Top 10 The Most Beautiful Must-Visit Islands in Thailand

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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Welcome to Thailand, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia full of diversity. On the one hand, you have a manmade modern urban city and old historical towns. In contrast, there are beautiful natural beaches and preserved wildlife, so there's something for everyone. Due to all the differences, we have to split this top ten list into two parts. You might wanna check out our Top 10 must-see at the beautiful continental part of Thailand

Since there are many islands, we have shortened our list to the top 10 must-visit isles in Thailand. Before we start, we need to clear two things. First, Thailand is surrounded by the Andaman Sea at the west and the Gulf of Thailand in the East. This is important because of the climate, but we'll get to that later. The second, Koh or Ko, is a Thai word for the island. Also, before you travel, it's good idea to learn more about Thailand through fun facts. They will help you fully embrace the culture and make your vacation even better, especially if you bring the right outfits.

10. Koh Tao – Beautiful Coral Reef at Your Doorstep!

Sunset at Koh Tao, Thailand
Beautiful sunset at Koh Tao, Thailand

Located near Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, you might consider Koh Tao if you wish for an active vacation. The island has many hiking opportunities from the forest, plantations, and a mountain peak with beautiful views. 

The most interesting thing to do at Koh Tao is snorkeling and scuba diving. These activities attract the most tourists to this island thanks to the beautiful reef just a few meters offshore. In addition, Koh Tao is interesting as a breeding ground for endangered species of hawksbill and green turtles. 

9. Koh Lipe – Wanna Escape the Traffic? 

Koh Lipe beach in Thailand
Tranquility at the beach of Koh Lipe, Thailand

This small island is settled in the south of Thailand near the Malaysian border. Koh Lipe has three main beaches - Sunrise, Sunset, and Pattaya. While the first two are obvious choices, Pattaya is better-known for its nightlife. 

The island is surrounded by excellent diving spots, so gear up! There are no cars on Koh Lipe, but only a few motorbikes, so you'll have to walk. Still, no worries, as the island is very small, so there is no need to take a ride. Also, Koh Lipe is a bit more expensive than the other islands.  

8. Samet Island – a Favorite Spot For the Thai People!

Stunning views of Samet Island from above

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Samet is easily accessible from Bangkok and Pattaya, making it a favorite destination for the weekend holiday. Surrounded by tropical coral reefs and pristine white beaches, Samet is always packed up. The island offers a variety of accommodation options, from a budget to luxurious, as well as a vibrant nightlife. 

Near the Samet are nine small islands offering an active holiday and a lot to explore. Koh Samet is famous for its beautiful beaches, with the main one in the north-west that is also the most crowded. However, as you go to the south, beaches become less populated and more private, while still beautiful. On the west part of the island, you can even find rocky shores with lush vegetation.

7. Ko Pha-ngan – Ready For the Full Moon Party?

Ko Pha-ngan beach in Thailand
Beautiful bay of Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand

This is the fifth-largest island in Thailand, located next to larger Koh Samui and easily accessible by ferry. The island is well-known for its smooth sandy beaches, jungle, and waterfall hiking. 

Even though the island's natural beauty is not questionable, the Full Moon parties are something that the island is known for. So if you wish to dance the night away, check out the Full Moon party calendar, pack your stuff and purchase a ticket to Ko Pha-ngan.

6. Phi Phi Islands – Beautiful, Isn't It?

Maya Bay at Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
Gorgeous Maya Bay, surrounded by limestone cliffs, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Among six islands called Phi Phi, the largest ones are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le. These locations are well known for their scenery, consisting of large limestones and pristine beaches. The islands are more expensive than nearby Phuket as they offer luxury accommodation, while the budget ones are more expensive than on other Thai islands.

The islands started to attract more tourists after the movie The Beach was released in 2000. The movie has been filmed at Maya Bay, a beautiful bay surrounded by 100 meters high cliffs and stunning white sandy beaches.   

5. Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi – Peaceful Harmony!

