Top 10 Stunning Beaches in Kusadasi, Turkey for a Dynamic Vacation

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 18:00:08

Turkey has to be the number one tourist destination for anyone loving an energetic daily routine. You can have that, especially in Kusadasi, the big city with various beaches, beach bars, and streets you need to discover. Kusadasi, Turkey, has to be your choice if you're an explorer that never goes to one beach only per vacation – here, you have many to swim and relax, and we'll show you the top ten ones! 

10. Ladies Beach

Crowded Ladies Beach in Kusadasi, Turkey
You'll see more than this crowded place, but it's overfull for a reason – the sea is gorgeous here! (Photo: Scarlett Goldstein)

We just had to kick off the list with a world-famous beach. Presumably, everyone tried during a vacation in Kuşadası, and there are some great reasons behind that. This beach has superior golden sand, shallow and clean waters, and waves to excite you, especially in the right outfits!

In conclusion, this beach has it all, and it's even near the city center, so you won't struggle to find it, especially if you're not a massive adventurer. Unfortunately, nothing's perfect, so this beach has a huge flaw – the crowd throughout the day. You'll struggle to find a free spot, but when you do, enjoy it!

9. Kustur Beach

Kustur Beach in Kusadasi, Turkey
A Kustur offers you more than any beach near the center, so use that! (Photo: Scarlett Goldstein)

When staying in a luxury hotel on the northern side of the city, chances are you'll visit Kustur beach, a peaceful area with a long, sandy beach and enormous rocks on the bottom. If the rocks are acceptable for you, you'll enjoy the width of this beach and shallow waters, perfect for non-swimmers.

Moreover, this one has to be one of the cleanest Kusadasi beaches you'll visit since it's not crowded at all. It will also offer you some adventures since, on this beach, you can try parasailing, surfing, or water skiing!

8. Yilanci Burnu Beach

Watch this road trip to get to know the streets of Kuşadası

To escape the crowds of Ladies and water sports from Kustur, go to Yilanci Burnu, a quiet spot behind Pigeon Island. The Ladies beach minibus drives to this quiet place every five minutes, so don't worry about finding it. Just ask the driver about it because people in Turkey are amicable and ready to help!

Near this beach is a famous Jade beach club, a Kusadasi shore that we definitely won't skip on this list! We recommend it for those who want a busy beach day, as Yilanci Burnu is a better option if you'd rather chill and avoid crowds and music!

7. Jade Beach Club

Jade is not a beach only, and you'll see that immediately

Is an ordinary beach, lying on the sand, and swimming already dull for you? No worries because Kuşadası has an alternative! Jade beach club and bar has a beautiful beach for its guests only, and the drinks are incredible as the relaxed setting is perfect for young adults!

So, where is the fun we mentioned? Actually, this bar is the center of entertainment throughout the day, and their night parties are unmatched! Whether you're a fan of color parties or exciting board gamesJade will indeed have something in store for you. 

6. Miracle Beach Club

Since 2005, this beach bar has attracted tourists near the famous Green beach Kusadasi who want to find a fancy spot to relax and have a nice drink. This beach is clean but not so shallow, as you can dive or try any other water sport. Many artists come to this club at night and create an outstanding atmosphere with their music!

Moreover, Green beach is only a few minutes away from here, and you can walk to Ladies beach. The position couldn't be better, so the parties here are also on fire every evening! This is the beach where you stay the whole day and night, dance, swim, and have fun in many ways!

5. Love Beach

It's far from the center, but that will give you peace

Do you like driving long to the beach and reaching a peaceful area without crowds and loud music? The beloved "Sevgi" beach (the Turkish word for love) is located south of the city, near Davutlar and its beautiful shore. You'll have to drive at least half an hour from the city center, but this place is worth it! 

Since Turkey loves naming people and places in a way that's easy to translate, we're sure you'll love the beach of "love!" Moreover, the name of this beach screams "love" because its view has to be one of the prettiest you'll see in Kuşadası. You'll notice the national park and even the Greek island Samos from this beach!

4. Green Beach

A look at the Green Beach in Kusadasi, Turkey
This beach's landscape could be even prettier than the beautiful sea itself – just look at the flowers (Photo: Scarlett Goldstein)

Kuşadası was made for people that like to take a minibus to the beach and explore actively. Still, some days you'll wish to have a beach near the center that is very clean and sandy. Ladies Beach is all that, but Green Beach is a leveled-up version because it's near but less crowded!

Therefore, you'll find a free place at this beach and possibly get it for free. Furthermore, you'll enjoy the clean sea anytime you wish. A minibus drives to this beach every few minutes, so you won't have to wait. You'll reach paradise from the main road to the stairs, surrounded by aesthetic rocks!

3. Long Beach Club Capello

If we made a list of the top ten most gorgeous beach bars, this one would top it. Not even for Kuşadası only, but for the prettiest beach bars overall! If you'd like to run away from the crowds, try a nice cocktail, and simultaneously appreciate a beautiful, sandy beach, you've found an exclusive place.

This club is an area that was made for a rest after a long day of work, and once you visit it, you won't wish to explore again as it has it all. However, we hope you will stay aware of paradise and keep discovering the distant places this wonderful town holds!

2. Diamond Beach

A swing on the sand at the Diamond Beach in Kusadasi, Turkey
Just imagine spending a whole day in this paradise (Photo: Scarlett Goldstein)

The title is accurate here – this beach is a diamond in many aspects. If you don't like beaches that are way too shallow, you'll adore that this one has depth almost immediately. Still, it's not too deep, so you can swim there, whatever type of swimmer you are! 

Diamond Beach Kusadasi is long, maybe even longer than the famous Long Beach. Yet, the best thing is that it's never crowded. Chances are you'll swim alone in your area, and probably no one will invade your privacy. Moreover, you can even take marvelous pictures in the sea or by the shore, since the most fantastic photos are taken when no one is around. Finally, the big waves will add magic to the atmosphere!

1. National Park Beaches

This is a trip that will highlight your vacation and make it 100% better

For natural explorers, we have something that'll take your breath away. If taking a longer trip is acceptable for you while discovering Kusadasi beaches, you'll find the best ones in the Buyuk Menderes national park. We promise that driving 15 miles (23 km) south of the Kuşadası center will be worth it!

Relaxing on these beaches is another experience, but this place also gives you these opportunities if you like hiking. You won't need anything more than this national park for the rest of the day, so make sure you come early and stay until evening. It's not a place you just pass by!

Thanks to its best beaches, Kusadasi is a perfect choice for summer. Therefore, we wanted to show you exactly that with our top ten list. Try Turkish food and desserts, walk through the city, buy something nice, and go to these beaches at least once. In this way, your summer in Turkey will be the most excellent experience of your life!

Did you visit any of these beaches already? Do you plan to visit Kuşadası soon? We wish you a nice vacation!

Cover photo: Bhumil Chheda/Unsplash



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