Top 10 Expensive PS3 Games You Probably Own

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-11-10 10:27:52

Now is the perfect time to collect PS3 games, as they are still widely available. Furthermore, many titles are cheap, as people rarely know their true value. While there are many lists of rare and expensive PS3 games, they are all about special editions, which were never widely available, if at all. Thus, we'll ignore them. The same goes for limited releases of previously digital-only indie games, and anything not available at retail. Therefore, our top 10 is about valuable games in regular, complete in-box packages, which were widely available. Hence, there's a chance that you might own some of them. 

10. Lost Dimension

It has its flaws, but also some unique elements
Price in 2024: $70
Worth playing? Yes
Why is it expensive? Limited print
Other platforms: PC, PS Vita
Game info

While we couldn't call it a hidden gem, Lost Dimension is one of the better PS3 home console exclusives. This is a solid tactical RPG, combined with visual novel elements. Your choices will have a massive impact on gameplay and story, as you identify betrayers in your squad. As traitors are randomized in every session, you'll have to use your detective skills. Unfortunately, with so many other excellent RPGs on the system, Lost Dimension was, well, lost.

Yet, since many people didn't buy it, Lost Dimension became rather valuable. While it lost part of its value in the last couple of years, it still belongs in our top ten list. The North American version remains the most expensive, but if you want to play it, grab it on Steam. This edition is much cheaper and looks better, thanks to higher resolutions.

9. Armored Core 4/Armored Core 5

A game that never had a chance to go mainstream
Price in 2024: $70-80
Worth playing? No, unless you already love the series
Why is it expensive? Because the series was revived in 2023
Other platforms: Xbox 360
Game info

Armored Core games always had a small, but devoted crowd who kept supporting it. As it's complicated, difficult, and sterile, it never had a chance to become mainstream. The same goes for the fourth and fifth installments, which improved the graphics but did nothing to attract new players. Likewise, the reviews were mostly negative, further removing them from the public.

Yet, these titles were still not expensive until the sixth game was announced in 2022. As the series is a product of highly-praised FromSoftware, many were suddenly interested in previous games in the series. Thus, the prices went sky-high for both PS3 installments, especially as there are no digital releases. 

8. Saw II: Flesh & Blood

There's really no reason to play these games
Price in 2024: $75
Worth playing? No
Why is it expensive? Limited availability
Other platforms: Xbox 360
Game info

While the original Saw game was mediocre, the sequel was even worse. This is a budget release with limited gameplay options. Thus, it becomes repetitive after a few hours. The main criticism went to difficult puzzles and too many quick-time events. Thus, you never feel like you have complete control. It seems that Konami didn't have high expectations, as the game quickly became obscure.

While there are many obscure and awful games, Saw II is one of only a few worth something. Since 2020, its value has risen 300%, showing how collecting for PS3 becomes popular. If you have it, it's probably in great condition, as you didn't play it much. Thus, it's not a bad idea to sell it now and watch some great horrors instead.

7. Arland Atelier Trilogy

If you like these games, there are cheaper ways to get them
Price in 2024: $70-80
Worth playing? Only for fans of the series
Why is it expensive? Limited print
Other platforms: None
Game info

Game compilations aren't that uncommon on PS3, but the Arland Atelier Trilogy is expensive. The Alchemist of Arland, The Adventurer of Arland, and The Apprentice of Arland are all included here. At their release, all were considered solid, but unspectacular. As the PS3 has many excellent RPGs, no wonder these titles are pretty obscure. 

Knowing that it's surprising that you can buy all three games separately and for cheap. However, this PS3-only compilation has become very valuable since 2021, even if it doesn't make sense. Thus, if you have it and don't care much for it, now is a good time to sell it.

6. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows/Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions/Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Playing as several Spider-Man characters is a unique experience
Price in 2024: $60-100
Worth playing? Web of Shadows and Shattered Dimension are decent
Why is it expensive? Activision lost the license, not available digitally
Other platforms: Xbox 360, PC
Game info

Activision released many Spider-Man games, with some ending up on PS3. Unfortunately, none are excellent. Spider-Man: Edge of Time is the worst of the bunch, and not worthy of your time. However, Webs of Shadows and Shattered Dimensions are above average, and still quite playable. Of course, none compares to Spider-Man games for later Sony consoles, but they have some interesting mechanics.

While there are other Spider-Man games for PS3, these three titles are the most valuable by a wide margin. As Activision lost rights to the franchise, this means they aren't available digitally. Furthermore, it's hard to believe they will ever be remastered. While these titles are available on other platforms, the PS3 versions remain expensive. 

