Top 10 Teams with the Red Devils Nickname (That Aren't Manchester United)

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

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If you ever decide to found a sports team, you should follow two simple rules when naming it. One is to go against using red as your primary jersey color, as it's the most common. The second one is not to have Red Devils as your nickname! For some reason, tons of professional teams use it, and they all probably think they're very original! Plus, why do you need to call yourself "Red" Devils? Of course, the Devils are red (you heard us, Duke University!). It's like saying "Yellow lemon" or "Orange orange." Anyway, here's the list of the best professional soccer teams with the Red Devils nickname, excluding Manchester United – just to make you wonder who will take the first place!

10. Radnički Kragujevac

Radnički has such a passionate fans despite lacking success

Let's start with an exotic club all the way from Serbia! Radnički (translated as Labourers) is a widespread club name in Serbia, and this one from Kragujevac is one of the most famous. Founded in 1923 as Mladi Radnik (Young Labourer), the team never won a single major trophy and had no success in reaching European competitions.

The club became known as Crveni Đavoli (Red Devils) on September 7th, 1969, when their supporters created a fantastic atmosphere in one of their games. Both local and foreign journalists notice the similarities with Manchester United fans, so of course, they adopted the nickname. Nonetheless, Red Devils supporters proved that the handle fits them perfectly! Since their home stadium was in ruins, they could easily smash the stand and throw concrete at the away teams. No wonder that the state promised they'll build them a new one!

9. Crawley Town Football Club

Crawley had their chances playing against mighty United

Calling the Crawley Town F.C. the giants of European soccer would be too much. Still, you can argue that they're the best club from West Sussex county in England! OK, this doesn't mean much, as they've never played in the top division. Needless to say, they haven't won anything but a few lower league titles and cups no one cares about.

Still, as they're the only other soccer club in England nicknamed the Red Devils, of course, we had to have them on our list! Plus, they had an epic clash with Manchester United that made history! In 2010, Red Devils played against more famous Red Devils in the Round of 16 of the FA Cup, losing only 1-0. Crawley entered the record books before this game, as they've joined a short list of non-league teams that did the same.

8. Deportivo Toluca Fútbol Club S.A. de C.V.

Toluca is a force in Mexican soccer

Deportivo Toluca Fútbol Club S.A. de C.V. is one of the most popular clubs in Mexico. Luckily, it's also known simply as Toluca, so we'll call them that. Founded in 1917, the club has won everything, including multiple CONCACAF Champions Cups. They've also produced numerous World Cup players representing Mexico and several other national teams, including Paraguay or Chile. 

So, why are they called Los Diablos Rojos (The Red Devils)? In 1954, Toluca finally entered the top league, and the same year they introduced their mascot, dressed as a red devil. The team switched to red shirts only a year earlier, so it was easy to connect the dots. So no, they haven't copied United – they've earned their nickname before them!

7. Grazer AK

GAK is back, and so are fans

If the name Grazer AK confuses you, maybe you're more familiar with GAK. If you still have no clue about it, let us introduce you to the Austrian soccer club from Gratz. Even though founded in 1902, the team wasn't incredibly successful before the current millennium. In 2003-04 they won their first title while also being the runners-up a year before and after. They also won three Austrian Cups during this period but didn't impress much at the international level. Also, the famous Adolf Hütter played for this team. Unfortunately, the club folded in 2012, but they were revived short after.

While their official nicknames are The Reds, The Red Jackets, and Athletics, GAK is also known as the Red Devils and even has a song about it! They thoroughly deserved it since their shirts, shorts, and socks are all red. 

6. South Korea national team

Korean heroic performance against Germany is their brightest World Cup moment

South Korea is the most successful national soccer team from Asia, as they've played the semifinal of the World Cup in 2002. Still, the less we say about how they did it, the better. However, in the 2018 World Cup, they redeemed themselves after a heroic win against the champions, Germany.

