, trying to survive before figuring out what's going on.

Rocksteady used the clever "Escape from New York" inspired setup to show Batman roving over what is essentially an entire city without worrying about annoying civilians getting in the way of the relentless violence. It also allowed them to creatively fill the world with various missions and threads that led to brilliantly reimagined supervillains. Although Arkham City feels less focused than Arkham Asylum due to its open world, it is the best Batman game.

Batman is still one of the most well-known figures not only in comic books but also in popular culture as a whole. Batman movies, TV programs, and comics have a variety of tones, from camp to more serious superhero action to even horror. Video games featuring Batman also fit this description and are often times excellent. Thus, there was no place for some of them on our list. Yet, be sure to try Batman Returns for the NES and SNES and Batman: Arkham Origins.

What is your favorite video game with Batman in one of the roles? Which video game would you add to the list?

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