Top 10 Video Essayists For Your Thirst For Gay Knowledge

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

Last updated:  2023-05-14 18:00:09

We've all been there: absolutely braindead, wanting to watch something new, learn something new. But, looking through documentaries on Netflix just makes us realize that we don't have the mental capacity to watch something. Yet, for some reason, devoting time to a two-hour YouTube video doesn't seem as exhausting. So here are the top ten people that can help you kill time.

10. Mike's Mic

Watch it, even if you watched PLL. Just trust us

While he doesn't necessarily make content about queer history or hotly debated queer topics, he has multiple videos on "Pretty Little Liars" convoluted plot. That should be considered a queer subject. C'mon… "Bratz?" "Twilight?" "Chromatica?" That's just queer theory 101. Gun to your head, name three queer people who aren't willing to discuss the masterpiece that is "Twilight" (2008).

Seriously, you can find anything on his YouTube channel as that place is a gold mine. "Hunger Games," celebrities, fanfiction - he has talked about everything. Not to mention his presentation is on point. Talking passionately in a semi-monotonous tone, with a Kiwi accent? Once you start watching, you'll find yourself unable to stop! Seriously, send help; it has been days, this channel is the only thing we have watched, our friends and family are worried about us.

9. Strange Aeons

All hail our lesbian mother

Technically, we don't know if her videos would qualify as essays per se. Still, we couldn't just exclude the lesbian mother of the Internet. However, she does some Tumblr deep dives, so we must include her in this list. If the words "clown breeders" pique your interest at all, you have found yourself a channel where you can happily spend hours upon hours of your time.

Besides deep dives into different Tumblr communities, Teya makes many other equally unhinged content. She has multiple videos centered around her elongated furbies, both the process of elongation itself and their adventures. She has also made videos on questionable romance novels, including lesbian pulp fiction and a gay "Harry Potter" rip-off.

8. Milo Stewart

A really informative video!

If you have ever interacted with the non-binary side of YouTube, you have heard Milo's name mentioned. They make short informative videos on different, primarily LGBTQ-related topics. They're one of the OG YouTubers, with their first video posted in 2014. Since then, they have been posting on and off. Their schedule stabilized on a video every two weeks since early 2021.

They have a fun, engaging personality and are a joy to listen to. Sadly, the videos are short, so we have found ourselves wishing they were two hours long. Their channel is a great place if you're interested in learning more about asexuality. They also post videos giving advice to trans-masculine people and asexual people and storytimes.

7. AreTheyGay

Check their channel out!

The name says it all: it's a channel dedicated to analyzing fictional characters and determining if they are gay or not. In case you've ever found yourself watching a show or a movie and thinking, "Hm. They seem to be… insinuating something," then this channel is the perfect place for you. They have covered the most popular online ships, including, but not limited to, Drarry, Johnlock, and Wolfstar.

Even if you're not queer and generally don't understand these ships, they are still a channel worth watching. They analyze interactions and provide ample proof for why someone would think those two people are made for each other. Plus, there's a whole video on analyzing queer subtext, so that's definitely worth checking out.

6. CopsHateMoe

Please understand that someone wrote the word Drrry, Jonlock, and W*lfstar in succession

Moe is undoubtedly one of the most influential non-binary YouTubers out there. They have gained a lot of fame after posting a video on Kalvin Garrah, which has gone viral. In it, they go into detail on how much damage Garrah has dealt to the trans and non-binary communities. Through that video, they have uplifted and amplified the voices of people previously unheard because they have been bullied off the Internet. 

Moe's calm disposition and Kiwi accent make their videos perfect for listening. It makes you wish they could teach your least favorite subject, so you could at least pay attention! But besides long-form video essays and commentaries, they also have some music on their channel. Some of their first videos were guitar tutorials, so if you want to learn to play some of Ren's songs, check it out!

5. Brennen Beckwith

We are delighted to see Bren back on the Internet!

