Top 10 Songs from Taylor Swift's "Midnights," Including the "3AM Edition"

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-12 06:00:08

Taylor Swift did it again – she broke her own records with "Midnights" and managed to shake up the whole world with this gorgeous collection of masterpieces made at midnights. Or at 3AM, if we consider the exclusive tracks, she added later. While this record is among her best works, we chose ten tracks to blow your mind with greatness! 

 10. "Snow on the Beach" feat. Lana Del Rey

"Flying in a dream" is the precise description of how you feel during this gorgeous tune

Of course, this holy collaboration had to make it into the top ten list, as its magic leaves you speechless. "Weird but f*****g beautiful" is the exact way we'd describe pure art and the scene of snow falling at the beach, too. And two people catching true feelings for each other at the same time, too. What a beautiful way of portraying this emotion!

Before you judge the song because Lana sings backing vocals only, think twice. Think deeper. Take a look at those marvelous lyrics. Lana is all over this track with her evident talent for songwriting. Taylor obviously cares for this more than for the vocal support. It's the finest mix of two best songwriters of our generation, and we should appreciate that!

9. "Anti-Hero"

Swift's honest approach in her songs will always keep her on top because people love her sincerity!

How many midnights became your afternoons? How often were you so insecure you'd never look in the mirror? Do you feel like "a monster on the hill" as well? Miss Swift has all the millions, fame, love, and a reputation, but she's still a human, just like us. Therefore, her insecurities are the same as ours!

Moreover, "Anti-Hero" is a perfect lead single choice since it's a gorgeous attempt at truth and confession. There's no way you couldn't relate to this bop – we see you wiping your tears while dancing to the addictive beat. It's one of the songs that hit home, but you still dance to them like they make you happy. They make you see who you are… Sometimes!

8. "You're on Your Own, Kid"

"Life's a mess but you'll make it" is a clear message here

How sad does this title get? And when we add that "You've always had been" sequel to it? Yes, it's a classic Taylor Swift track five crying session, but we dance while crying this time. Again! "You're on Your Own, Kid" makes you face reality and realize that no matter what, you can face anything because you're the one who's been brave. You, without anyone's help!

Moreover, if you feel like a "mirrorball" that Taylor portrayed in "folklore," you'll like the verse, "I hosted parties and starved my body like I'd be saved by a perfect kiss." You'll like the whole song! It's a track for those who did everything to fit in, only to realize they're on their own. He loves you not, and the things you did haven't made a change.

7. "Paris"

A track for all those happy, romantic souls that are in love right now

Choosing only ten songs for this top ten list was challenging, but it gets even more complex when considering the "3AM" edition. The "3AM" tracks, bop after bop, are so good that some standard songs didn't make a cut here. "Paris" is the ideal example of a song that should've got all the attention – it's a certified bop that makes you instantly happy!

If you miss pop Taylor from the "1989" era, you'll keep this one on repeat, and we don't judge you for that. This optimistic Taylor that sings about good old times and getting carried away in a romantic moment is really the Taylor we loved from the start. Let yourself dream, and romanticize your life. This song will surely help you in that mission!

6. "The Great War"

Swift and Dessner are working together again… A surreal thing happened!

Dear Aaron Dessner, thank God you exist. Thanks for working with Taylor even after her 2020 sad grandma alternative records. Jokes aside, we have nothing to discuss if you don't respect Dessner's work with Swift. Two of his three tracks from the "3AM" edition had to make the cut here since they're literally flawless!

"The Great War" has one of the best production moments of this album,  and the lyrics portray a beautiful story of never-ending love. This love has no end since it survived various tests. Isn't it a dream come true to stay with each other despite every burden? That's how Joe Alwyn hugged every Taylor's insecurity and turned it into gold!

5. "Karma"

Karma is Swift's best friend, her boyfriend… And her cat!

The devil works hard, but Taylor Swift's glitter gel pen works harder. Or is it just karma being by her side in every situation? Swift's famous quote from Vogue's "73 Questions" edition, "Karma's real," came back around on "Midnights" and gave us a fantastic bop. It's showing Taylor's funny side again, but it might bite you if you're Kanye West. Or Scooter Braun!

Honestly, the only person that would ever compare karma to "a cat purring in her lap" is Taylor. The lyrics get hilarious, which makes this song addictive, together with the catchy tune. This is the only track besides "Lavender Haze" with five songwriters, and you can tell by the sound that it's more commercial than the rest of the album!

4. "Lavender Haze"

The song's chorus and the high notes are beyond satisfying

Anyone who says that Taylor ever wrote a better album opener than "State of Grace" from "Red" can argue with a wall only. However, "Lavender Haze" is close to the top, as it's a perfect introduction to what comes next. It's one of the most pleasant pop moments here, and the "five songwriters" energy gave us high quality!

Furthermore, this track has to be in your top five if you're a fan of the "Lover" album, especially its tune "I Think He Knows." This wonderful feeling of love and bliss always appears in Swift's discography. And it's a gem she should never let go of. No one can better explain the "lavender haze" state of mind!

3. "Would've, Could've, Should've"

Some regrets haunt you forever… John Mayer haunts Swift even today, as it seems

Here we come again to Aaron Dessner's golden production and Swift's heartfelt story that moves you to the bone and gives you chills. Even the song's title suggests we'll hear the biggest regret of someone's life. We all have those "would've" situations, and Taylor knows she'd never dance with the devil again.

So, who's the devil? The one that she danced with at 19! The way she sings "I regret you all the time" in the bridge sounds so sincere that John Mayer wouldn't survive this shade. Imagine someone regretting you the way Swift sings here. How disappointing as a person would you be, then? This track could save someone's life and spare them from some toxic emotions and relationships!

2. "Vigilante Shit"

Can Taylor have a "Reputation" track on every album she makes? Thanks!

"Reputation" lovers (no pun intended!), we're happy to announce that you won with "Midnights." The "Reputation" kind of track, "Vigilante Shit," is the only self-written song on the album, and it definitely belongs to the top three! Swift got out of her "badass" phase, but she still knows how to draw her eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man!

Admit it or not, horror Taylor is the best Taylor we ever got. "No body, no crime," "I Did Something Bad," and similar tunes finally got the sequel we all dreamed of, and it feels so good again. Moreover, this is living proof of how good of a storyteller Swift is – this is all fiction, yet it sounds so professional and gloomy as if it was real!

1. "Maroon"

Having a song like this in your discography is the greatest flex

Scarlet, burgundy, maroon… These are all the shades of color that changed Swift's life. "Red" is her magnum opus, and she portrays emotions through colors so smoothly, as if it were her life purpose. She blew our minds again with the imagery of "Maroon," clearly the best song from "Midnights," precisely for its metaphors!

Moreover, the picture of "carnations and roses" in the lyrics makes this song one of the most romantic things Swift has ever written. When she sings, "That's a real f*****g legacy to leave," we think of this song. And her whole discography. Especially those songs where she connects colors to specific emotions. Taylor Swift, you're a genius, and you'll always be!

You know an album is insanely amazing when it's almost impossible to choose only ten tracks. Therefore, refrain from judging us if your favorite song didn't make the cut! As the title says, the album is skipless, and "Midnights" didn't give us one lousy song. Not even in its "3AM" edition or Target exclusive bonus track "Hits Different." This album hits differently, and that's a fact! Therefore, we can't wait to hear them performed live.

What's your favorite "Midnights" track? Is there any track you're still skipping? Let us see your favorites in the comments section!

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