Top 10 Reasons Why Alfie ("Emily in Paris") Deserves Better

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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It's always the same in rom-coms – love triangles end up like in "Emily in Paris," and it's not hard to guess that Gabriel will be Emily's final choice. However, is he a better option than Alfie, the hot Brit Emily met in her French class? Alfie deserves someone who knows how to treat him, and if you doubt that opinion, check out our deep analysis of the ten facts you might not have noticed!

10. He Is the Hot Boyfriend Everyone Wants

The actor is as fabulous as his character!

To kick off the list with something easy to see – let's agree that Alfie from "Emily in Paris" is extremely hot, even hotter than Gabriel for most girls! Lucien Laviscount, who plays Alfie, is the real "Emily in Paris" heartthrob, and he could easily replace Simon in "Bridgerton" if he wanted to. Those white teeth and tan skin really swept Emily off her feet!

Moreover, there's something about Alfie's accent that makes this show even more attractive. The way he calls Emily "Cooper" with that pronunciation is indeed the show's highlight, and it managed to spice up the atmosphere even though it seems like a small detail! If Gabriel was chosen as Emily's ideal man, Alfie is there to be everyone's type!

9. ...But Also the One Who Indeed Cares

This was the moment Emily showed she cared, too!

Of course, it's not enough for a character like this to be loved if he's only a hot guy – Alfie is also a caring man. Astrologers would agree he's giving off some real Cancer energy! Compassionate and loyal, Alfie is definitely someone who shows Emily he cares, and he's also beyond patient even when Emily doesn't deserve that.

Although it's popular to crave a toxic relationship nowadays, we're all running to those good guys that know how to show their love. While Emily and Gabriel's passion has a lot of toxic moments, Emily's relationship with Alfie is pretty stable. Thus, there's no room for someone else in Alfie's life, while Gabriel remains indecisive.

8. He Is Grounded, Yet Funny

The show has many funny moments in general!

OK, so Alfie is already the hottest and the most sensitive and loyal guy in the show, and he's also funny? How is that possible? The British wit is really coming through, especially when Emily gets to know Alfie in the first episodes where they get close, and that's one of his best traits. As we get to know him better, he also shows his grounded side!

Every girl dreams of a man who knows how to treat her well, but he should also make her laugh and bring out her silly, positive side. He's an ideal Cancer man who gives Emily all his love but also knows how to roast her properly. When he tells her she's boring, he's right, while trying to make her leave her comfort zone!

7. He Forgives Emily Basically Everything

There's only one moment Alfie couldn't forgive

Yes, he's roasting Emily for being boring in the first episodes, but does he say a word when she's working way too much without giving him at least the bare minimum of her free time? Even she realizes she wasn't treating him right all the time, and Alfie seems patient and understanding even when most guys wouldn't be.

Of course, Emily has a busy schedule, and if someone doesn't get that, they don't deserve her. However, she isn't the one who knows how work-life balance functions. Let's remember Emily skipped Alfie's party and chose work over her closest people in Paris. However, Alfie chose to try to understand even though he was broken!

6. He Even Acts Like Gabriel's Friend

Which one do you prefer?

Unfortunately, Alfie knows from the beginning that he's been the "second choice" in Emily's life because he finds out early about her "doomed" relationship with Gabriel and their strong feelings. If it was only a fling, it wouldn't hurt as much. Nonetheless, Alfie is still willing to spend time with Gabriel, and he doesn't say a word about that!

Moreover, Alfie isn't dedicating his time to Gabriel only when he's with Emily and Camille and when they have a double date, but they also hang out alone in Gabriel's restaurant! He considers Gabriel his friend, and jealousy scenes are basically non-existent. The only moment that broke him was Camille's confession in season 3.

5. He Is a Better Match for Emily

Does she deserve him? That's the real question

From the young Timothee to her Chicago sweetheart Doug, Emily had many love interests in this show. Some lasted only one episode, while others became the main characters. However, every real fan of the show knows who is the ideal match for our favorite workaholic – it's Alfie and not Gabriel or any other minor character that caught her attention. 

Moreover, even Emily states some facts about her good and bad choices. She's also realistic about her love life, often realizing that her future with Gabriel is unstable because of his uncertain feelings for Camille. At the same time, Alfie seems to be the right choice that just can't go wrong. However, feelings are often way more complicated than choosing what's right.

4. ...And Even Gabriel Accepts That

Their relationship is full of love but so problematic

Emily isn't the only one who knows Alfie is a better match – Gabriel has no problem confessing that. He doesn't even fight for his love with Emily anymore in the second and third season, and his troubles with Camille are way more toxic than Emily's relationship with Alfie. Gabriel isn't a bad character, but he knows he isn't as ideal as Alfie.

Since Gabriel can't resist, he also confesses his love to Emily when drunk. He can't help the feeling that Emily is the one for him, but he knows that their troubled start doesn't promise a pleasant future. Their love is more profound than Emily and Alfie's perfect relationship, which is simply full of respect, and that's the reason why some root for them in the end.

3. He Brings Out the Best in Every Character

You can tell in this video how much the actor that plays Alfie loves the show

You might not have noticed this, but everything with Alfie sits so right that he doesn't have a troubled relationship with anyone in this show. Even though the show is a romantic comedy and most characters should be impulsive to keep the drama going, Alfie is everyone's good friend, never causing any issues!

Maybe you can also see that every character seems nice when they speak to Alfie. You can dislike some people in the show, but they all have friendly conversations with Alfie occasionally. Even Antoine and his business flourish when Alfie interferes because he's realistic and knows how to take his business to the next level!

2. "Red Flags" Don't Exist in His Dictionary

Well, he doesn't know what red flags are!

It's so popular to look for red flags in relationships nowadays, and we notice how we do it while watching shows as well. Emily's giant red flag is the way she puts work above everything. What about Camille? Her two-faced personality and infidelity. The same goes for Sylvie but in a more "posh" way. What about Alfie, though?

Of course, the general public tends to hate this show and conclude that the whole project is a major red flag, but we have to agree that we all crave a decent rom-com sometimes. At least one part of this show isn't a red flag – it's Emily's British boyfriend who even stayed in Paris despite hating it because he genuinely wants to be with her!

1. He Is Basically the Purest Character

Do you agree with his choices?

To sum it all up, no character in the show is more lovable than Alfie. You probably hated at least ten characters of this show for at least one season because it's a rom-com, and having a love-hate relationship with the characters is 100% normal. However, have you ever hated Alfie? Maybe in the beginning only?

And how could anyone hate him, anyway? His intentions are pure, his love is grounded and realistic, and he's good to everyone. Yet he's not an innocent cutie that doesn't know how to be charming, intelligent, and witty. He's got it all, and Emily really got lucky. Their personality types match so well that she shouldn't even look for anything else!

After the facts we stated here, we bet you hope Alfie will get a better end than just being a second choice. Gabriel is also a man that is hard to forget, but Alfie is the man of every girl's dreams, so let's hope that Emily gets her ideal happy ending. The perfectionist, the workaholic, the legend that she is, deserves precisely that!

Are you team Gabriel or team Alfie? Is Alfie your favorite character in the show? Let us know in the comments section!

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