Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Beefs and Feuds in Recent Years

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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The world of show business is equally attractive and cruel. Sure, superstars are insanely popular today, and they have ridiculously numerous fanbases. Yet, when it's bad, it's really bad! Furthermore, popularity can easily inflate one's ego, so they start seeing themselves as the best in anything they do. That inevitably leads to scandals, famous feuds in pop culture, and a true bonfire of vanities. The worst thing is, when two stars collide, it's almost always public. The celebrities know there's no bad publicity, so they gladly share their beef with the fanbase. If there's something people like to see, it's that superstars are vain and easy to provoke, like the rest of us. Well, we have plenty of that on our top ten list.

10. Kanye West vs. Drake

Two of the best rappers ruined their friendship

While the two rappers were once tight buddies, the benevolence between the duo vanished after the Illinois native labored with Pusha T on "Infrared" in May 2018, which called out the "Hotline Bling" artist. As an outcome, Drake dispatched West a $100,000 invoice for "promotional assistance and career-reviving" behind the single's release. He even published a screenshot via social media! Drake actually alleged that his one-time collaborator spread the news of his son Adonis' birth before he revealed it.

Their feud persisted for several years until they seemingly buried the hatchet in November 2021, after sharing social media images. West even proposed collaborating with the "In My Feelings" author at the time.

9. Debra Messing vs. Susan Sarandon

A clash of two famous actresses fueled by politics

The actresses opposed several times on Twitter during the 2016 presidential election campaign. Sarandon was a Bernie Sanders backer, while the "Will & Grace" actress supported Hillary Clinton. "She's not very well informed, and so sometimes she gets in areas that she really hasn't thought through, maybe? She's Trumpian a little bit like that," Sarandon stated during "Watch What Happens Live" in May 2017. 

Messing restored the feud when she got angry about a story that proclaimed Sarandon was praising Donald Trump for encouraging women and people of color to apply for office. "STFU SUSAN. Oh yes, PLEASE let's give Trump CREDIT," she commented in September 2018. Sarandon replied: "Debs, before you get yourself all self-righteous try clicking on the video and listening to what I actually say."

8. Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj

Two hardcore lady rappers going at each other

Two rappers ignited an "all-out brawl" at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party in New York City in 2018. The fight occurred after Cardi and Nicki crossed paths following their time on the red carpet. An eyewitness said that Cardi B was swearing and shouting while Nicki just stood there. Next, Cardi threw punches, tried to get at Nicki, and tossed her shoe. Cardi B was escorted out by police and was seen with what appeared to be a lump above her eye. 

Later that night, she posted a statement to Instagram alleging that remarks about her motherhood capabilities caused her fury. On an episode of "Queen Radio" three days later, Minaj opened up about the "humiliating" incident, saying she would never talk about anyone's child or parenting. She also claimed Cardi calls black women roaches and monkeys. 

7. Paris Hilton vs. Lindsay Lohan

A heiress versus the problematic actress

The inheritor and the "Mean Girls" star have been in conflict way back since 2006. Namely, their friendship ended after Lohan became a pair with Hilton's ex, Stavros Niarchos. Since then, both haven't missed humiliating each other in public. It seemed as though their vendetta had ended in June 2017, when Lohan invited Hilton to a birthday party. Yet, despite the offered truce, Hilton threw some shade at her frenemy later that year.

When questioned about her and Lohan's notorious evening with Britney Spears in 2006, Hilton blamed Lohan for ruining it. Paris reignited the flames in June 2018 when she seemingly called Lohan a "pathological liar" underneath a fan account's throwback post of the latter.

6. Kanye West vs. Jay-Z

Never include your children in the beef

Kanye West seems to be involved in many biggest celebrity beefs with colleagues. During an October 2016 concert, West complained about his former pal Jay-Z. He said the rapper didn't call after West's wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. He also complained that their kids never play with Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé's daughter, Blue Ivy. 

