Top 10 Overweight and Obese Fighting Game Characters

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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When creating fighting game characters, the function is the most essential aspect of creation. Therefore, fighting character design recognizes several essential functions to improve upon. For example, there are rushdown characters, fast and nimble. On the other end, we have long-reaching characters with a fantastic range. Therefore, the characters' design is usually associated with their functions; rushdown characters are small and thin, and long-range ones are tall with long limbs. However, one of the oldest functions and appropriate design is the big, burly character - slow but with massive damage output. Here is the top ten of the most famous fat characters in video games.

10. Karnov

One of the first fighting game mascots

This Russian fighter is one of the first trademark characters in arcade games. He first appeared as the protagonist of the Karnov game and, a few years later, became the primary villain of The Fighters History series. Karnov also appeared in many Data East games, usually fighting against his nemesis Makoto Mizoguchi. 

Concerning his appearance, Karnov is a big burly man with stretchable skin, an avid user of fire attacks and body press techniques. Karnov is a rich and fearsome man who collects ancient and powerful artifacts. Bored of his life of peace and wealth, he organized an international fighting tournament offering his fortune as the prize.

9. Cheng Sinzan

A wealthy businessman trying to fulfill his greed

Cheng Sinzan is a wealthy Chinese businessman and one of the significant characters in the Fatal Fury series. He's a former student of Tung Fu Rue, along with Geese Howard and Jeff Bogard. Cheng rose from rags to riches, and he's friends with nobles and ordinary folks alike. He's usually depicted as a middle-aged Chinese man wearing suspenders and tea shade glasses

Cheng Sinzan appeared in five Fatal Fury games, and his fighting style is a modified version of Tai Chi Chuan. He uses his inner energy to propel his big frame with surprising ease. Cheng can gather Chi from Earth and then use it to fuel his punches and release energy projectiles.

8. Burnov

Post-apocalyptic wrestling human bomb

Burnov is a former wrestler from Detroit and one of the major antagonists in Double Dragon games. He achieved fame in the underground wrestling circuit but was banned from competing due to his immense strength during matches. After his retirement, he was scouted by Shadow Warriors. 

Burnov is very rotund but very fast nevertheless. He is usually dressed in the sort of post-apocalyptic armor, resembling Mad Max characters. Personality-wise, he's very quiet and reserved, but when he's fired up, he becomes a literal human bomb. He is a charger type of fighter with strong and explosive attacks.

7. Chang Koe Han

Ex-convict now fights for justice

Chang is a member of the Korean Justice Team in the King of Fighters games, along with Choi Bungoe and Kim Kaphwan. He's a former criminal and prisoner who became a part of the Rehabilitation Project led by Kim Kaphwan. Koehan is one of the fighters using a weapon, in his case, a ball and chain, as a reminder of his prisoner days. 

Chang is exceptionally tall and heavy and utilizes his body weight and weapon to deal damage. Nevertheless, he's also trained in Taekwondo and can utilize some techniques, including flying kicks. Kim Kaphwan's stern discipline tempered Chang's rage, and he is now pretty aloof and relaxed, despite being a dangerous fighter.

6. Raiden

Powerful wrestler on his way to redemption

There are many video game characters named Raiden, but the only big wrestler type is in Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters games. This Raiden is an Australian professional wrestler famous for his brutality in the ring. He moved to the infamous city of South Town to find a challenge. Eventually, he was hired by Geese Howard as a henchman. 

He entered the tournament under the Geese's supervision but lost to Andy Bogard. This defeat humbled him greatly, and he chose to redeem himself by making a face turn. Raiden has a strong fighting spirit and is pretty ruthless in fights. He's based on Big Van Vader, a pro wrestler who was hugely popular in Japan in the 90s.

5. Bass Armstrong

Overprotective father keeping his daughter from Hollywood

Bass Armstrong, also known by his moniker Mr. Strong, is one of the main characters of Dead or Alive fighting games. He is a former professional wrestler, usually having an image of a biker, wearing black leather and driving around on a motorcycle. He's an undefeated wrestler and undisputed world champion who still managed to have a child. 

His daughter Tina Armstrong followed her father's footsteps and became a wrestling champion. However, she planned to use her popularity to become a Hollywood actress. Needless to say, Bass is against that, and he does everything he can to prevent his daughter from leaving pro wrestling. Being a pro wrestler, Bass utilizes many techniques that you can see in square circles. 

4. Ganryu

Proud Sumo wrestler falling from grace

Ganryu is the character representing Sumo in one of the best fighting games series of all time, Tekken. He was an extremely talented rikishi, which made him advance quickly in the Sumo ranks. Unfortunately, his arrogance and gambling habits made him expelled from Sumo. Soon enough, Kazuya Mishima took him as his bodyguard. 

While doing a mission for Mishima Zaibatsu, Ganryu encountered a young Native American, Michelle Chang, and instantly fell in love with her. Unfortunately, he was rejected, and he escaped Mishimas and opened a Sumo school in Hawaii. Twenty years later, he found out Michelle had a daughter Julia, and he went to impress her. Ganryu may not be the most iconic Sumo representative in video games, but he is the most skillful. 

3. Bo Rai Cho

Legendary master of the Drunken fist

Bo Rai Cho is a master of Drunken Fist from Mortal Kombat. Although he's born in the Outworld, he's a great ally of Earthrealm fighters and their protector, thunder god Raiden. Despite being against Shao Kahn's rule, he couldn't participate in Mortal Kombat because his victories would be attributed to the Outworld. 

Instead of fighting, he taught the Earthrealm fighters, including Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Kai. On the outside, Bo Rai Cho is a funny drunkard but a formidable fighter. He uses his drunken state to his advantage but can also propel himself and inflict heavy damage. He can also use his bodily fluids and gas as a weapon, mainly for comic effect.  

2. E. Honda

Fan favorite sumo wrestler

Edmond Honda, or shorter E. Honda, is a Sumo wrestler and one of the major characters from the Street Fighter franchise. He's a strict and prideful fighter and respectful towards worthy people. His design is a combination of Sumo uniform and Kabuki face paint. He is very tall but doesn't appear so because he is constantly hunched. 

E. Honda started his training as a young child with the ambition to become the greatest sumo wrestler. He eventually reached the rank of Ōzeki", and he was good enough to become a Yokozuna if it weren't for his outrageous techniques. E. Honda is one of the favorite characters to play because of his power and explosiveness.   

1. Robert "Bob" Richards

The coolest fat character in video games

Bob Richards is an American martial arts prodigy from Tekken games. He is a fat fighting game character taken entirely against the type. According to the story, Bob was very handsome and chiseled, but he kept losing to the bigger opponents. To change that, he underwent a special training regimen that made him regain his speed and agility while accumulating obscene amounts of weight. 

Unlike any other entry in this list, Bob is one of the faster characters in his game. His moveset is inspired by martial arts tricking, and his fighting style is very attractive to watch. Additionally, Bob is still very cool and confident, with a strong sense of justice. He even made his masked vigilante persona to fight crime.

Overweight fighting game characters are one of the oldest tropes, yet they are still quite popular in gaming design. Obese characters are usually associated with specific martial arts, such as Sumo and wrestling. However, some fat characters totally break the mold and use styles that seemingly don't suit them. 

What is your favorite overweight fighter? Which fighters would you add to this top ten list?

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