Top 10 Unique and Weird Eurovision Song Contest Entries

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-31 07:54:13

When you first imagine the Eurovision Song Contest without actually knowing what it is, you'd think it's a serious show with serious tracks fighting for the victory. However, there's a whole wild party in Europe – a party that includes chicken, feathers, washing hands on stage, and dancing to techno music combined with traditional instruments! The best side of Eurovision is its originality and sense of humor, so check out the top ten weird tunes that brought the show to the next level!

10. "We Are the Winners" by LT United (Lithuania 2006)

"Vote for the winners" is the iconic line of this funny track!

Troll entries are the best thing that could happen to Eurovision. So bring that humor on as it's just a music show, after all! The 2006 edition brought one of the most iconic moments ever and obviously the most memorable entry from Lithuania, "We Are the Winners." The middle-aged guys in suits created a hectic choreography and screamed they've won the show, and we completely agree!

Ironically enough, Lithuania has never won Eurovision. Yet, this song brought them their best result, as they took sixth place in the grand final. That just displays how much people crave originality and self-reference jokes. It's lighthearted, positive, and memorable. No matter how many years pass, these guys won Eurovision in 2006 and don't prove us otherwise!

9. "O Julissi Na Jalini" by Ishtar (Belgium 2008)

You won't know what this means, just like the rest of the world couldn't understand!

Eurovision in Belgrade in 2008 is the biggest troll year in the show's history, as most countries let their weird side shine to the fullest. The year that came after Verka Serduchka in 2007 was nothing but a good laugh, and we love to see it! Belgium even went a step further and made up their own language for their entry!

Good luck to anyone who wants to translate this song, as it isn't possible. Ishtar played with words and pronunciations more than Sean Paul does in his raps. You won't understand this one, and that's its uniqueness and originality. Some songs don't need a translation – they are made to make you laugh, even when they are non-winners.

8. “Baila el Chiki-Chiki” by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre (Spain 2008)

The 2008 was the most unique year so far, and Spain contributed to that!

Spain is a lighthearted country with hot temperatures and friendly people. Hence, they should always showcase their country positively and funnily! That's what they did in 2008, the year of silly entries, as they sent a comedian to the stage. Rodolfo was hilarious with his outfit, dancers, and even the song's title!

In fact, you need a lot of courage to be as effortlessly funny and shameless as Rodolfo was on this stage in Belgrade. He even managed to throw a shade at reggaeton and the song "Macarena" by one-hit-wonder Los del Rio. His choreography is a parody, and the Barcelona native deserves praise for the whole performance!

7. “Yodel It!” by Ilinca and Alex Florea (Romania 2017)

"Yodel It" isn't even a joke – it has a great message!

Eastern Europe is wilding on this list – are their lives as exciting as their Eurovision entries are? Romania seems to have a lot of fun almost every year, and 2017 was the peak of their "serious" humor. A cute duo on stage, yodeling and rapping simultaneously? Sounds like a good deal, and it really went well!

"Yodel It" worked precisely because Ilinca and Alex believed and felt it entirely. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they actually said that yodeling works like a feel-good anthem for them. These two urged everyone to share their emotions with the world and stay pure, and that's what Eurovision should do as a show!

6. "Hey Mamma" by Sunstroke Project (Moldova 2017)

No one does it like Moldova – original and entertaining

You didn't watch Eurovision if you don't know who the Epic Sax Guy is. If you do, congratulations, since it would be a pity to skip such a performer! Sunstroke Project wasn't a stranger to Eurovision as they hit the stage in 2017, since they also performed in 2010 with "Run Away." However, "Hey Mamma" is way more iconic, if possible!

Europe also agrees that "Hey Mamma" deserves praise since Moldova finished third in the grand final that year. What do you need to finish in the top three? There is only a bride on stage, some crazy choreography, and the Epic Sax Guy to spice it up and take it to the top. Moldova is here to make you laugh, and we hope they'll stay like this forever!