A month later, during another concert, he resumed ranting about the celebrity pair. He said that Beyonce wouldn't sing at the VMAs unless she won Video of the Year over him. Jay-Z handled the beef during an August 2017 interview, declaring that verses on his 2017 album were "not a diss" against West. However, he confessed there were still harsh feelings between the two. The main reason for that is Kanye's inclusion of their kids in the beef.

5. Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

Two pop singers clashed over a trivial matter

"Bad Blood" justified its name. When Swift released her smash hit album "1989," she pointed out her song "Bad Blood" was about another girl artist and that they were "just straight-up enemies." Fans quickly figured that the tune was about Perry. Swift tweeted, "Watch out for Regina George in sheep's clothing." Apparently, the rivalry began when Perry stole backup dancers from Swift while she was on tour. 

Perry later declared, "If somebody is trying to defame my character, you're going to hear about it." It seems that the two women buried their hatchets in May 2018 after Perry sent a literal olive branch to Swift's dressing room. Swift posted her gratitude toward Perry in a heartfelt message soon after. Problem solved for Perry - now if only people could stop mixing her up with another top star.

4. George Clooney vs. Russell Crowe

Crowe attacked Clooney, calling him a sellout

Russell Crowe has grown infamous because of his inability to mince words and his eagerness to solve any beef with his fists. His confrontation with George Clooney began when Crowe called him a sellout, along with Robert De Niro and Harrison Ford. Clooney took that to heart and commented that Crowe needs to apologize for insulting the s-word out of him.

Nonetheless, Clooney joked that he's forming a band with De Niro and Ford. That pissed off Crowe even more since Crowe was in a band when he was young. Crowe called Clooney "Sinatra wannabe" but apparently changed his mind in the meantime. Clooney got a present from Crowe as a sign of apology, which he reluctantly accepted.

3. Madonna vs. Lady Gaga

It's not good when your former idol becomes your enemy

When she first appeared on the stage, Lady Gaga was accused of being Madonna's imitator. However, she shed that reputation after becoming an international superstar, out-selling her former idol. Nevertheless, Madonna accused Lady Gaga of plagiarism. Namely, she claimed that Lady Gaga took a cue from the 1989 song "Express Yourself" and used it for her 2011 hit "Born This Way." 

Imitation might be the highest form of flattery, but none of the stars involved didn't feel particularly good about it. Lady Gaga addressed the accusations by saying some people need to put other people down to feel better.

2. Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey

American Idol wasn't big enough for both of their egos

Now we're talking about the clash of the massive egos! Both Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are notorious for their behavior and entitlement. Two of them are indeed some of the biggest names in the music industry, and they are aware of it. Both Nicki and Mariah were part of some legendary feuds with other celebrities before they clashed when they were named judges in American Idol 2012

It was evident that Mariah and Nicki couldn't stand each other from the start. As a music industry veteran, Mariah acted like an authority, while Nicki didn't buy that at all. At one moment, the rapper even said she doesn't want to put up with "her f-word highness."

1. Paul McCartney vs. Yoko Ono

The mother of all feuds, but with a good ending

This is one of the most famous feuds in the music industry and probably the most influential. Yoko Ono was John Lennon's second wife, and she greatly influenced Lennon's shift in lifestyle and ideology. Furthermore, many people consider Ono the main culprit behind the breakup of The Beatles. McCartney denied that, but he admitted it was pretty unsettling seeing Ono during the recording sessions with the rest of the band. 

However, McCartney added they felt "threatened" by Ono's presence in the studio. Admittedly, it was unusual for a girl to be there. However, McCarthy said the band was already splintered, and Yoko Ono just sped up the inevitable breakup. This feud got a happy ending, as McCarthy and Ono are on excellent terms now.

Celebrities are often seen taking on and bad-mouthing each other. Sometimes it's for the sake of promotion, but there are cases of unfiltered jealousy and vanity too. Therefore, it's always interesting to see famous people throwing verbal jabs at each other. 

What is your favorite celebrity feud? Which one would you add to this top ten list?

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Taylor Swift never forgets! Her feud with Kim should be on the list, as she is not done with her yet.

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Kanye could have his own top 10!

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