5. Syberia Complete Collection

Why is this on PS3?
Price in 2024 (Complete in box): $90-100
Worth playing? Not really
Why is it expensive? It's rare in North America
Other platforms: Yes (PC version includes more games)
Game info

In the PS3/Xbox 360 era, the market was overwhelmed with remasters. Unfortunately, these were usually basic ports that ran in higher resolutions. Thus, Microids did the same by releasing Syberia Complete Collection which included the first two games in the series. These are decent adventure games, but even in 2008, the graphics and animation looked very dated. 

Furthermore, this was originally a point-and-click PC game, and playing it on a PS3 controller isn't comfortable. Yet, it feels like developers didn't even bother, as this was a quick cash grab. However, not many gamers bothered to get it, which makes it expensive today, especially in North America. Since the price is high and the PC version is superior, sell it if you have it.

4. NCAA Football 14

The best way to play the game!
Price in 2024: $100
Worth playing? Yes
Why is it expensive? The last college football game
Other platforms: Xbox 360
Game info

Not counting NBA Elite 11, NCAA Football 14 remains the most expensive sports game for PS3. This North American exclusive wasn't highly rated, as the improvements over NCAA Football 13 are minimal. Yet, this is still a fine title, which includes a solid franchise mode and fun gameplay. Furthermore, it contains 126 teams, which is a record for the series. 

So, how can a game sold in over a million copies be so expensive? Well, this is still the last college football game released, and it has a strong modding community. Thus there, you can find the updated rosters and complete mods to use on the PS3 emulator. Yet, as EA Sports prepares to release EA Sports College Football in the summer of 2024, this title may lose its value. Thus, buying it now isn't a great idea.

3. Splatterhouse

Play the original trilogy instead
Price in 2024: $100-150
Worth playing? Not really
Why is it expensive? Limited release
Other platforms: Xbox 360
Game info

Splatterhouse was a popular series during the 16-bit era. While gore was a part of its appeal, the gameplay was also excellent. In 2010, Namco Bandai made a reboot, which featured terrific graphics and sound. However, gameplay never received much attention. Instead, it was glitchy and boring, so it was hard to finish, despite the inviting story. Thus, the best thing about it is the inclusion of the original trilogy.

As gamers were aware of that, the title never sold well. Namco Bandai also decided to cut their losses, so they didn't put many copies on the market or promote the game. Hence, it's no wonder it became one of the pricier regular PS3 games.

2. Afrika

Like Pokemon Snap, but more realistic
Price in 2024: $140-160
Worth playing? Yes, but it's not a game for everyone 
Why is it expensive? North American version is rare, PS3 exclusive
Other platforms: None
Game info

Many probably remember Afrika from Sony's 2006 E3 press conference, but had no idea this title was released. Yet, three years later, the game was finally available in the US, a year after the original Japanese edition. This is a unique experience, as you are a photographer taking pictures of various exotic animals. Based on the quality of your work, you'll be rewarded money which you can use to improve your gear and other things. Thus, this is a relaxing title, with a limited appeal.

The US version is the only Western release, and Sony didn't even bother promoting it. Instead, they gave publishing rights to Natsume. As reviews were rare and not very positive, no one really cared about buying Afrika. Thus, finding it even in 2009 would take some effort. Nowadays, the North American copy is highly valuable, especially as this is still a PS3-exclusive title. Yet, at least it's fully playable on the RPCS3 PS3 emulator, so you can check it out.

1. BlazBlue: Central Fiction

This will always be a gorgeous game
Price in 2024: $200-250
Worth playing? Yes, it's a great fighting game
Why is it expensive? It is rare in North America
Other platforms: PS4, PC, Switch
Game info

BlazBlue series gave a new life to two-dimensional fighting games, with many weird and original characters. All of them have unique fighting mechanics, which attract hardcore players. However, beginners will still enjoy flashy special moves and an easy combo system. Finally, this might be the best-looking sprite-based game on PS3.

While BlazBlue: Central Fiction is widely available and cheap on PS4 and other platforms, the PS3 edition is super expensive. However, that's not a surprise when we know that it came late in the console's life. Thus, the publisher didn't advertise it or distribute many copies. Consequently, even gamers who liked the series had no idea it was available on the platform. 

Collecting for PS3 is fun, with plenty of exclusive and unique games. Furthermore, it belongs to the last generation of consoles where the standard packaging included the printed manual. Thus, if you have any love for the system, now is the time to invest in it! Yet, if you do it for the money, you might be disappointed. It will take a lot of time before these games become extremely expensive. Furthermore, some may drastically lose their value. 3D Dot Heroes and Folklore are just some examples.

Do you have any of these games? What is the most precious physical copy of the game you have in your collection?

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