Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Consider Buying a PlayStation 5

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2020-11-12 17:20:24

The PlayStation line of consoles has never failed us, and even the maligned PS3 eventually managed to beat Xbox 360. Still, that doesn't mean that you should blindly buy a PS5! While there are reasons to make it a part of your gaming collection, it's still not a perfect system. To prove it, we'll give you ten reasons why you should skip on PS5 – forever or at least in the foreseeable future.

10. Potential Problems

It's always risky buying the first generation of any product

The first generations of new PlayStation consoles always bring problems. We haven't forgotten the debacle with PS2 memory cards, which overheated and crashed with specific games, or the yellow light of death that plagued the PS3. Finally, PS4 had faulty analog sticks, as the rubber covering them fell apart after only a couple of weeks. Of course, Microsoft also has a similar history, but that doesn't make things better for Sony.

This means that no one can guarantee that PS5 is a faultless console, so the early adaptors are almost like test subjects. Even if you're still eager to buy the system, waiting for a year or two will give you a realistic perspective. Plus, the games library will grow, and the system price will go down.

9.  Limited Games Library

It will take some time for PS5 to build a decent games library

As with every console ever released, it takes years to build a decent games library. Plus, it will take time before the developers fully realize the power of the system. While graphics are not everything, many titles released in the first couple of years are cross-gen. This means that PS5 editions have somewhat better textures, higher resolution, a faster frame rate, and maybe ray tracing support. Still, you won't get more detailed models of the objects.

 If you're buying PS5 early to experience next-gen visuals, you'll only get a glimpse of what's coming. Still not convinced? Just compare PS4 launch titles with something like The Last of Us: Part 2 or God of War reboot. The difference is astonishing!

8. Some of the Exclusives Are Also on PS4

Horizon II Forbidden West will come to PS4

With PS5, Sony is finally following in the footsteps of Nintendo and Microsoft. This means that some PS5 exclusives are not really exclusive, as they are also available on PS4. This includes huge titles such as Horizon Forbidden West or Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. While there's no doubt that PS5 versions look better, these are still limited, cross-gen titles.

As we've said before, this means that they can't fully utilize the power of PS5. So, why is Sony doing this? First, because PS4 and PS5 share the x86 architecture, so it's easy to make cross-gen games. Secondly, Sony doesn't want to abandon almost a hundred million PS4 users. Some cynics might even say that Sony is aware that most gamers won't jump to the PS5 train so quickly.

7. Sony Is Moving Some of Its Exclusives to PC

Horizon Zero Dawn came to Steam

When Sony published Horizon Zero Dawn for PC, that wasn't an anomaly, but the beginning of the trend. Since PS4 and PS5 are basically PCs, it's easy to convert games and sell them on Steam and other digital distribution platforms. Of course, PS5 releases might still be timed exclusives, but many of them will come to Windows. Again, this is all about Sony following what Microsoft already did, releasing its first-party titles on PC.

Plus, we can bet that the PS5 exclusivity period will become shorter, as Xbox Series exclusives are available on Windows day one! For both Sony and Microsoft, only console exclusives become essential. This means that Gran Turismo, God of War, or the Uncharted will never be on Xbox systems like PS5 users won't enjoy Halo, Forza series, or Gears of War. In practice, the PC will be the only gaming platform with both Sony and Microsoft's exclusives.

6. PlayStation 5 Doesn't Have An Answer for the Xbox Series S/X Exclusives

There's nothing that can rival Forza Horizon series on PlayStation consoles

We're sure that PlayStation gamers would love to have the Forza Motorsport series on the PS5. Still, Gran Turismo is at least as good or better, so they have an alternative. Nonetheless, the problem is that Sony doesn't have exclusives that can compete with some of the other Microsoft's gems. Forza Horizon is still the king when it comes to open-world racing games, and Sony hasn't offered anything that rivals it.

