Top 10 Most Random Celebrity Friendships You Didn't Expect Were Possible

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2023-05-14 18:00:09

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Indeed, most people will choose a similar individual to keep their company. This is natural, considering you'll have an easier time sharing everyday activities and topics with someone alike. However, sometimes opposites attract, and people befriend their most unlikely peers. The same goes for celebrities. There are many examples of individuals from entirely different backgrounds spending time together and enjoying it. This top ten list will deliver the most prominent examples of an unlikely friendship.

10. Jennifer Love Hewitt & Betty White

The late Hollywood heroine and teenage idol turned character actress

Let's start this list by honoring the late, great Betty White. One of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood was the last celebrity 2021 took from us. On the other hand, Jennifer Love Hewitt is a former teenage heartthrob famous for her perfect figure and now an established actress. Two of them got acquainted in 2011 during "The Lost Valentine" shooting. 

Despite more than a half-century age gap, two actresses got together in the most excellent way possible. One night of the shooting, two friends went out, with Betty almost getting lost in the bushes. That only cemented their friendship which lasted until Betty's death on the last day of 2021.    

9. Jay Z & Gwyneth Paltrow

Celebrity neighbors became close friends and even more?

Some of the rapper's fans weren't surprised by his friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow. After all, he mentioned her in one of his songs all the way back in 2006. The lyrics go, "When your friends are Chris and Gwyneth, then it's time to get all your windows tinted," referring to the actress and her then-husband Chris Martin. 

Apparently, it wasn't enough to get the windows tinted to avoid the Hollywood gossip. The rumor has it Gwyneth Paltrow was the reason for the separation between Jay-Z and Beyoncé and the famous fight. Allegedly, the proof is in one of Beyoncé's songs, which mentions "Becky with the good hair." Both Jay-Z and Gwyneth quickly denied those rumors, claiming they were nothing more than friends.  

8. Pitbull & John Travolta

Proof that common haircut connects people

The famous musician and veteran actor are more than 30 years apart. Hence, it is a bit surprising to see them together. Travolta even appeared in one of Pitbull's music videos, featuring his new haircut, or, better say, the lack of it. The common hairstyle was actually the reason the two of them befriended. Rich hair was once John Travolta's trademark, but he drastically changed his image as he pushed the 60s. 

The one who inspired him for that decision was no other than Pitbull. Two of them met during the production of the film "Gotti." While Travolta was playing the titular mobster, Pitbull provided the soundtrack. Ever since then, the two of them have been inseparable. You know what they say, friends that go bald together stay together!

7. Ed Sheeran & Courteney Cox

One sleepover changed their lives for the better

This is a friendship we definitely didn't expect, but we're here regardless. Some of the biggest pop stars and famous actors often appear in each other's social media posts. However, most of us still wonder how they became friends. The story takes us way back in 2014 when Sheeran did a gig in LA and attended a bash afterward. The party host was Courtney Cox, and two of them just clicked together. 

A few months later, Ed Sheeran returned to Courtney Cox's home and stayed for a few months rent-free. That sparked some ungrounded rumors about two of them dating. Not only that, but Ed Sheeran actually introduced Courtney Cox to her current fiancée Johnny McDaid, from the band Snow Patrol.

6. Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd

Two lovely people marveling at each other non-romantically

These actors have quite a history, dating way into the late 90s. Paul and Jennifer met during the shooting of "The Object of My Affection" in 1998. Two of them cooperated twice more. The first time was in 2002 when Paul Rudd guest-starred in "Friends." Then, ten years later, in 2012, they worked together again on the set of "Wanderlust." 

Naturally, after so much cooperation, they become close friends. Both Paul and Jennifer are full of appreciation for their friendship, often praising each others' good looks, sense of humor, and personality. They especially like to mention how much they laugh when they work together. 

5. David Beckham & Snoop Dogg

Snoop It Like Beckham

Snoop Dogg tends to have very unusual buddies for a rapper. Let's mention Martha Stewart as one of them. However, it's not very likely that anything will top his friendship with David Beckham. As usual with friendships like these, we always wonder how they came to be in the first place. This is because Snoop and Beckham couldn't be more different. One is a rapper who often conflicted with law, and the other is a sophisticated fashion icon. 

Turns out two of them are not so different at all, sharing some common traits and affinities. Their friendship began in 2007 when Beckham moved to Los Angeles to continue his career with the LA Galaxy. At the same time, Snoop was making his reality show about his parenthood. Snoop introduced his family to David Beckham in one episode, and a great friendship started.   

4. Matthew McConaughey & Guy Ramsay Fieri

Joined by their love of food and travel

The friendship between Matthew McConaughey and Guy Fieri is a really wholesome display of male bonding. Their camaraderie lasts for decades and runs deep. Yet, a man can't help but ask how the two of them became so close. The origin of this friendship is quite movie-like. While traveling across America, McConaughey's favorite TV show was Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Soon enough, the actor called Fiery and asked for advice about the places to dine, drink, and sleepover. Two of them soon met in person and found out they had a lot in common. In 2019, Fiery received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One of the first people who spoke to the public was Matthew McConaughey, proving how close those two guys are.

3. Katy Perry & Neil deGrasse Tyson

Katy's inner nerd surprised the scientist

It is hard to imagine that Katy Perry and Neil DeGrasse Tyson would have anything in common. However, even before their interview, the two expressed mutual respect. They mentioned each other in their social media posts, praising each others' achievements. That feeling grew in intensity after they had a talk in Tyson's show Star Talk. 

Turns out Perry has an inner geek she wasn't aware of. Aside from being a massive fan of Tyson's work in astrophysics, she also showed a great interest in various other scientific disciplines. Perry even dabbled in philosophy, much to Tyson's delight. From then on, they show mutual admiration based on a kink for science.  

2. Eminem & Elton John

Two musicians went through thick and thin

At first glance, you would think Eminem would mention Elton John in a not-so-favorable way, considering the age gap and lifestyle differences. Surprisingly, they are on excellent terms, thanks to some unusual circumstances. Their friendship started after they shared the stage at the 2001 Grammy Awards. As if that wasn't surprising enough, the two hugged and held hands at the end. 

Since then, Eminem and Elton John have been helping each other in need. The singer even aided the rapper in his battle with addiction. Eminem reached out to Elton and asked for advice from the experienced colleague. It's enough proof that the two of them are pretty close.   

1. 50 Cent & Meryl Streep

Rapper's adoration of the great actress

Out of all the unusual friendships between celebrities, this one definitely tops them all. 50 Cent and Meryl Streep sitting and laughing together is equally odd and heartwarming. Two of them met at the Knicks vs. Lakers basketball game in 2014 with the famous rapper absolutely star-struck by the actress. He couldn't stop talking about their moment, even weeks after it happened. 

To make things even better, that was the first live basketball game Meryl Streep ever visited, so 50 Cent offered to be her guide. Fiddy's admiration of the legendary actress is something you didn't think you'd ever see, but you're glad you did.      

Like the rest of us, celebrities usually choose friends among people similar to them. This rule, however, has notable exceptions. Some of these top ten friendships are hard to believe, so much that it makes you wonder how in the world they even met, let alone become friends. But, that's the good thing about life - it doesn't always work as we expect. 

What's your favorite celebrity friendship? What celebrity would you like to be friends with?



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