Koh Yao Noi beach in Thailand
Magical beach at Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

These two islands are located between Krabi and Phuket Island, so the easiest way to reach them is to take a ferry from Krabi or Phuket. Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi are the places you wish to go if you don't like crowds. These two islands have remained almost tourist-free. They are very safe spots, as there are no hustlers, but only friendly locals. The majority of the local population are Muslim, so there are no night clubs, no public drinking, and no nudity. But don't be afraid, there are some restaurants and bars where you can drink, even though these islands are not about that.

If you wish to spend a vacation without waking up to loud music but rather wish for the sound of the crickets, this is the place to be. These islands are not ruined by lots of constructions, so you'll have preserved nature at your disposal. You'll be swept away with gorgeous beaches, and surely you'll come back. Regarding the accommodation, at Koh Yao Noi, you can find more luxurious resorts than on Koh Yao Yai. 

4. Surin Islands - Amazing Diving Spots!

Sea life in Mu Ko Surin National Park, Thailand
Astonishing sea life of Mu Ko Surin National Park, Thailand

Surin Islands consist of five islands, with Koh Surin Nuea and Koh Surin Tai being the main ones. All islands and surrounding waters were proclaimed as Mu Ko Surin National Park back in 1981, so there are no hotels or resorts on the islands. 

You can visit the Surin islands on a day trip and even spend a day or two in the camps sleeping at the tent or in a bungalow. Surin Islands are surely worth a trip because they are the best diving spot in Thailand. Just go scuba diving and explore the rich sea life and corals surrounding these beautiful islands. 

3. Koh Chang – a Bit Less Crowded!

Pedesetrian bridge in mangrove forest, Koh Chang, Thailand
Old pedestrian bridge leading to the beautiful mangrove forest, Koh Chang

The third-largest island in Thailand is also known as Elephant Island when translated from Thai. Seventy percent of the land is covered by beaches, mountains, and rainforests, which is the main reason why Koh Chang is a part of the Mu Ko Chang National Park. The island has not been devastated by the construction. Still, it has a very nice luxurious accommodation for tourists.

Since it's a lot less crowded than Koh Samui and Phuket, this place also has a better-preserved nature. Suppose you wish to explore the jungle, enjoy the beautiful beaches without too much company, scuba dive around the corals, and still stay in a luxury hotel. In that case, Koh Chang is the perfect spot for you.

2. Koh Samui – Combining Fun and Relaxation!

Koh Samui beach in Thailand
Crystal Clear waters and pristine white beach of Koh Samui

The second-largest island in Thailand is surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand waters. This is important because they have a bit different climate than islands in the Andaman Sea. So while Phuket's rainy season begins in June, at Koh Samui, it starts in September. This prolongs Thailand's tourist season from December till September.

The island has beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife, with some saying it has the best parties. If you're in just to have a good time, then, by all means, stay at the Chaweng, a cute little place with many bars, cafes, restaurants, and parties. If you need peace and quiet, go to the south of the island, where you can find isolated resorts over there. 

1. Phuket Island – Largest Tourist Hot Spot!

Street food in Patong, Thailand
Street vendors are preparing delicious food because the night is still young in Patong

Phuket is the largest Thai island, and it attracts a large number of tourists during the winter season. They rarely stay for just 10 days, as many Europeans spend the entire season there. Why not, as it's a lot less expensive than back home, and it offers hospitality, beautiful beaches, and a lot of fun.

Visitors mainly stay at Patong, a small beach town full of delicious food stands entertainment, especially in the evening. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a fantastic beach, we have to disappoint you. However, you can rent a buggy or a scooter and explore the whole island, so there is surely a lot to do.

As you can see on our top tebn, there are plenty of options on Thai islands, ranging from parties to peace and quiet. Nonetheless, they all have something in common, and that's beautiful nature and sandy beaches. 

Have you ever been to Thailand? What have you liked the most? Please, write to us in the comment section as we would like to hear your thoughts.

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