Top 10 God of War Games Ranked From Worst To Best

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2022-11-30 18:00:09

The God of War franchise is still going strong after two decades! These games have been ported to every Sony console generation, including portable devices. Moreover, there are several successful remasters and compilations. Fans have followed Kratos' transition from Greek to Norse mythology because they can't get enough of him. Actually, the majority of the games have won widespread critical acclaim, garnering praise for their captivating characters created from mythological gods, innovative visuals, and gameplay mechanics. However, they aren't all made equally. Therefore, here are the top ten God of War games ranked.

10. God of War Collection (Vita)

PS Vita rerelease of the first two God of War games

God of War Collection is a rereleased version of the two PlayStation 2 -exclusive games God of War and God of War 2. In 2009 they were successfully remastered on the PlayStation 3, with PS Vita conversion five years later.

Yet, the collection received less favorable reviews than the PS3 version. Although the game's fundamentals have stayed the same, some players found the lower graphic quality and some VITA features that were tacked on annoying. Although the PlayStation Vita is now forgotten, the God of War series has shown in the past that it can produce fantastic handheld games.

9. God Of War: Ascension (PS3)

The adventures of the younger Kratos in the God of War prequel

A younger Kratos is the star of God of War: Ascension, chronologically following the first God of War. This time, he tries to break free from his blood oath to Ares. The multiplayer function remains unique to this game in the series.

Although this PS3 exclusive is a fun addition to the franchise, fans weren't enthusiastic. The story is thought to be less compelling than in other games, while the controls remain nearly identical. Therefore, new players who want to focus on the game's main plot frequently skip it.

8. God Of War: Origins Collection (PS3)

PlayStation Portable games remastered for PS3

The PlayStation 3 game God of War: Origins is a remastered version of the two PSP titles Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus. Interestingly, Stereoscopic 3D support debuted here.

Ultimately, this was a worthy addition to the series and a warranted rerelease. Fans who missed the stories in their initial release could catch up with them thanks to the addition of DualShock 3 features, trophies, and 3D effects.

7. God Of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP)

A side story game featuring Kratos' long lost brother Deimos

Set amidst God of War and God of War 2, Ghost of Sparta features Kratos in Atlantis with his mother, who sends him on a mission. His goal is to track down his long-lost brother and engage in combat with Thanatos, the God of Death.

The game was well-received and regarded as having one of the PSP's best visuals. As one of the most disheartening moments in the franchise, Deimos' tragic death gave players a deeper understanding of Kratos' family history. However, the game finds it difficult to establish its identity because the gameplay and controls are similar to the previous PSP entry.

6. God Of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)

A rerelease of the first two games for PlayStation 3

God of War: Chains of Olympus is the original handheld God of War game and one of the best PSP titles. Players assume the role of Kratos in this prequel as they search for the Sun God Helios and run into his daughter in Elysium.

Despite the PSP's limited capabilities, the game holds its own against others in the franchise. This is the most popular God of War on portable consoles, confirmed by the fact that it is the 7th highest-selling PSP game of all time, with 3.2 million copies sold. As a fun spin-off, it cemented its place in video game history.

5. God of War III (PS3)

The first God of War game released for a handheld console

God of War III marked the series' triumphant return to the PlayStation 3 three years after the God of War II cliffhanger. With Kratos on a mission to find The Flame of Olympus and Pandora's Box on a quest to kill Zeus, this was the final game in the main series to emphasize Greek mythology.

Concerning graphics and boss battles, the game significantly improves on the previous two iterations. With 5.2 million copies sold, it is the ninth-best-selling game on the PlayStation 3. Additionally, in 2015, a well-liked remastered version was published for the PlayStation 4. Although it was supposed to be the series finale, the best was yet to come.

4. God of War II (PS2)

The big arrival to the PlayStation 3, after a cliffhanger

After replacing Ares as the God of War in the previous game, Kratos is betrayed by Zeus and cast into the underworld. Up until the realization that he is Zeus's son, his quest for vengeance appeared to be almost finished.

Building the first game was challenging, but the God of War II almost pulled off the unthinkable and exceeded expectations. A battle against Zeus, one of God of War's most formidable bosses, concludes the game. This element added more magic elements that helped to scale up the action scenes. The game's cliffhanger ending is one of the most talked-about aspects, though.

3. God of War: Ragnarok (PS5)

This game managed to overcome an already excellent first installment

Following up God of War, one of the best PlayStation 4 games, was challenging for Ragnarok. Regardless, in many respects, it is successful. Better graphics, more varied action, and a broader storyline are all in God of War: Ragnarok.

However, Ragnarok lacks the creativity and mysticism that made God of War a once-in-a-generation joy, and the shadow of that game hangs over it heavily. To be clear, you should play God of War: Ragnarok, as it's among the best PS5 games. However, be aware that it might engross you less than the previous entry did.

2. God Of War (PS2)

The beginning of the legendary franchise

This is how the brutality started, way back in 2005. The ultimate hack-and-slash hero Kratos, his Blades of Chaos, and their bloody work are introduced here. The game's plot centers on Kratos, a Spartan soldier, as he pursues Ares to exact revenge for tricking him into killing his family and causing him to become the God of War.

With exhilarating combo-based combat, puzzles, and a variety of enemies and bosses, the game made a violent entrance. Many consider it one of the all-time greatest games, as it won numerous "Game of the Year" Awards. One game, though, might disagree with that.

1. God of War (PS4)

Kratos and the game itself underwent a change for the better

In 2018, God of War was released on PlayStation 4, bringing a fresh perspective. After recently losing his wife and being forced to raise his son alone, Kratos is now trying to live a peaceful life. Most fans found God of War 3 to be a satisfying conclusion to the plot. Thus, this reboot about Kratos and his relationship with his son seemed like a gamble. Equally risky was shifting the emphasis to Norse Mythology and changing the overall tone and gaming mechanics.

Yet, the game is a masterpiece, and these risks paid off. The title rekindled the love for the franchise while introducing a whole new generation of fans with stunning visuals and massive action sequences. Furthermore, it had the most moving storyline to date. With 19.5 million units sold, this is the most successful PS4 title. Hence, The God of War, Kratos, might also be the God of PlayStation.

God of War is among the longest-running video game franchises. The epic tale of a furious Spartan hacking and slashing his way through the ancient Greek gods and monsters was first published in 2005 by Santa Monica Studio. Over the years, the series has provided players with an abundance of hack-and-slash thrills, most of which are of exceptionally high quality. Each installment retains a strong sense of passion, perhaps because it doesn't release annually like some other long-running series.

What's your favorite God of War game? Have you played the latest sequel, God of War: Ragnarok?

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