Top 10 More Weird Laws from All Around the World

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2023-04-26 06:00:06

Nothing reflects the cultural values of a people as their laws. As every country is a story for itself, the same goes for its judicial system. Yet, sometimes these laws are borderline ridiculous for a foreigner. However, in other cases, they carry cultural distinctions that strangers are often unaware of. Hence, it's essential to know about these unusual laws when traveling to some countries. Otherwise, your trip will be ruined, and you might get into trouble in the worst-case scenario. To prevent that, we collected ten more unusual laws that will surprise you with their bizarre logic. So, remember to check our original top ten list!

10. Australia - Don't Get People Too Drunk

It's even more funny because it's true!

The Land Down Under, as we commonly call it, is quite distinctive from the rest of the world. Not only does everything want to kill you, but there are some strange laws in function. The top of the crop of weird laws goes to the one that forbids people from getting their mates too drunk. 

We have to admit we have several questions about this one. First, isn't this counterintuitive? Drunk people don't care about laws much, and this one will look like a challenge. And our second question is, how drunk is too drunk? Are we talking about "throwing the trolley on a lamp post" drunk or "declaring war on emus" drunk?

9. Canada - A Lot of Weird Laws

Blame Canada, or it will blame you

Canada is often described as one of the best countries to live in. However, there are a whole bunch of laws that seem confusing. For example, if you live in Alberta, you're not allowed to have a pet rat. Likewise, if you are an Ontario resident, you are lawfully forbidden to paint a garage purple. Considering the state-wise laws, people are prohibited from paying in coins and removing bandages in public. 

Yet, the weirdest Canadian law is about radio playlists. By law, the stations are required to play Canadian artists at least 35% of the time, especially between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. Talk about the protectionism of domestic artists!

8. France - You can't name your pig Napoleon

This man risks a lot if in France!

No, this law is not about preventing Orwell's "Animal Farm" recreations. The origins of this law are way back in the 19th century when a particular Corsican general became a French emperor. To prevent French people from insulting him, Napoleon forbade naming pigs after him by law. 

Since then, the law has changed and doesn't state Napoleon specifically. However, it still says you cannot offend the heads of state by naming your pigs after them. Since 2013, this crime is not a criminal offense anymore, but we would still stick to naming your pig Snowball. 

7. Georgia - Chicken and Crossroads

Georgian people will never know the answer

You already know the centuries-old question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" If you live in Georgia (an American state, not the ex-USSR), the answer would be "To break the law." Namely, it's illegal for chickens to cross the road in the city of Quitman, GE. This also includes turkeys, geese, ducks, and other fowl. 

The reason for this bizarre law is to prevent the blocking of the regular flow of traffic and trespassing on personal property. Yet, the law works for fowl only, so you can have your pigs, cows, goats, and other animals cross the road at will. The citizens of Quitman may miss out on some funny jokes, but at least their traffic is free of people trying to answer the old question.

6. Florida - No Flatulence After 6 p.m.

How to prevent evening flatulence? Ban it

Based on the news, Florida is one strange place, if you didn't guess already. We regularly read about Florida people doing some outrageous things. This usually involves drugs, alligators, weapons, or all of that together. Thus, no wonder Florida has a whole bunch of weird laws. For example, it is illegal to toss dwarves, roll barrels, or sing while wearing a swimsuit. 

You are also legally forbidden to sleep while getting a haircut, skateboard without a license, or park your pet without paying. The strangest Floridian law is about passing winds after 6 p.m. We're not sure what should've happened to have this law enforced, but we bet it would make for a good story. Yet, America is full of these weird laws.

5. Dubai - Don't Miss To Wash Your Car

Merely washing your car is not enough

The United Arab Emirates belongs to the most conservative countries globally. Therefore, they have stringent laws and Draconian punishments for violating public decency and immoral behavior. There are other laws imposed all over the UAE that need to be more logical to us. Namely, unwashed or improperly washed cars could damage the image of Dubai as a city break. To make matters worse, you'll be punished separately for having a dirty vehicle and not washing it. Filthy cars will be towed away, and the owners will be fined.

Furthermore, the improper car wash will be fined too. Suppose you wash your car in a residential area or make other people do it for you. In that case, that is also considered a distortion of Dubai's image. The only proper way to wash your car in Dubai is by car wash service.

4. Poland - No Winnie Pooh 

Beloved bear is being banned

In a bizarre turn of events, Winnie the Pooh is banned in Poland. Yet, that's the second country that banned him, as China did before. However, the reason is entirely different. After public outrage over his character and attire, the beloved bear has been prohibited. Winnie the Pooh was supposed to be a mascot for a children's playground, but some city council members stood against it. 

The reason was Winnie's genderless behavior and not wearing any pants. Yes, you heard that right! At the end of the meeting, Winnie the Pooh was deemed too outrageous and inappropriate for children. This might not be the most bizarre law, but it is undoubtedly the dumbest.

3. Scotland - Don't Ride Cows Drunk

Drunk Scots invented cow-alry

Let's get straight to the point. It's illegal to ride cows drunk in Scotland. We can imagine how this law came to be - it must've included unreal amounts of alcohol, some cows, and a lot of property damage. To be precise, the law says it's illegal to "propel" cows while drunk.

The problem is that "propel" is very open to interpretation. Yet we presume it doesn't mean strapping a jetpack on said cow's back to fly them to the moon. However, we're sure that won't stop people from trying it on a slow night.

2. Germany - Don't Run Empty on Autobahn

Drive like crazy, but watch your fuel level!

One of the most popular destinations in Germany is not a destination but a road. But it is not any kind of road. The famous Autobahn attracts many petrol heads from around Europe and the world. The reason is simple - no speed limits. For some people, the Autobahn is the only place where they can unleash the full power of their vehicles.

Although there is no speed limit, there are some limitations to the Autobahn. Most importantly, you aren't allowed to run out of gas. If it happens to you, you'll get fined. Therefore, check your fuel level if you're heading out for a thrill ride on Autobahn. 

1. Cambodia - No Water Guns

Will anyone arrest these people?

Cambodia has become a tourist hotspot lately. However, for 40 years, it was unsafe. Unfortunately, the entire country was a perpetual war zone and a dictatorship. However, after a new government was established, one of the first things they did was ban water guns. "Why?" you may ask.

Well, water guns are an integral part of the celebration of the New Year in Cambodia. As this holiday is usually in the middle of the monsoon season, people enjoy having water gun battles. However, in 2001 water guns were banned because the Cambodian government thought it would cause social unrest. 

Most laws are logical, and it's easy to understand why they are made. Yet, some are confusing and hard to decipher. Those laws are more like cautionary tales, as someone had to take one for the team to inflict a ban on that kind of behavior.

What's your favorite unusual law? Which law would you like to add to this top list?



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