Top 10 Reasons Why Vinyl Records Are Relevant and Collectible

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-09 18:00:10

The streaming era is incredible because you can take your music anywhere. Everything is more accessible this way, saving your life every day. However, the real enjoyment comes from record players and gorgeous vinyl records if you're a true music enthusiast. Collecting them might be the best decision – check out these ten reasons to realize it's probably something you've always wanted!

10. Switching from Side A to Side B

It's such an exciting journey

Yeah, it's cool when you play a CD and stream your favorite album, but do you have to get up and switch sides after a few songs pass? You might stream "Midnights" by Taylor Swift, but you don't have to flip the record after "Midnight Rain" and before "…Question?" and that's a con if you ask us!

The fact that both sides of your gorgeous vinyl produce certain sounds is so satisfying. Even the fact that the songs are separated into two sides in general. It's a unique, romantic moment when side A ends and the vinyl stops spinning, so you have to switch the side. This happens only with vinyl records and cassettes, so experience how good it feels!

9. The Spinning Moment

See how it works!

Isn't the way you put a stylus on your record and it starts spinning, so captivating? As soon as the stylus approaches a record, it slowly starts rotating, and then you hear the sounds – it's like magic. But it's real, and the music truly comes from that spinning. Therefore, it's not only the aesthetic. 

The truth is, you could spend a whole day looking at your spinning record. It's a special feeling making you relaxed and content, and if you care about aesthetics, you'll love how beautiful the whole experience is. If your vinyl has a specific color, then it's even more satisfying. Or maybe you're a traditional soul and prefer classic black!

8. That Little Crackling Effect

This is the best sound in this world, literally

OK, this one might annoy you if you're a perfectionist. However, if you're aware that imperfections make this world awesome, this might be the top reason to get a turntable and a vinyl shelf. It's basically an ASMR that people could listen to for hours – as if it was made to calm them.

You can find thousands of videos on the Internet featuring vinyl crackling. Still, it's even better if your own vinyl makes that sound. Soon you'll want the song to finish to hear that crackling between the tracks. Vinyl records have zero skips because even the moments in between hold something special!

7. The Size and Shape

Well, you see the difference!

If the debate is whether the CDs or vinyl records look better on your shelf, the answer is simple. Those large packagings are way prettier! Jewel cases are tiny and can easily get broken and scratched, so the CDs will never look as pretty as vinyl records. Yet, you will need some more patience with vinyl, and you'll clean it more often, but it's worth it!

Moreover, some vinyl packagings contain additional photos and lyrics books as big as the record. The format is so attractive that you can spend hours browsing the pages and enjoying them. The only thing better than beautiful pictures in a CD booklet is pictures in a vinyl record, precisely because of the size!

6. The Unique Sound

The sound depends on a lot of things

You know that crackling that we mentioned? And the little imperfections when the vinyl is dusty, and the sound isn't ideal the way it is when you stream a song? Yeah, that's the uniqueness that only vinyl holds! It's not the best you've ever heard, but it's indeed packed as a unique experience, and we appreciate that.

Moreover, the difference is that a CD uses a digital format, while vinyl employs an analog one. The digital format sounds way better, of course. Still, analog gives you the vintage feel, and it's unlike any streaming platform or other device. Hearing the same song in various formats and sound qualities is a blessing, anyway!

5. It's a Tradition, It's an Event

It's a process you'll adore

The good side of streaming is taking your music with you wherever you're going. But that type of listening isn't real consumption. It's not the enjoyment the way it is when you're chilling in your room and turning your turntable on. You usually do this when you want to dedicate some time to yourself and the things you love!

Moreover, putting your vinyl record on is a charming moment that makes you romanticize your life. Make your life feel like a movie, and enjoy every little moment you can. Having those little traditions like this is a crucial part of it!

4. ...And Like a Therapy Session

Some people use music like this to reduce anxiety!

They say that good habits have a therapeutic impact on us, and putting your vinyl records on is a great example. It's not only a routine you maintain because you like music – but it can also heal you. It's 100% true that listening to a vinyl record lifts your mood and relaxes your body and soul, together with those crackling sounds and spinning!

Moreover, even looking at a spinning record might make you relaxed. Scientists usually say that music can heal physical pain, so use it as your remedy. It's the healthiest way to be in a better place again. When it's too loud in your head, play your records louder, so they can ease all the aches!

3. Record Players Are Fancy

It's easy to handle

You're collecting vinyl records now, but you also need a turntable. And it will be gorgeous no matter which one you choose! They can be shaped like a suitcase or be thin and flat and come in various colors. Some turntables are even more affordable than you imagine, so buying them and starting your collection will be relatively inexpensive.

The cool thing is that you can't play your vinyl anywhere, so it's all a part of a tradition you'll like. No matter which record player fits your budget and favorite color or shape, the point is the same – your beautiful vinyl will spin on it. The whole impression is so fancy that you won't take your eyes off it! 

2. The Gorgeous Vinyl Packaging

Colored vinyl records are a dream come true

Unless you're collecting K-pop albums with nothing to do with jewel cases, we're 100% sure you'll prefer aesthetically vinyl records. We already mentioned how gorgeous the bigger formats are, but it is about more than just the size. The whole impression hits differently when you buy a vinyl edition of your favorite album!

Moreover, some vinyl records are even colored now, including many video game soundtracks. You have yet to learn how great the texture looks when the paint is intense. When a colored record is spinning, it's a different way of satisfaction if you're obsessed with aesthetics. And if you plan to have a vinyl collection, you probably are – that's just some fantastic taste!

1. The Old Soul Vibe

And that's a good thing!

The best thing about vinyl records is that they smell like the good old times. Nostalgia is one of the best things in life, and we'd never get rid of it. It feeds your soul and provides a satisfaction you can't find in brand-new stuff. If you relate to this sentence, you're likely an old soul lucky to respect tradition!

When you put your record on, it's a picturesque scene; it's a moment that your grandmas and grandpas lived; it's the sound of centuries. Not everything needs improvement and modernization – some things are already right the way they always were. As we mentioned, new things make everything more accessible, but the old make your life beautiful! 

After all, you might have your own personal reasons that have nothing to do with these, but you must admit vinyl records are gorgeous inside out. Once you start collecting them, it's over. You'll never stop buying those colorful, massive records that spin on your turntable and make you feel like everything is alright. It's a special blessing!

Do you collect vinyl records? Are they worth spending money on? Let us know in the comments section!

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