Top 10 The Most Magical Canal Cities That Will Instantly Charm You

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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We all like to see and explore new and exciting places, as there's no more to life than beautiful memories. Hence, in some cases, we can instantly fall in love with some mesmerizing sites. Even though there are so many charming cities, some are more lovable than others, like those built on the water. So let's take a look at the top ten the most fascinating ones.

10. Bangkok, Thailand

People selling fruits at floating market in Bangkok
Bangkok's canals are the busiest trading "streets" (Photo: terimakasih0/

One of the most sensational Asian cities has so much to offer that you can spend days just discovering the city's main attractions. One of those is the Bangkok canals, used for transport and as a central point of residents' lives. Therefore, they use them for trading in the cutest way we can think of, as floating markets. Hence, the traders bring their goods daily in the vessels and sell the products to the residents, let's say fresh out of a boat. 

The unique loud and vivid atmosphere that follows these events is pretty exciting. Moreover, along the banks are lined some breathtaking Temples and Palaces that will capture all of your attention. So when you are in Bangkok, make sure you stroll along the riverbanks and enjoy.

9. Stockholm, Sweden

A view of Stockholm's Old Town
Stockholm is a vivid and exciting place to visit (Photo: brightfreak/

Sweden's capital is a vivid and exciting place to visit. The city offers many historic buildings, a beautiful old center, and many breathtaking views. We can also point out that this is a world heritage site with more than 100 museums, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, Stockholm is built on fourteen islands and connected with over 50 bridges, so you can imagine how vital canals are. The passages are very busy, as the ferries and the sightseeing boats take residents and tourists across them all the time. Moreover, Stockholm's water views are incredible, so the best way to explore it is through boat tours.

8. Tigre, Argentina

Gorgeous town and it's prettiest face

Tigre is a lovely town and the primary weekend destination for the residents of nearby Buenos Aires. The city's location on one of the largest river deltas in South America, the Paraná Delta, made the boats the primary transportation for the locals.

Tigre was built on the river island, which was additionally intersected with the canals and streams. The city's architecture is quite astonishing, with old mansions and stilt houses. Moreover, Tigre is a starting point for the Delta's sightseeing tours.  

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen
Copenhagen is the birthplace of Little Mermaid (Photo: Witizia/

Denmark's capital is quite an exciting city, as the Danes are among the world's happiest people. Copenhagen is full of royal history, as it's the primary residence of the monarchs. These historical buildings are perfectly blended in with modern architecture. Copenhagen's residents are very attached to the harbor and canals that flow throughout the city. Therefore, some of its neighborhoods are built on the banks, as people adjust themselves to the riverside and seaside living. 

Hence, there are various seafood restaurants and activities connected to the water. Yet, Copenhagen, like every other tourist city on the riverbanks, offers boat sightseeing tours. Exploring the capital and its surroundings from the water is an exciting experience!

6. Suzhou, China

Gondola passing under the bridge in Suzhou
Suzhou is the Venice of China (Photo: MemoryCatcher/

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Suzhou is recognized as Venice of China. The city on the Yangtze River Delta has a history older than 2500 years. Intersected with narrow canals, Suzhou is a charming place to visit. Hence you will be swept off your feet with romantic gondolas lightened by paper lanterns gliding on the waterways underneath the stone bridges.

However, besides this lovely scenery, Suzhou has many stunning pagodas and among the world's best classical gardens. So if you love nature and parks combined with the history and wrapped up in the city on the water, you'll love Suzhou.

5. Amsterdam, Netherland

Chanel in Amsterdam during the night
You will be enchantment with a beautiful Amsterdam's scenery (Photo: ansgarscheffold/

We can say that Amsterdam is one of the Netherlands ' main attractions. The city lures tourists mainly because of the legal weed consumption and prostitution. However, everyone who comes to the capital falls in love with its beautiful architecture and charming canals.

The residents use the waterways as one of the main traffic routes, but they add to the city's attraction. The buildings and the bridges across the canals are unique, with a story to tell! So the best way to explore Amsterdam would be a canal cruise; this way, the entire capital is in the palm of your hand.

4. Bruges, Belgium

Belfry tower and Bruges canal
Bruges has something more spectacular than a beer to offer, and that's lovely scenery (Photo: pixel2013/

Charming Belgium's city Bruges mainly attracts visitors for its beautiful old town. However, we must say that people also come to the city to try the world's best beers, as Belgium's ones are known worldwide. But let's get back to the subject - the famous canals. 

The primary purpose of Bruges’ channels for centuries was to connect the city with the sea. They were its main artery and the trading business center. Till the present day, they've remained intact, so now they have an additional touristic purpose. Hence, boat sightseeing tours are the must-do when in Bruges.

3. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg canal and a church
Beautiful architecture and charming canals are St. Petersburg's most valuable asset (Photo: Georg11/

St. Petersburg's main attractions for sure are neoclassical buildings and the canals that flow throughout the city. However, both of those things were built for a good reason. The impressive neoclassical buildings were created in the 19th century to satisfy the needs of bourgeoisie society. Yet, the canals were constructed to dry out the swamped terrain and ensure a safe place to live. Hence, it was a necessity that gave St. Petersburg its charm.   

Today, the romantic and prestigious city is a highly visited tourist attraction, as its beauty drowns them. You can never be bored in St. Petersburg, as it has so many excellent museums, beautiful architecture, and lovely canals to add to its charm.

2. Annecy, France

Annecy canal, France
Annecy is a beautiful Alpine town (Photo: MemoryCatcher/

Annecy is located in French Alps, where Annecy Lake feeds the Thiou River. To describe these lovely surroundings, it's best to imagine mountains and the cleanest lake in Europe in the same place. Moreover, add to that a cute old town with cobblestoned streets, and you'll get the fairytale scenery. Furthermore, the canals' water is crystal clear, and you can often see swans enjoying it.

The numerous channels intersect the old town, so Annecy is known as Venice of the Alps. Moreover, stunning medieval castles and charismatic footbridges add to the town's beauty. Annecy truly has a peaceful and charming surrounding, making it mesmerizing.

1. Venice, Italy

A view of the church and canal in Venice, Italy
Romantic Venice will lure you back (Photo: Peggychoucair/
Cover photo: blende12/

Yes, everyone has heard about romantic Venice, Italy. This place is all about beautiful old buildings intercepted with channels, used as main transportation roads. There is simply something charming in this old city. The beautiful canals and bridges are pretty unique, and St Mark's square is a place to be. The town's history is connected with love and romance, so today, you can see the couples riding the gondolas and kissing while passing under the bridge to ensure eternal love.

Nevertheless, Venice's romantic reputation has made it one of the most visited locations. Yet, if you don't like the crowds, you can always go off course and find the authentic Venice just around the corner of the busiest tourist spots. Across the St Mark's square is an island with an impressive church, Santa Maria Della Salute. There you can usually find some solitude to absorb the beauty of the city on your own, but don't feed the pigeons!  

To conclude our top ten list, these and many more beautiful canal cities are simply breathtaking, as they will carve into your memory and attach to your heart at first sight. However, we must say that all of them are in danger of flooding as the sea level rises due to global warming. That's why we need to make some effort and do our part to preserve the Earth. If we all contribute a bit, this will be a nice place to live long after we're gone.

What is your favorite city on our list? Have you ever visited some of them? Please write your comments, as we would like to hear your impressions. 



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