Top 10 Best Arctic Monkeys Songs to Play in Despair, Lovesickness, and Euphoria

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-12 18:00:07

Arctic Monkeys is one of the most beloved indie rock bands, and the main reason behind it is the feeling that their tunes awaken in you. They're the most listened group when it's late-night time, and you're alone, feeling lovesick or broken, or euphoric about something overwhelming you. Most of the smash hits are their most memorable and quality tracks, so we made a collection of the top ten iconic songs you should know!

10. "When the Sun Goes Down"

When the sun goes down is the time when people mostly listen to Arctic Monkeys!

One of the group's earliest singles reached the top, and it says enough about the quality they possess since day one. Arctic Monkeys have both chill songs and catchy tunes with insane bass lines, but "When the Sun Goes Down" isn't only chill, as it progresses to a heavy beat after a minute. It's a rollercoaster you didn't expect!

Everything is packed nicely in these three minutes – from the message to the critical change and Alex Turner's emotion. Critics say now that "When the Sun Goes Down" might be the darkest track Arctic Monkeys ever put out, but the night has to come after daylight. And their music is great to turn up when it's dark outside!

9. "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor"

Who would ever dislike this one?

You probably don't look good on the dance floor if you dislike this song. Jokes aside, this tune is loved by anyone who ever consumed Arctic Monkeys' tracks. As their first single, it's basically the reason why they rose to fame. It's been a good way of introducing fans to the world of ideal women that Alex Turner describes religiously in his lyrics in the future!

If you ever questioned if Arctic Monkeys are the actual indie "rock," you should hear how "rock" this tune is. The instruments are alive, and you could definitely hit the dance floor with this. The track is just one of the iconic moments off "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not," the debut album that paved the way for Arctic Monkeys!

8. "Arabella"

Imagine being as impressive as Turner portraits you in his song

Arctic Monkeys always pay attention to the lyrics, and their decisions aren't random. When they created a poetic experience about a particular romantic interest, they chose the most unique name ever. Arabella is a beautiful way to name your love, and "her lips are like the galaxy's edge." She feels like a dream!

What makes this song so authentic is its smooth flow and the picturesque portraits of Arabella. She seems to be unrealistic, so pretty that it's inexplicable! Even the sunsets can't compete with her eyes, and her mind and soul are as brilliant as her physical appearance. Ladies will want to relate to this tune!

7. "Baby I'm Yours"

Alex Turner's voice makes this song even sweeter!

Finally, we came to the "I'm Yours" part of Arctic Monkeys' discography, the one that romantic souls crave when they're in love but also when they miss someone. "Baby I'm Yours" is one of the most vintage and chill moments of Arctic Monkeys' career, and it's not even their song since it's a cover made as a b-side to "Leave Before the Lights Come On!"

Initially written by Van McCoy for Barbara Lewis, this song is very emotional, and it fits Alex Turner's voice like a glove. Arctic Monkeys are no strangers to covering smash hits, but with "Baby I'm Yours," they hit their peak – it almost feels like their tune. We love how eagerly he sings, "I'm gonna stay right here by your side!"

6. "I Wanna Be Yours"

Turner turns into your coffee pot whenever you wish and does whatever you want!

In one moment, Alex Turner is "yours," and in the other one, he "wants to be yours." What progress! Jokes aside, "I Wanna Be Yours" is their original song that made it to the charts worldwide for its delicate emotion and lovesickness. It was inspired by John Cooper Clarke's book, and it captured all the feelings!

Would you be eager to become whatever your partner wants you to be? Would you change your habits and wishes? Alex Turner would be a vacuum cleaner if you want him to be! This song knows no boundaries, and the person simply wants their significant other to be satisfied. In that way, we'd say this one is one of the rawest moments in Turner's lyricism.

5. "R U Mine?"

This bass line can cut glass, and the lyrics, too!

It's a hot debate whether "I Wanna Be Yours" or "R U Mine" is a better Arctic Monkeys track since they're mostly tied together. Yet, we think "R U Mine" deserves a higher spot. However, they work together as a question and answer in many Tumblr posts and Instagram captions. "R U Mine" is so viral that people don't even know it's written by Arctic Monkeys! As it's also on the Forza Horizon soundtrack, it's incredibly well-known.

What's the magic of how Arctic Monkeys create a late-night soundtrack that makes you euphoric yet desperate? "R U Mine" shows it's all about the confident bass line and relatable lyrics. The "time-travelin' diamond cutter-shaped heartaches" sound clever and flow like water through the heavy bass. A dream come true, indeed!

4. "Fluorescent Adolescent"

The music video is even more excellent than the lyrics!

Decades are passing, and this tune is still fresh, aging like the finest wine. It's one of the greatest hits of "Favorite Worst Nightmare," for a good reason! The song's lyrics are so clever that we don't want to ruin them by interpreting them in one way only. Still, many people relate to it for its storyline that follows growing up and maturing!

Moreover, the music video has its own storyline that doesn't complement the lyrics. Growing up and facing life is represented with the clown, and the "Where did you go?" yearn feels even more apparent when you watch the video. From the fishnets to the nightdress, the time has passed, but this song is still a bop!

3. "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?"

R&B is the best path Arctic Monkeys chose to take

Are you daring enough to text someone a question like this? Turner should've known better than to reach out only when it's three in the morning! However, with this incredibly sexy tune coquetting with R&B, he definitely reached out to the thousands that stay awake until the morning, trying to figure it all out.

We hope you can learn from this song that people who text you only in their ecstatic phases want nothing but to use you. You need no drugs to reach ecstasy when you have some artists like Arctic Monkeys, though. This tune is as hypnotizing as its message is, and we're sure you spent many nights jamming to it religiously. Nights, since it's a night tune, after all!

2. "505"

"505" is hotter than hell, taking you to heaven!

The most enthusiastic fans would kill us for putting anything above "505," and we get it since it's the band's magnum opus in many ways. This song relies on imagination and melancholy, with its smooth rhythm and words that kill. It's authentic, raw emotion, and a song to play in the middle of a storm!

"I'd probably still adore you with your hands around my neck" is such a famous line that it's been all over every person's Instagram captions. It even ended up in Dua Lipa's "Hotter Than Hell," as she answered Turner, "You'd probably still adore me with my hands around your neck." While both songs are very seductive, "505" takes you to another world!

1. "Do I Wanna Know?"

Billions of views aren't enough to appreciate this magnum opus

Less is more, and that bass line says more than any symphony or orchestra would. "Do I Wanna Know?" is the best thing ever penned by Alex Turner, and it's not the primary thought only because this is their biggest hit. It's highly acclaimed because it's literally flawless, and if the band never makes anything better, we're OK with that!

Now, if you're asking yourself if this song works the best when you're in despair, euphoric, or mourning over your unrequited love, it's all at once. "I dreamt about you nearly every night this week" is so relatable that you'd be ashamed of it, and it's insane how this song holds nothing back. The lyrics are raw, the instruments are alive, and this song is a masterpiece!

Luckily, all the best Arctic Monkeys songs are doing pretty well on the charts and streaming platforms, so it's safe to say people understand the talent and effort. It's clear that too many people are searching for tunes to fulfill their nighttime blues. Arctic Monkeys will give you more than you need if you're looking for that - our top ten list is just the beginning!

What's your favorite Arctic Monkeys track? Are they your favorite band? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Sofia Guaico on Unsplash



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