Bren's story is a winding one. They started posting videos on YouTube in 2018, but when they were 18 years old, they were sadly bullied off the Internet. Because ey were dealing with death threats, ey removed eirself from the Internet and went back into the closet for the following three years. He made a big comeback in October 2020, with the help and support of other trans YouTubers like Milo Stewart, CopsHateMoe, Jammi Dodger, and many more.

Bren's content discusses various trans topics and their experiences with the anti-SJW side of the Internet that has bullied them. In September of 2021, ey started a podcast with eir friend StormRyan, created and produced by trans people. They have made efforts to help other trans people by giving away binders, collecting money for top surgery, etc. 

4. Sophie from Mars

We love their capability of digging deep into different topics

Do you like video games? Do you like hearing people analyze every detail of a video game? Well, we have an excellent channel recommendation! Especially if you would like to see how a video game is deeply connected to a human rights discussion. Seriously, Sophie has made a three-part series on The Witcher and how it's actually wholly leftist.

Besides spending literal hours hearing about The Witcher games, books, and the show, you can also learn about other games, movies, and shows. They also have a series dedicated to monsters: stories about these creatures and why we tell them. You can count on them spending months carefully writing the script and producing the video, whatever the topic.

3. Rowan Ellis 

She gives excellent information

Look, are you a person who would spend between 20 minutes to an hour listening or talking about queer representation? Be honest. If the answer is yes, well, boy, do we have a channel for you! Even if you're not that interested, you should really check it. It has some fascinating videos that will get you hooked, so you won't even notice the time as it flies by.

Rowan's channel banner really says all you need to know about it: queer, feminist, geek. One of her recurring series is where she names some characters and explains why it would make more sense for them to be gay. And she's right every single time! She also has some incredible videos about LGBT history and videos explaining how to be a better ally to various communities. We really recommend her video on Howard Ashman, one of the best Disney composers.

2. Sarah Z

Nothing quite like typing out the word Destiel in the year of our Lord 2021

The Internet is a strange place. It's a whole world unto itself, where each bigger platform is like its own country. And like every country, some sites have significant events that eventually shaped their culture. After all, some of the most bizarre, out-of-the-pocket things happen when you shove a bunch of queer middle schoolers, teenagers, and adults into the same location under the protection of anonymity. And Tumblr was one of those places.

Sarah provides timelines and explanations for some of Tumblr's more bizarre going-ons. Plus, given that she was around for many of them, she delivers insight into how things actually worked, and she doesn't just laugh at the strangeness of it all. So, suppose you ever wondered why countless teenagers thought The Onceler was the peak of attractiveness, or what Destiel is, and why it trended #1 on Twitter on November 5th, 2020, above the election news. In that case, Sarah's channel is there to give you the answers.

1. ContraPoints

The visuals in her videos are stunning

Natalie has some of the highest production quality for video essays. Between the beautiful sets, detailed and gorgeous makeup looks, and relaxing music, it feels like you're watching a super high-budget documentary. She puts care and months of work into her videos, from writing the script to the production and editing. If not for anything else, this earns her the number one spot on this list.

Natalie posts long-form videos, some even up to two hours long! She gives detailed and nuanced takes on different topics that have been hotly debated on the Internet. She came under fire for drawing attention to some of the more problematic people with questionable backgrounds. However, she does her best to give the complete picture of why things are the way they are today.

With all of these video essayists, your brain is sure to be filled and entertained for hours. And given how queer the content is, expect your brain to slowly turn into a rainbow-colored slushie full of miscellaneous knowledge. Hey, better brain full, some incoherent thoughts than head empty no thoughts.

Do you like recommendations in our top ten list? Have you watched any of these channels? Let us know in the comments! 



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sleepdeprivedpikachu Says:

i would also recommend James Somerton. he just put out a video on the owl house, and it was amazing. yes, strange aeons is out lesbian mother.

August 20 at 12:21:28 AM

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