The Japanese company tried to counter the Halo series with Killzone, but it spectacularly failed, as we all know. Gears of War, Flight Simulator, and many others are also some of the huge hits that will never appear on PS5. So while Sony might try to make similar titles, history taught us that it's doubtful they'll succeed.

5. Xbox Game Pass Beats What Sony Offers

Game Pass features hundreds of games, including triple A titles, day one

While all the consoles offer a subscription service, Microsoft is doing it the best with its Xbox Game Pass. You have unlimited access to hundreds of games for a monthly fee, including playing system exclusives, day one! Since 2020, Xbox Game Pass also includes EA Play, with no additional cost. Still, there are other reasons to join this service!

Xbox Game Pass also offers games for all previous Xbox consoles that are fully playable on Xbox Series X/S. Of course, membership also provides discounts for games and DLCs. Even if you prefer buying games then renting them, it's hard to resist what this service offers. Even if Sony steps up, it's highly doubtful they'll match it.

4. PS5 is Less Powerful Than Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X can't be matched when it comes to performance

The power is not everything, but it undoubtedly helped PS4 elevate over Xbox One. Microsoft is desperate not to let it happen again, so no one should be surprised that Series X is roughly 20 percent more powerful than PS5. This means that multiplatform games will almost always work better on Series X, offering more details, higher resolutions, or better antialiasing options.

While PS5 has a high-speed SSD, this isn't enough to match its rival's console's visual fidelity. As multiplatform games now dominate, having the more powerful system seems essential. There's almost no doubt about it, Series X will stay on top.

3. PS5 Can't Compete With Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S is much cheaper than PS5

Microsoft made a fantastic move by offering the Xbox Series S console for only $299, making it the cheapest next-gen ticket. This version of the system is doing the impossible, as it also attracts traditional PC gamers! For $299, you'll be lucky to buy a mid-range graphics card, so Microsoft's option is the best buy.

The best thing about Series S is that it offers the same frame rate and visual effects as Series X, including ray-tracing!  Apart from the lack of disc drive, the only difference is that the games work in 1440p, instead of 4K. If you're on a 1080p screen or have medium-size 4K TV, that won't matter to you anyway. Next-gen gaming has never been so affordable!

2. Xbox Series S/X Are a Better Value

Xbox Series X/S offer more bang for the buck

No matter how you put it, PS5 can't compete with the Xbox Series S/X. Xbox Series S is a hundred bucks cheaper than the PS5 Digital Edition, so it's a no brainer for the gamers on a budget. Moreover, Xbox Series X and PS5 with disc drive share the same price, even though it's clear that Series X is more powerful.

The knockout blow is the price difference between the two versions of PS5. Since their performance is identical, this means that Sony is outrageously charging $100 for a disc drive, even though it cost them less than $25! That's insulting to consumers, as Microsoft's strategy seems not only smarter but fairer.

1. Limited Hardware & Software Backward Compatibility

You can't play PS2 games on PS5

While the rumors said that PS5 will run games from all the previous PlayStation consoles, the reality is pretty awful. The system supports only PS4 games (and not all of them), while a limited number of PS3, PS2, and PSX games are available on PS Now streaming service. This means that you can't use the games you already own, as you'll have to pay for them again.

Xbox Series S/X supports all Xbox One games (except those requiring Kinect), and every Xbox/Xbox 360 game playable on Xbox One! That's not all, as the titles for the original Xbox will be enhanced. Not only will they be running faster and in much higher resolutions, but they'll also receive HDR support through machine learning. Finally, you can use an Xbox One controller to play Xbox Series S/X games! On the other hand, Sony's PS4 gamepads work on PS5, but only when playing PS4 games.

Buying a new gaming system is an important decision, so taking these negatives into consideration should help you decide when you should buy a PS5, or if you'll ever want to have one. For many of us, the games will be the deciding factor since history proved that is what determines the winner in every console generation.

Do you prefer PS5, Xbox Series X, or will you rather play on PC? What do you see as the best and the worst thing about PS5? We'd love to hear your words in the comments!

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