Top 10 Best Games Not on PS5, Maybe Forever

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:08

Sony PlayStation 5 was launched in 2020, but some significant issues remain unresolved. Furthermore, one of the most jarring concerns about PS5 is the limited list of available games. There are a lot of titles exclusive to other consoles and PC that PS5 owners won't be able to try now or ever. Thus, this top ten list is all about them.

10. Tunic 

A little fox takes a lot from Zelda

Tunic is developed by Rare, and it is a compilation of genres. This Soulslike title comes with a hefty influence from the Legend of Zelda games. Additionally, this game is totally adorable. The main character is a tiny fox who ventures into a strange world filled with monsters and puzzles. 

Similar to Link in Zelda games, you start with nothing and then work your way to get primitive weaponry. Advancing through the game, your tiny fox will obtain more powerful weapons while discovering new layers of the mysterious world. Tunic is a brilliant and beautiful game you will spend hours exploring but not on PS5, as Microsoft owns Rare.

9. Kirby and the Forgotten Land 

Little pink blob is pretty popular

Kirby is everyone's favorite pink blob with limbs. We're not sure if you're aware of this, but Kirby was at first a placeholder for a character design. However, the designer liked how Kirby looked, and he became a full-fledged Nintendo character. The Forgotten Land is Kirby's 3D adventure in a whole new world. 

Here, Kirby needs to rescue his friends and defeat evil beasts. The gameplay mechanics still revolve around Kirby's ability to take the properties of anything he swallows. Therefore, Kirby will become an assortment of objects, including a light bulb, traffic cone, and car. This game is excellent in co-operative mode too.

8. Age of Empires IV 

Age of Empires IV is an excellent old-school RTS

The fourth Age of Empires is the most friendly to newcomers, so we included it instead of some newer installment. Before starting any of the four campaigns, you will go through a solid tutorial. The campaigns are The Hundred Years War, The Rise of Moscow, The Mongol Empire, and The Normans. Each of them allows you to lead your chosen people to glory. 

Every nation you choose will require you to adjust your gameplay approach. Consequently, that gives each playthrough a pleasant variety. Plus, there are also several new features and refinements. This game signifies the return of the excellent strategy franchise, even though it was made by a new studio.

7. Sunset Overdrive 

Crazy weapons in a crazy city

Sunset Overdrive was made by Insomniac Games, famous for the Ratchet and Clank series. The selling point of those games is the various assortments of outlandish weapons. The developers took that crazy weaponry and put it in the open world that plays like Jet Set Radio. 

Sunset Overdrive lets you perform some amazing feats of mass destruction while seamlessly moving through the city's rail and wire system. There you can launch bowling balls, explosive teddy bears, and many other crazy weapons. You will go against the hordes of mutants, robots, and gang members while you grind, flip, and air-dash around Sunset Overdrive's urban playground.

6. Lost Ark 

The most popular Steam game of all time

After years of waiting, this isometric and free MMO finally appeared on Western servers. Upon arrival, Lost Ark immediately broke Steam peak player records, overthrowing CS: GO and Dota 2 as the most popular game on the service. The queues for some Lost Ark servers are quite tedious, but once you get into the game, it will bring you hours of pure fun. 

The best thing about Lost Ark is the balanced class system to ensure every build can be competitive. Furthermore, the finely tuned combat is an incredible experience. Not only that, but the Lost Ark power pass is available as a shortcut once you finish the main story with one character. That means you don't have to bother with multiple alts.

5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

Fight of everyone vs. everyone

When the first Super Smash Bros appeared in 1999, it presented something unique, a crossover fighting game featuring characters from non-fighting franchises. The first game became a smash hit and earned an iteration of Smash Bros games for every generation of Nintendo consoles. 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch is one of the finest games for the console. It features an incredible roster of gaming legends from all kinds of various games. Furthermore, among the fighters in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you might find some quite unexpected characters, such as Kazuya from Tekken, Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, and Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury.

4. Forza Horizon 5

It really is a masterpiece!

While Forza Motorsport is an excellent series, you can still play equally good Gran Turismo on PlayStation platforms. However, there's no substitute for Forza Horizon 5 on the PS5. This open-world racing series debuted as one of the best Xbox 360 exclusives, and the fifth chapter is often voted the best racing game ever. While this installment isn't revolutionary, it visibly improves over its predecessor.

This time, we are visiting Mexico on the most extensive map so far. Even better, the environment is the most diverse, including deserts, jungles, urban settings, and mountains. Once again, there's so much content for both online and offline play, with probably the best car selection ever. Finally, this is a racing game for everyone, as even casuals will enjoy gorgeous visuals and exploring every corner.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

The best Zelda game for a new generation

The Legend of Zelda is among the oldest Nintendo franchises and has been a Nintendo exclusive ever since. Each game begins with our hero Link waking up in a strange world he has to explore and ultimately save from a threat. The game features a roster of recurring characters and monsters, as well as some iconic equipment. 

In Breath of the Wild, amnesiac Link is in a world he doesn't recognize. As it turns out, Princess Zelda put him in hibernation a century ago to recover after being defeated by Calamity Ganon. By advancing through the game, Link unveils his memory and explores the beautiful world of Hyrule.

2. Gears 5 

The relentless fight against aliens continues

The Gears of War series features hardcore third-person combat against brutal alien overlords. Before coming to PC, it was one of the most prominent Xbox exclusives for years. The Gears games revolutionized third-person shooters by including a cover system and brutal close combat. 

As one of the best titles for the Xbox Series consoles, the game continues right after the events of Gears of War 4. The main character is Kait Diaz, who struggles to come to terms with her mother's death. As she tries to find more about her mom's past, you'll meet some of the old fan-favorite characters. The quality of Gears 5 isn't limited to single-player or co-op; it also features some excellent multiplayer modes, such as Horde.

1. Super Mario Odyssey 

Super Mario is still an epitome of a platformer

Super Mario is the most iconic video game protagonist, appearing in countless games of various genres. However, Super Mario is at home in platforming adventure games. With the introduction of the third dimension in the Nintendo 64 launch title Super Mario 64, the platforming element developed dramatically. 

The latest iteration of the Super Mario platform is Super Mario Odyssey, where you can explore 3D kingdoms filled with secrets and surprises. There are costumes for Mario and several ways to interact with the environment. The game introduces astonishing new levels but also presents classic characters. Overall, Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games in the series.

Despite having an expansive library of playable games, PS5 owners still miss out on some really good titles. Some of those games are exclusives for one gaming platform, while others exclude PlayStation only. Consequently, the state of the market apparently doesn't allow any of the gaming platforms to be superior. 

What's your favorite non-PS5 game? Which ones would you add to this top ten list?

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