Top 10 Songs That Will Make You Cherish Being Single on Valentine's Day

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-02-22 18:00:09

Being single is fantastic in so many ways. For example, you mind your own business and have fun with your people without anyone wanting you all to themselves. You should know you're a diamond, so wait for those that will make you feel proud to be beside them! Until that, don't worry if you're spending this Valentine's Day alone. We've got you covered since these top ten songs will set the perfect mood for that day – you'll be so happy that you're single since you'll notice it actually has advantages!

10. "You Don't Know Me" by Jax Jones and RAYE

Partying doesn't have to do anything with meeting people – singles can have fun, and they should!

You know those guys that bug you in nightclubs while you're having fun with your crew? If you don't want them, it's pretty understandable – it's just that they still don't get it! Hence, you have all the right to go out, even on Valentine's Day, and to stay single if you feel like that. No one has to waste your time and kill your vibe!

Moreover, "You Don't Know Me" is exactly that song making you brave to say no to guys you don't want to have in your circle. "Come 'round here, just know though, won't get what you want" is the attitude if you're simply enjoying yourself and meeting someone isn't an option. Go and get what you want, not them!

9. "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado

Are you like a bird? Don't stress over it. Live your life the way you wish!

What if you just don't want to commit? That's absolutely alright, and nothing is wrong with you – the commitment will eventually come when you meet someone who deserves that. Nevertheless, don't break your wings if you're like a bird and you "only fly away" whenever you're in a relationship. Being single isn't wrong at all!

Furthermore, Furtado portrays a girl that actually knows what love is and how deep her feelings are. It's simply her wild nature and wanderlust soul that never lets her settle down, and you don't have to do that until it feels right. Fly like a bird this Valentine's Day, without questioning if you need someone by your side!

8. "Video" by India.Arie

She isn't a supermodel – she's way more than that!

What's the most crucial thing to know when you're single? You have to respect yourself and be naturally happy with your own life! Loving yourself will make enough space for loving someone else in the future, too. Hence, you should work on your confidence first, and India.Arie's girl-power anthem will probably do the job!

Luckily, songs like "Video" have lyrics that will give you everything you need on Valentine's Day. The girl from the song has imperfections, but what she sees in the mirror is a gorgeous lady that's amazing on her own. "I learned to love myself unconditionally because I am a queen" is the phrase we want you to feel on the deepest level possible!

7. "Me & My Girls" by Selena Gomez

Gomez is a queen of low notes and sexy vibe, especially when she's a single legend

Well, sometimes you don't feel like slaying on your own, even though you don't have a partner. That's where your friends' circle comes in, the gang that has your back! Without any doubt, these guys will mean to you way more than any significant other. Real friends will be there even if that love story eventually ends. Friends are for life!

Even Selena Gomez struggles with confidence some days, yet this song is her best single anthem ever. "But you don't understand, I don't need a man" sounds so convincing that you'll want to feel like her at that moment. She's singing about the quality time with her "chicas," and we couldn't relate more – that's the spirit, girl!

6. "Dance on My Own" by LOONA

Stan LOONA, the ladies that know how to stay single and enjoy their time!

You may not know LOONA as this girl group isn't as huge as BLACKPINK or TWICE, but "Dance on My Own" is that song you need to hear on 14th February. There's nothing wrong with prioritizing yourself and admitting you're way better off alone. This track, written entirely in English, is pure poetry that makes your day!

"If I stay out all alone, I got one less problem that I'm bringing home" is the verse for those girls that rather enjoy their time on their own. They don't feel like wasting it on empty conversations and relationships. Make room for your mental health and your wishes, as much as you can, since no one will treat you the way you treat yourself, and LOONA knows that!

5. "22" by Taylor Swift

Feels good to be this free and wild!

People that think Taylor Swift makes music about her exes only have no clue that she's got every girl's back in every situation possible. There's a Swift song for every mood, so she would never be left out of this list – her feel-good anthem for single ladies is "22," the track from "Red" that made 22 the most remarkable age in your twenties!

The night when you "dress up like hipsters" or "make fun of your exes" or "end up dreaming instead of sleeping" could be your 22nd birthday. However, it could be Valentine's Day, too! Just create a great atmosphere that day when you actually hang out with your girls. You can eat a whole cake together, the way Swift did in this music video, because, why not?

4. "Dalla Dalla" or Basically Any ITZY Song

"Just keep on dreaming" is this song's motto, and you should know you deserve to achieve all your goals!

Looking for a girl-power group? The one whose concept revolves around feeling great on your own? Welcome to ITZY's discography, the group with "All in Us" as their ultimate slogan! They really hold all the power in themselves, and the debut track "Dalla Dalla" resembles the "I'm single, and I love it way too much" vibe the best!

ITZY ladies literally make single life a trend – "Don't need Prince Charming, ain't got time for love" is such a mood! "Dalla Dalla" helps you embrace your own uniqueness and love it unconditionally, without adjusting to others. From "Icy" to "Wannabe," their tracks will help you understand how awesome you are!

3. "Shout Out to My Ex" by Little Mix

It's probably the most fabulous Little Mix hit to date

Remember that no one makes girls move on from their exes easier than Little Mix. No matter what's their future and if they have it, Little Mix took their career to the next level with "Shout Out to My Ex," a silly feel-good anthem that is pop perfection with some relatable lyrics throwing shade on Zayn Malik, Perrie's ex-sweetheart!

Both Perrie and Zayn moved on from that situation. Still, this tune will remain the most significant support when you're single and feeling free and relieved! Moreover, this is a song to turn up when something terrible happens, and you're still working on getting over it. We hope you'll be happy on Valentine's Day while this one is playing – put their girl-power song "Power" on after this hit to make it even better!

2. "SOLO" by BLACKPINK's Jennie 

The deep lyrics about self-empowerment make this tune even better

The song is literally named "SOLO" in capital letters, with this one and only word. What else should we add? "SOLO" is that legend to play when you're shining on your own, and your vibe is too high to miss someone by your side. You're whole, and you're not searching for your other half, just like Jennie is an icon herself!

Out of all BLACKPINK members, we're lucky that Jennie picked the single anthem for her solo project. Who could boost your single confidence more than a fashion icon chosen by Chanel and the main rapper? Jennie is a dream come true, and it isn't a coincidence that this song is still massive – people know how to relate to these lyrics!

1. "Me, Myself & I" by Bebe Rexha and G-Easy

We hope you'll be as self-conscious as this track

"Solo ride until I die, because I got me for life" is such a vibe for Valentine's Day if you're single. Still, this song is even way more – it's many people's lifestyle and the ultimate anthem. In this song, there aren't any exes, regrets about the past, or people that ruin your days – it's just you, the person that deserves your love and respect!

Moreover, this song has many marvelous moments, but the lyric "I don't need a hand to hold, I got that fire in my soul" stands out the most. That's the spirit – having enough energy and happiness in yourself to not need anything else. It's like you could get it, but it's totally insignificant since you're already so satisfied!

Luckily, you don't need to try hard when you want to feel good in your skin since we're sure you're pretty amazing on your own. Hence, let the music from our top ten list inspire you, but don't feel rejected and left out even if you stay single for a long time. Other people can never make you shine the way you'll glow on your own when you know you deserve it!

Are you feeling lucky to be single when you find songs like these? Is single life actually great? Let us know in the comments section!

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