Top 10 Travel Destinations for Gamers

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2023-12-07 14:01:31

The term "gamer" used to refer to only those oddballs in the chess club who played with a map and some odd-looking dice. Alongside movie trivia gurus and cosplayers, gamers now occupy a revered spot in popular culture. Since video games frequently feature characters from books, movies, and television, including those from real life and urban legends, the following cities are great for geek culture of all types. Each location was selected based on its ties to the gaming community, which includes the quality and accessibility of the internet, the quantity and variety of e-Sports competitions and events, and the availability of stores where you can buy gaming supplies.

10. London 

London's Meltdown is a must-visit

Attended a Meltdown before? If you're a gamer, you must go to London and check out these well-known bars. They aren't the first eSports pubs in the world, but the capital city is the hub of activity because the trend has spread to England. Also, there are many places like that.

Other places follow suit, and the ultimate result is an intriguing fusion of gaming and British pub culture. The Red Bull Gaming Sphere, a sizable eSports and gaming facility with gaming consoles, virtual reality headsets, and racing simulators, debuted to rousing applause from the gaming community.

9. Oslo

You don't even need your own computer to have fun

In Oslo, Norway, the internet is the fastest in Europe, right behind Sweden. Therefore, you don't have to carry your own computer, because speeds are quick and the technology is cutting edge. One can be found in many internet cafés or bars, and chances are good that your hotel or hostel also has a public computer. 

Cities in Sweden and Germany hold the major tournaments, but Oslo is a gaming haven yet to be discovered. The multi-level Tilt Oslo entertainment complex in the city's center is quickly becoming a well-liked shrine to everything video game-related. Hence, play some games in Oslo before the people learn about them.

8. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home of Blizzcon

If you're a party-loving gamer, this is the city to visitm even it's among the most dangerous in California. It's one of the biggest, busiest, and most remarkable places for any media on the planet. Both EA and PlayStation are based in LA, and this city hosts an incredible array of conventions and festivals.

Two well-known examples are Blizzcon and the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Additionally, there's always fast internet available at reasonable pricing, with several internet cafés where you may connect no matter when you visit.

7. Zurich

High-end tech meets incredible game shows

Switzerland is a centrally positioned nation where dialogue is valued more highly than conflict. Thus, Zurich, Switzerland's industrial hub, would appeal to gamers. The high-end technology is also helpful, despite the costs being somewhat high. However, the download and upload speeds make it beneficial. Additionally, conferences and expos focusing on cutting-edge gaming and computing technology thrive in this city.

The city hosted the Ludicrous Zürich Game Festival in 2018, which exposed students, developers, and gamers to new goods and involved extensive game testing. Every year in September, the Zürich Game Show showcases cosplay, eSports, and new video games.

6. Cologne

This city is a gaming center in Germany

You might be surprised to see this inclusion on the list because it's not a massive city. It may be because of the region's central location in western Europe, which attracts gamers and aficionados of sports, history, and video games. 

We're not sure if the incredible and widely accessible internet speeds here existed before the eSports boom infiltrated Cologne or came after. Frankfurt, a nearby city, is also well-known in this regard. However, Cologne has been a major venue for eSports competitions and gaming conferences since the early 2000s and is presently the site of the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament, Gamescom, and ESL One.

5. Sacramento

Another American city with a gaming hub reputation

Sacramento must receive this honor because it is difficult to single out just one or two places in California, the state where gaming and home computers first gained popularity. In addition to holding some of the most remarkable internet speeds in the nation, the city is also the location of the Computer History Museum.

What began as a presentation in a store has developed into an incredible collection dating back to 1975. This is a good reason for gamers to take a break from playing and learn more about computers.

4. Stockholm

Stockholm boasts incredible internet speed and Dreamhack festival

Dreamhack, a festival honoring everything video game-related, is held in many cities. However, the Stockholm event is the most well-known. It held the world's largest LAN event and computer festival in the 1990s, breaking the previous record.

This city's eSports and gaming scene is driven by a passionate fan base. Stockholm ranks fourth best in the world thanks to the nation's access to contemporary technology and the internet.

3. Seattle 

The best city in The States for the gamers

Seattle should be included on your list of American cities to visit if you can only visit one. Overall, this region offers the best affordability and accessibility for internet connection. Along with numerous elite eSports meetings, the city also organizes various gaming conventions and events, including the Retro Gaming Expo and GeekGirlCon. 

With well-known companies like Nintendo America, Microsoft, and Valve having Seattle as their home base, this is also an excellent place for developers, engineers, coders, artists, and anyone with career goals in the game industry.

2. Seoul

Seoul is the gaming center of Korea

South Korea dominates the market for competitive gaming, accessible hardware, public internet access, and internet speeds. Furthermore, it is the birthplace of e-Sports and the MMO industry. Most of the magic happens in Seongnam, a Seoul suburb where the electronics sector is.

The Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA), a member of the International e-Sports Federation and the Korean Olympic Committee, is responsible for establishing the gaming norms in South Korea. South Korea offers the fastest internet access and speeds on the planet thanks to fiber optic connections and the most advanced technology. When you're not watching a match at the local stadium, spend hours playing your favorite game in one of the numerous elegant PC rooms.

1. Tokyo

The most gamer-friendly place in the world

Although there's a welcoming gaming culture across Tokyo, Akihabara Electric Town is the most concentrated place. The city's gaming and anime culture is focused here, with many shops, cosplay events, and hangout spots with video game-themed decor. 

Even more than the remnant of the city, the neighborhood comprises internet cafés outfitted with the most recent technology and software. For overall internet speed, Tokyo is ranked ninth in the world. When you put everything together, you have a wonderful space where you can rest, play games, and feel at home.

One of the many things gamers do is play video games in their spare time. Though it would be a big mistake to assume that a gamer only ever plays from home. Sometimes, gamers prefer flying around the globe to various locations so they may play games from those other cities while having a wonderful time adventuring. Fortunately, there are many great places where any gamer may go and have the time of their life. 

What is your favorite dream gaming destination? Which cities would you add to the list?

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