Top 10 Eurovision 2021 Songs You'll Want to Have on Repeat After the Show

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-14 06:00:06

The Eurovision Song Contest shows us each year that every European country has something incredible to offer – even if they don't win! 2021's show was a whirlwind mix of heartwarming ballads and dance hits that made us jam so hard. Moreover, there were even two rock songs, with "Zitti e Buoni" taking the trophy to Italy! If you'd like to watch some incredible moments again, we've made a top ten list of songs that topped the charts and displayed the greatness of this show!

10. "Je Me Casse" by Destiny (Malta)

"I'm too good to be true, but there's nothing in it for you," says Destiny about the same guys approaching her with the same intentions

Women empowerment and body positivity go hand in hand in shows like these, and Netta from Israel proved that point in 2018 with "Toy." Malta's Destiny tried to make a similar formula with "Je Me Casse," and her song was way more catchy and listenable! However, after being a favorite to win for months, she was disappointed with her final score!

It was kind of bitter to see Destiny's insincere smile in the televoting sequence since she expected way more points from the public. In this way, she looked rather like meme material than a contestant for the top of the scoreboard. Still, we hope she had fun and felt confident about her own performance!

9. "Tick Tock" by Albina (Croatia)

The shocked faces after this song didn't make it to the final were the show's highlights

Sadly, this is the only song on the list that didn't make it to the grand final. Even more sadly for Albina and her team, she finished 11th in the semi-final, as she needed only a few points to have that glorious grand final spot. Nevertheless, we hope Europe won't forget her charisma on stage that night!

Actually, "Tick Tock" isn't even anything revolutionary, but with Albina's moves and pronunciation of "fancy" and "dancing," it would be enough to slay the final and grab a solid place! This girl seemed so natural and casual on stage that it felt like she didn't need anything else, and we know she deserved more!

8. “Adrenalina” by Senhit (San Marino)

This was so good that it looked rather like a guest performance

The biggest Eurovision 2021 mystery is "Adrenalina," finishing 22nd in the grand final – did Flo Rida travel all the way to Rotterdam only to end up at the bottom of the scoreboard? It's a pity because his duet with Senhit couldn't be more tropical, exactly when we required dancing in between ballads!

If this was released in the US, it would break the charts and stay there for weeks, so we guess the juries just didn't understand this energy. It's a popular opinion that the judges prefer ballads with a powerful message, so the dance tracks stay ripped off every year… Maybe it's time to change that?

7. "Loco Loco" by Hurricane (Serbia)

"Loco Loco" reminds you that you should allow yourself to act "crazy" sometimes – you only live once!

Since we've touched upon artists that continuously get ripped off for jury votes just because they've sent a catchy song to the contest, here's another one from 2021. "Loco Loco" by Hurricane didn't lack vocals, energy, dance moves, or anything on that stage. Even their outfits were arguably the best of the whole night, while other female artists stuck to the same color and design, which looked kind of boring!

Another good thing regarding Serbia's entry is the girls' obvious charisma. Their rehearsals and press conferences are still the most-watched from this year. Actually, every single artist, delegation, or journalist was impressed by their addictive aura. NikkieTutorials had the best time of her life with these ladies in her LookLab!

6. "SHUM" by Go_A (Ukraine)

Weird, but in all the positive ways

At the very first listen, you'd say that anyone who liked this isn't really normal! However, after you stumble upon this group a few times, you'll slowly begin to understand the obsession! While you'll ask yourself what they are even saying and why it sounds so weird, you won't listen to it ironically anymore because it's excellent indeed!

Some countries tend to forget that their Eurovision entry shouldn't be made with a specific formula – it should showcase the uniqueness and catch our eye. Ukraine has to be the most outstanding pro in that! After their iconic Verka Serduchka performance in 2007, they can still produce a catchy tune like this, and that's quite a compliment! Even their 2016 winner, "1944" by Jamala, has to be one of the most authentic performances.

5. “10 Years” by Daði og Gagnamagnið (Iceland)

Nothing could stop these guys from owning the top 5!

