Top 10 Controversial Lady Gaga Music Videos

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Her voice is one of the strongest you've ever heard. Her image is bold, but she also showed her vulnerable side filming "A Star Is Born," where she delivered an incredible performance as an actress, too. Is there anything Lady Gaga can't do? Probably not! However, her endless creativity and how wild she makes her music videos always leave us speechless. All of her clips are unique and outstanding, but here's our top ten list of the craziest stories she's ever made in her visuals!

10. "911"

The album "Chromatica" stuck to the themes such as technology and space, but also deserts and tribes

If you thought Gaga's career isn't going steady after more than a decade in the industry, the "911" music video disproves it. She's still getting as weird as she can, even though "Chromatica" has some more peaceful videos like "Rain on Me" featuring Ariana Grande or "Stupid Love." Yet, Gaga rose from the dead with the third single and showed off how crazy she can get.

The caption of "911" says it's a "short film…" but when Gaga says that, you already know the video will be a wild ride. Actually, you might have to watch it twice to understand what's going on! From the moment Gaga woke up in the middle of a desert, it gets intense, so prepare to hear her screaming at the top of her lungs!

9. "Marry the Night"

"Marry the Night" is one of the longest music videos ever made

"I got nothing to lose" is a pill very hard to swallow. Still, Gaga says precisely that in the prologue of the autobiographical "Marry the Night." This is one of her most eccentric videos, with themes people rarely bring up and the visuals shot in a mental hospital. As soon as she breaks from that place, she turns herself into a star, and you'll get to see her way!

When Gaga said to herself, "I won't give up on my life," in this song, it saved so many people. Sometimes just one word can help you, and if you look up the comments section for this music video, you'll see why it's so crucial and life-changing. These 13 minutes of a rollercoaster let so many people know that the end is not that near. There is a way out!

8. "Telephone"

"Telephone" just can't be listened to without this outstanding music video

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga being best friends in a music video that's almost 10 minutes long? Yes, that kind of perfection exists, and it's packed with drama and action! Gaga wrote "Telephone" for Britney Spears, but when she declined, it became one of Gaga's best dance floor bangers. We can assume that Spears regrets her decision today!

"Telephone" has everything you ever wanted to see in a music video as it complements the song's vibe and message. The outfits and makeup are on top, and there's even a savage choreography in the middle of a prison cell! Moreover, Gaga and Bey exchange some powerful quotes as they drive together!

7. "G.U.Y."

Are you also the fan that always skips "ARTPOP?"

Was the world even ready for "ARTPOP?" Not sure, but it definitely couldn't handle the "G.U.Y." music video since this 11-minutes long film needed almost seven years to collect more than a hundred million views. However, the number of views doesn't indicate that this song is terrible in any way – the vibe and the video are a massive party!

Choosing a favorite section here is just impossible. The "Touch me, touch me" part has that perfect choreograph, as Gaga's outfits look flawless. We can't even count them, and yet watching the credits gets you excited because the background makes you dance. An odd perfection!

6. "Paparazzi"

"Paparazzi" displays the "psycho" image Gaga always portrayed

The songstress fooled us when she kicked off the "Paparazzi" music video with the piano in the background, a luxury villa with money on the table, birds singing… However, the word "Paparazzi" just goes with the drama, so we didn't expect less than that!

"Paparazzi" is another movie material by the outstanding "Mother Monster." It's a story about betrayal, rising from the dead, starting again more potent than ever… And even dancing like a machine! Furthermore, this is one of the earliest Gaga's works, so she kept her standards high from the beginning.

5. "Born This Way"

"Born This Way" is an anthem of freedom!

Gaga, a.k.a the "Mother Monster," took her "monster" title seriously with the "Born This Way" music clip from the same-named album. You're living under a rock if you don't know that this track is basically the most crucial LGBTQ+ anthem of the 10s. Furthermore, the songstress belted out "No matter gay, straight or bi" on the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show's stage!

Nothing's more important than accepting yourself the way you are, and that's what Gaga does by embracing her "weirdness" and highlighting it in this video. She covered all the essential themes by displaying triangles that symbolize gender equality, gay rights, and so much more! Unfortunately, this song created a feud with Madonna!

4. "Applause"

Gaga lets her creativity shine through her own vision of pop culture and art

If the music video for "Applause" got released in the early 20s and not the still "conventional" early 10s, it would collect a billion views in a month! Being abnormal today is quite normal, and even preferable! In conclusion, "Applause" and the whole "ARTPOP" era are so underrated that this music video kind of feels like it came too early.

Gaga was ahead of her time with the visuals she represented, not only with the music video but also with her unforgettable performance on the 2013 MTV VMAs. This performance included some of the creepiest Halloween outfits (yes, that box on her head was so terrifying) and the scenes that stun with one look. She deserved applause that never stops!

3. "Alejandro"

The video is not only extremely odd – but it's also 8 minutes long

If the march at the beginning of the video used to scare the hell out of you when you were a child, you're probably remembering "Alejandro" with an immense feeling of nostalgia! The haunting melody before the song sounds just like the funeral, so if you think Billie Eilish is the queen of the darkest themes, know that Gaga did it ages before!

The video includes bizarre scenes in the bed, worshippers, and monsters. And that last scene with Gaga's eyes disappearing into the light (yes, it's that weird)... "Alejandro" has to be the craziest idea a musician ever got about visualizing a song. Could this get any more insane?

2. "Judas"

Gaga showed how brave she is just by releasing a video like this

Lady Gaga got "calmer" as her career went on, even though she stayed true to herself on her latest record, "Chromatica," too. However, there wasn't any newer move in her career as controversial as the "Judas" music video. The protests against this clip would put anyone under enormous pressure, but Gaga stayed proud of this work.

If you aspire to know more about the "controversy," well, it's visible even in the track's name. Many religious groups found themselves offended because of Gaga's portrait of Mary Magdalene and the overflowing motifs of skulls and crosses. Is this too much for you, or you appreciate the art Gaga delivered?

1. "Bad Romance"

We've come to another wildly courageous move in Gaga's career

From the first "rah's" and "ahh's" to the incredibly sexy French bridge, Gaga really made this single the most iconic music experience of the 21st century. Of course, the accompanying music video couldn't be any less bold. It flows so naturally with the song's dark sense, and it's one of the strongest we've ever seen!

Lady Gaga looks like a monster in every single outfit she tried in "Bad Romance…" Since she struts like a peacock during that highlighting "Walk, walk, fashion, baby" moment, she is a very trendy monster. No wonder that the video used to be named "satanic." Still, now it's the most immense nostalgia, the wildest ride she ever prepared for us!

It's most likely you probably know all these top ten music videos by heart since they're very prominent, and they kept changing the game of pop music. Nevertheless, remembering them in one place and seeing them again is always a good idea! From her earliest records to the sort of fresh "Joanne," Gaga never disappointed with her visuals (well, with vocals as well), so we hope to see her imagination wilding on and on.

What's your favorite Lady Gaga music video so far? Which one is the most strange, in your opinion?

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I remember all the fuss about "Judas" - People need to stop taking things so seriously.

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