5. "Irlande Douze Pointe" by Dustin the Turkey (Ireland 2008)

This is an excellent example of an effortlessly funny yet realistic entry!

Did you know that Ireland won Eurovision seven times? Once you comprehend this fun fact, it's easier to understand why Dustin the Turkey opens this song with, "I come from a nation that knows how to write a song." However, he asks himself what went wrong since Ireland couldn't make an outstanding entry in the past years. Unfortunately, he was right!

Whenever someone watches this crazy staging for the first time, only one thing appears in your head. A huge question mark. All over your face. What's wrong with this whole mess? Nothing, it's artistic and ironic, and that's how you write a song (no pun intended, Alexander Rybak!) Did the birds and feathers help them gain 12 points? They gained recognition, anyway!

4. "Party for Everybody" by Buranovskiye Babushki (Russia 2012)

When they say, "Come on and dance," it's a crime not to start jumping!

As you noticed from this top ten list, the eastern countries always bring the party to Europe as the actual professional party makers. Believe it or not, Russia made you jump and sway to the rhythm created by a few grannies that can't wait to see their grandchildren. Everyone is happy in their song, and the staging is hilarious!

Moreover, the lyrics to this song will warm your heart, as the grannies are really excited to have "kids in their house," and it makes them dance with joy! This entry made us remember that we should love our family… While dancing on the floor like maniacs. And that's the power of Eurovision – the unity and originality at its finest.

3. “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” by Verka Serduchka (Ukraine 2007)

No one will repeat this history, as she's 100% herself in the best way!

Who is the most iconic Eurovision performer ever? Most people would answer with her name – the legend named Verka Serduchka. The good thing about 100% original Eurovision entries is that you stay in everyone's memory even years after, no matter if you won. Yet, one will ever make it the way Verka did.

It's her unique dance, her space theme, and her beat drop that makes you exhausted and ecstatic. Everything is 100% authentic and made for this performance to be memorable. Try not to dance or try not to sing to this song challenge is constantly failing since it makes you get up immediately. Even if you're sick or sad, you'll stand up and smile!

2. “In Corpore Sano” by Konstrakta (Serbia 2022)

This is the first time ever that someone mentioned the Latin language in their song at Eurovision

Surprise! Serbia is well-known for sending the classic Balkan ballads or upbeat songs that make you happy. But what's their 2022 entry? Is it possible to put its vibe into words? The hypnotizing beat and staging will leave you speechless from the first second, and then you'll want to Google the lyrics. And when you Google them… The only reaction would be, "oh my God!"

Jokes aside, this entry isn't a joke. The lyrics are clever, have various interpretations and meanings, and Konstrakta is probably one of the most intelligent entries Eurovision has ever had. Read between the lines carefully, and let yourself laugh at her meme-material sense of humor that actually says the truth about our lives, especially during and after covid. Wash your hands, guys!

1. "SHUM" by Go_A (Ukraine 2021)

You probably know every word of this song even though it's in Ukrainian!

It's a complex task to top Ukraine regarding originality, as they always put 100% effort into their entry. From the cultural aspect to the funny side, they always know how to keep us interested. "SHUM" is their peak so far and a song that stole the Eurovision show in 2021. Even though Måneskin became one of the biggest winners in Eurovision history, "SHUM" is the most-streamed tune!

You know an entry is fantastic when you can barely describe it with words. Traditional instruments? Disco lights? Odd bandmates in the background? A beat drop that could kill? Meme material? "SHUM" gave us everything, and we should be thankful. Sorry, "Zitti e Buoni," but this Slavic masterpiece owns the crown.

When we sum it all up, every year has something unique to offer, and no matter if that odd song won the contest, it won our hearts. Nothing compares to originality – it's still the supreme quality of art, and it will always be. We hope to see more daring artists on this glorious stage in the future, the ones that are funny, outspoken, and true selves!

Which "weird" Eurovision entry on our top ten list stole your heart? Are you a fan of more conventional tracks? Let us know your preferences!

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