While the official team nicknames are Taeguk Warriors and Tigers of Asia, they are much better known as the Red Devils. That's the name of their fans since 1983, and it was coined after they've played in the final four of the FIFA World Youth Championship. Of course, Korean fans wear red, usually with devil horns. They're known to be extremely passionate but also because they never leave a mess behind them.

5. América de Cali

It's pure madness in Bogota when America de Cali plays!

The top Colombian club in the 20th century literally has the Red Devil on their crest, so you could probably guess what their nickname is. However, they have a few more, including The Scarlets, The Fuse, or The People's Passion. Despite all the domestic titles, the club is one of the unluckiest at the international level. América de Cali played four Copa Libertadores finals in 11 years, and they lost every time!

Anyway, what about their nickname? Again, it has nothing to do with Manchester United, but with a local basketball club nicknamed The Red Devils. After watching them play in 1931, the club secretary was so impressed that he decided to switch América de Cali colors to red and white and adopt the famous nickname. The devil on their crest has been there since 1940, although it was removed several times for religious reasons. Luckily, the times have changed, and the symbol of the club is back, hopefully forever.

4. FC Kaiserslautern

FC Kaiserslautern is not your typical yo-yo club

1. FC Kaiserslautern is such a strange club. First, they have that number one in their official name, but more importantly, they've been through tremendous ups and downs. As they've won two German cups and four championships, they are among the country's most successful clubs. Also, they are the only German team to win the title after a promotion! Nonetheless, everyone forgot the last time they've played in the top division. 

You don't have to guess hard that the team got its nickname from the colors of their shirts, and of course, The Red Devil (Die Roten Teufel) is also the name of their mascot. The club is trying to capitalize this further by selling the Devilishly Good package to fans. This includes tickets for the game and one night stay with breakfast.

3. Al Ahly Sporting Club

Al Ahly had some success even at FIFA Club World Cup

If you've ever heard about some African soccer club, it's probably the Egyptian giant Al Ahly SC. They're so big that they have five nicknames, including The Red Giant, The Red Castle, and the Red Devils, of course! Al Ahly is by far the most successful club on the continent, so no wonder they're also known as The Club of the Century. 

The team has close to one hundred domestic trophies, and they won everything possible in the continental competitions. In the 1983 semifinal of the African Champions League, they even played against Nkana Red Devils from Zambia. They won, showing that they're also the best Red Devils in Africa!

2. Club Atlético Independiente

Independiente is one of the most successful clubs in history

While it's in the Boca Juniors' and River Plate's shadow, Club Atlético Independiente are the soccer giants. The club won more than 20 Argentinian titles and cups, and more than 20 continental championships, including seven Copa Libertadores! In 1973 and 1984, they won the Intercontinental Cup, becoming the best team in the world!

The team earned its nickname a hundred years ago, as the press called them Diablos Rojos (Red Devils), since they played attacking soccer and won everything they could during the 1920s. Of course, their shirts were red at the time, and it hasn't changed since. 

1. Belgium national team

Belgium had some inspiring World Cup performances

Belgium's soccer team never won any major competition, but they have medals from the World Cups and the European Championships. Belgium produced tons of top players throughout the decades, even though being roughly the size of Hawaii or Maryland. This national team had a pretty bizarre debut, as they've competed against France for the Évence Coppée Trophy. However, as the match finished with both sides scoring three times, the trophy was never awarded! Moreover, even though Georges Quéritet bagged two goals, this was his first and only game for the national team!

The official team nickname, The Red Devils (in German, French, and Dutch), was coined in the early 20th century by a local journalist, as the team unexpectedly beat The Netherlands. However, the name was modified a few times, so the Belgiums were also known as The White Devils or The Black Devils, based on their primary shirt color. However, The Red Devils are what they've been sticking to now!

As we've seen, many famous teams are known as the Red Devils, and most of them haven't been inspired by Manchester United. Connecting the colors of the shirt and intensity of play usually resulted in coining the nickname, which many clubs and nations use for decades or even a century. While it's present in other sports, it's hard to argue that The Red Devils will always be associated with soccer!

Do you know any other team nickname that's overused? What is the nickname of your favorite team? Tell us in the comment below!

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