They could be the most chill Eurovision contestants ever – it seems like there is no drama in the lives of Daði Freyr and his band Gagnamagnið. Love owns their world, and they spread nothing but love and peace that night in May 2021. The way they casually sing "You're so fascinating I can't remember the last time I was bored" makes us want to fall in love!

"10 Years" came out as one of the most beloved songs by the general public, and the charts proved that later. Even catching coronavirus that night didn't stop these cuties from getting a fabulous 4th place in the grand final. Well, at least we know they celebrated in their hotel room, and we're sure they had the opportunity to have a party later!

4. "Discoteque" by The Roop (Lithuania)

When they say that an artist should feel the song… The Roop does precisely that

Lithuania has all the right to be salty because the coronavirus happened... If Eurovision 2020 wasn't skipped, these guys would take the trophy home. The Roop had a remarkable record ready for that year, named "On Fire." Honestly, it might be one of the most extraordinary things to ever happen to ESC, so it's a shame it never got a chance.

Nevertheless, The Roop didn't sit back and cry over their destiny. They counted their blessings, worked hard, and came back in 2021 with "Discoteque," a huge fan favorite. Televotes showed how much this vibe is appreciated – we love the track's uniqueness and calm energy, and it will stay on repeat forever!

3. "Mata Hari" by Efendi (Azerbaijan)

Are you addicted to this one? The whole of Europe is, anyway!

Azerbaijan remains the pro when it comes to bringing catchy, oriental tunes to the Eurovision stage. With Efendi in the 2021 show, no one missed Turkey because this girl reminded us of how great hits like "Düm Tek Tek" are. Her song definitely made you get up and dance, and the stage presence was just a cherry on top!

Women empowerment, good vibes, and Efendi's sexy pronunciation of "Cleopatra" and "Fire" are some of the year's highlights, so it's such a pity that this song finished 20th in the grand final. If you kept jamming to "Ma-ma-ma-Mata-Hari" every single second of Eurovision that night (and many nights after), we could totally relate.

2. "Last Dance" by Stefania (Greece)

"Last Dance" was the winning potential, even though it only finished 10th

If anyone managed to bring the good old retro pop to the stage (reminding us of Dua Lipa), it was the stunning Stefania from Greece! "Last Dance" is one of those tracks that catch your attention from the very first second, and you root for it until the end. Actually, you come for the rhythm and stay for Stefania's outstanding vocals and the moving, inspiring message!

Since Eurovision isn't only about the song, we could never talk enough about Stefania's stage – her outfit outdid all the ladies that night. And those effects, her choreography, managing to dance in high heels on the stairs, around the other dancers, while singing flawlessly? This lady is such a supergirl, just like her 2020 Eurovision entry says. "Last Dance" was way, way better, though.

1. “Zitti E Buoni“ by Måneskin (Italy)

The more you learn about the 2021 winners, the more you'll be obsessed with them

We don't remember any previous Eurovision Song Contest winner gathering as many views and obsessive fans worldwide as Måneskin. These guys from Rome came, stayed true to themselves, and transmitted a powerful message in their pretty language... And they made the world stop and appreciate the genuine rock sound, once again!

With quality tracks, such as "I Wanna Be Your Slave," "For Your Love," or "Coraline," there's no doubt these four legends won't remain a one-hit-wonder. Their energy and Damiano David's charisma are unmatched, so we can just sit back and watch how they become one of the greatest bands of our time. Check out their whole discography and thank us later!

Just like music depends on your taste in general, the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest wasn't a marvelous show for everyone. Still, we believe at least some of these top ten songs will have their shining moment even months or years after the show, just like every year has some iconic entries. We hope that every year offers something this exciting!

Is any song from the 2021 show still on your playlist? Which Eurovision year remains your favorite of all time? Let us know in the comments section!

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Kris Pederson Says:

Eurovision is and has always been a songwriting competition, so outfit and stage presence has nothing to do with it.
The professional jury know what to consider, while the rest of us gets caught up in the show.
Taste in music vary. In my opinion the only song worth a listen in 2021 was the winning song!
I can't stand most of the dance-songs

March 14 at 03:42:02 PM

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